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  1. Oh, you might have a problem if its a vd aka virtual disgrace collar(which is not an OC collar but a fork of OC), Wendy removed most of the couples animations from one of her releases and only recently mentioned on her blog that she was adding some of them back. So if you have a p9 without the most recent update you won't have couples animations but pet me. She will still be able to leash you and force sit you or force tp you and many of the other rlv restrictions Another thing is did you add her to the collar as owner or trusted? if not she won't be able to access the collar until you do.. there are several ways in doing this and only you can do this for the first time. afterwards, if she is owner she can add other owners or trusted or put you to the public or group access. oh remember bdsm is always about consent, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT AND CHOICE to log out of rlv if you need to or feel like it. If she gets mad or threatens punishment for having to turn off rlv for some reason or safewording either by the relay in the collar or the global collar safeword it just means she might be domineering and may be unsafe/abusive as a domme. you do not just have to log out or wait for her to clear up the problem as some will try and get you to think or do. just communicate with her why you did. for if you log in with rlv off your collar will let her know you did. so be ready to explain why. so it is simpler to use the safeword. oh and using the global safeword will let her know you used it too. to use the collar safeword you can do it by clicking on the collar and going to the rlv menu and then clicking 'clear all' or you can do it by chat command by using prefix yoursafeword in local chat, meaning whatever the safeword is, which is different in a vd collar from an OC collar. you can also use ((safeword)) if using firestorm and you have enabled ooc and this will trigger the collar safeword clearing all restrictions at that point. oh and the remote hud that the temple(the temple is not OC it is vd) has is not free you have to buy it, whereas if you use an OC collar you can get the remote hud for free and a collar for free from many of its distributors. oh vanilla should be on by default in a vd collar and can only be disabled by the wearer and can be renabled at any time by the wearer unless the settings are changed in the nc to give that control back to the owner. whereas in an OC collar the moment you add an owner it will turn off ownself and the wearer cannot turn it back on, only the owner can. you cannot be physically hurt by anything but you can experience emotional or psychological/mental pain or anxiety or fear if you are not used to rlv and what it can do or have an abusive dom/me or take what happens in sl as real and not just as role play. remember this is your sl, its about what you want out of it and like more than what anyone else wants you to do first.
  2. It really depends upon what search keywords you are using. So if you do not like what you are seeing, try using different words.
  3. there is a glitch/issue in sl where if the object in question is detached from the user you cannot always revoke the permissions at that point until they put it on again allowing the other uses to have a sort of permanent control.
  4. yes and no. some auto responses do not cause a message to show up in your im box i think. only the other user gets the message and you see nothing. oh and for those that have never used it there is an option on the second auto response page that lets you send an item to the person getting the response. you can add a notecard with a more detailed response if you wanted or maybe a picture. so go through each of the auto responses by turning them on and then read what they say just so you know which do and do not actually show you something. for I think if you set unavailable you won't see anything and if you refuse group invites or tp requests or friend requests you won't see those either. LOL.. I didn't even realize the original post was from last year. just seen the date on the most recent reply.
  5. did you mean reinstall rlv itself as in the viewer? or just the folder in your inventory? if its the viewer you would need to download and install an rlv enabled viewer. if its the folder do as either Nalates or Klytyna said.
  6. Sadly it sounds like you got pranked by the owner of the sim or someone with rez rights on that sim. Do you have rlv on? if so log out of rlv then detach the item. If not you should be able to just open your inventory and click current outfit and find the item and detach it from yourself. Or if you can actually see the item, right click it and choose to detach from the menu that comes up it should remove it. If it asked for animation permission you can revoke the animation permission in different ways depending upon which viewer you are using. if it was an experience you can go into the experience menu and revoke permission of the experience which should detach the or allow detaching of the item. nothing in sl can be perm attached to you where you cannot get it off, not even using rlv, since rlv can be turned off.
  7. I have a dragon avatar with similar options, it allows me to carry them by my claws while I fly or they can ride on my back and fly me. So something similar to that is probably what the poster needs to find and use if they wanted to go that far allowing someone else to control them. else just a simple vehicle script and animation would work allowing others to just ride on them.
  8. did you not read what I wrote, that was directly from a linden lab csr when I asked them about it. So yes they can do it and will if it is needed. And you misread what Soft said he simply stated they would not be doing a mass rollback of email addresses of users affected by scams like extremerlv, not that they could not or would not change them if the account was reported as compromised. just that the user would need other identifying information on file to prove they owned the account. even then a user could just create a new account and would be free of rlv at that point. that cannot be prevented from being done ever. they could simply recreated their entire account with exactly the same details/avatar/pics/groups/friends and even reget the same inventory over time and then just never log back into the other account. all that would be lost at that time is the age of the account. nothing to really get upset about. the age of the account doesn't make you special by any means. it just shows when you first started in sl with that account. not if you should be trusted or respected or feared or awed over because of some false belief that an older account means you are wiser or better in some way. and after reported as compromised the account is put in hold preventing the other person who had access to the account from being able to log in to that account either. so at that point, no one can use it, it is a dead account. and they can just start over fresh and not care or worry about it.
  9. To the original poster. You first have to decide if its role playing. Did you think or feel it was real? Did it have real meaning to you? Did it have any deep emotional attachement to you? Where you being you, or where you being your avatar? If it was just RP, just a story, just fake, like a book or movie or tv show then no lieing to them is not bad; if it doesnt go against your morals or personal standards and ethics to do so. One of the things you will learn is that a lot of the people in sl, have very different ethics or morals or standards than you might, and they might clash with yours at times. You have to learn not to take it to personal or it can eat you up inside. now when it its rp and they suddenly break the fourth wall and try and bring rl into the equation that should give you a hint that to them it might not have been just rp, that there was some sort of rl feelings for them involved. again depending upon your morals and ethics and standards you might either tell them no, and be honest and truthful and hope they understand and do not get hurt or upset; or you lie and tell them yes. but doing so could open the door for them to ever try and ask more rl questions you might not want to answer at that point or ever. so really the most important questions is was it all just rp to you? where you just playing a character? do you see all of sl as just fantasy and games and imagination and an escape from reality? Or is sl some sort of extenion of rl to you? ask yourself those first then decide based upon your own personal feelings and morals and ethics what is the right answer to give, no one else can really give you that answer. only you can make the final choice of what is right or wrong for you and how you act or respond to anyone in sl. some people will get hurt, some wont by what ever you choose. unfortunately that is how it will be. you dont really have to respond or act or behave in any set way that someone else might want in sl, which can be a good thing and a bad thing but that is the nature of the beast of sl. it is what you make of it and what you take from it, not what anyone else says or claims or thinks or feels or wants or desires or demands it be. it is what you are wanting and how much it means to you. if you are a deep personal and emotional person, try and learn not to take sl serious or personalize or internalize what happens here and it will make being here less painful or disappointing to you. its not always easy to do, and yes it will upset some if you do it because you wont be feeding their ego or delusions about how you have to act or behave or respond to them. remember its your sl first, not theirs. so try and enjoy it as much as you can. take care of your feeligns and needs first, then worry about the other people around. you will eventually find thsoe you agree with and weed out those that do not mesh with your values or wants out of your time in sl.
  10. After reading all of the replys to this topic all I can say is that a little of my faith in humanity and common decenceny has been restored when it comes to this community and the lifestyle. I have seen so many fakes, on both ends of the spectrum. Fake wanna be dom/me's who are just out for their own needs and have no feeligns or care about their sub/slave/pet etc.. Fake sub/slaves who are just seeking to trick or use and abuse their dom/me. I have dealt with abusers in the community and those that have been abused. And so many are so willing to just accept and tolerate and permit it like there is nothing wrong at all. I understand that some might be in to it, but there has to be a point when common sense and rational thinking just say, "hay this isnt right its too much its to far, it needs to stop". Too many people are becoming so numb to abuse in this lifestyle online and its becoming more acceptable to be done. and even becoming the new 'in' thing in many of the groups within sl. That you have to be useable/abuseable or else your trash or not a proper submissive or slave. Its sad and shocking how different sl bdsm is from rl bdsm and how much is accepted or tolerated. How easy it is for those new to sl and new to bdsm can be so easily mislead by the abusive predators within sl who think its ok to do it, who think its their right to be so, that they are entitled to act in such manners becasue its just rp and because its their kink or fetish and you cant shame them for it. That you have to just allow it and go with it and flow with it or you are worthless. That you are not allowed to say no or stop because your a sub or slave and have no rights now according to them. And if you use rlv you are not allowed to log in with rlv off because doing so is cheating and wrong and any sub or slave that cheats out of rlv for any reason is just useless to their master/mistress because they wont blindly obey and not question or doubt or fear. that they have to have complete trust and loyalty that their master/mistress is only acting in their best interests even when completely locking them down and leaving them that way for hours or days or longer with little to no interaction, and that this behavior should be seen as ok to do. people are so willing to be abused/manipulated/decieved here in sl just to fit in and be accepted its sad really. So many like to try and use the old addage, sl=/=rl. where nothing in sl has any affect in rl, and that is simply the biggest lie out there. Everything we do or say in sl has some effect on someone in rl. Be it emotional or psyhcological, and can even lead to physical responses, such as depression and even other mental problems that could lead to anxiety or suicidal thoughts or actions. Yes I am speaking from personal experience on this. I was abused in rl and even here in sl to the point I became chronically depressed and had severe anxiety issues and even suicidal thoughts because of how one of my owners treated me here. So many groups even try and put it into their information that by joining the group you give consent for members in the group to treat you in what ever way that the group says its about, abuse, rape, forced submission, etc. That just by joining that group you gave consent, that they dont have to even acknowledge your limits, hard or soft. Its just sickening when seeing such groups and that some people fall for it and then get stuck in the ever downward spiral of accepting being abused because they believe they have to allow it. Soon they become desensitized to it, and then the abused becomes the abuser. An abused sub becomes an abusive Dom in some sadistic twist to take back and do to others what was done to them and the cycle continues. Or an abusive dom realizes how much they have hurt others and then becomes a willing sub/slave to let themselves be abused as some sort of perverse punishment or retribution for their actions instead of just stoping what they were doing and trying to help others stop and get out of such relationships too. Once again I want to say thank you for restoring a little of my faith and belief in the good of humanity and in the lifestyle, I was beginging to doubt there was any or much left at times when it came to sl or online. Ehh, there is so much more I could say on this as has been seen on a couple of other posts but at times i wonder does it even matter..seems as if the majority of sl really doesnt care about their actions as long as they get what they wanted out of it first..
  11. even if the shortcut is changed on the start screen, live tile, starmenu, taskbar.. you can always go directly to the folder and launch the executable directly, bypassing and changes made to the shortcuts. so even that can be easily defeated by anyone that wanted. you cant change the acual executeable to make it point to the other. so if they have more than one viewer installed and have their login information they can always log in to any other viewer.
  12. make sure the script is actually set to running. if its a script you created or copy pasted into the contents tab. make sure the little box at the bottom is green and not red/yellow. and do you mean a script in an object or in the firestorm ao? or another ao that you are using? you might ahve to turn on the ao, for its not on by default when you switch viewers. you have to enable it for the veiwer its being used in.
  13. What to do if your account has been compromised; If you're having any difficulty at all recovering your account, creating a ticket as a guest from an email that you control is the best option. Tell us the name of your avatar and report it as an 'Account Compromise' and our team will investigate as the article suggests -- you can create a guest ticket and call the Fraud line just the same. Please let me know if you have other questions and have a good day! Best wishes, Maggie Linden Second Life Customer Support just as a bit of further information, about how to get your account back incase someone ever tricked you to giving up access to it, through anything like extremerlv or teamviewer or what ever other means they might try. add if anyone wants to ever experience what I meant about the immersivity hud and how it can trap you and make it impossible to escape if you cannot use OOC to safeword, find me in world sometime when im online. I will be glad to make you my panties or whatever else I choose and keep you as them for as long as 'I' choose because I can since you used a veiwer without OOC support in it. Meaning either you log out of rlv, or log into one with rlv with OCC support and safeword. Or you are my personal trapped victim until I decide otherwise. all it requires is you to have rlv on, and wear an active rlv relay, either a hud or collar and then you belong to me from then until I release you. you will be my clothing or a part of my body until I say otherwise. because you will not be able to safeword any other way, not by chat, not by touch, not by anything but through the use of ((OOC)) but if you used the hardcore veiwer of marine's your sol. still not hardcore, just mildly annoying. harcore is just an oppinion a personal veiw. anything claimed hardcore by someone may not be hardcore by someone else, especially within sl. Im a hardcore sl skydiver. I climbed to over 100,000m into the air, to the point the avatar started to have visual defects and then plumeted back down without a parachute. yeah, im hardcore!
  14. If you're having any difficulty at all recovering your account, creating a ticket as a guest from an email that you control is the best option. Tell us the name of your avatar and report it as an 'Account Compromise' and our team will investigate as the article suggests -- you can create a guest ticket and call the Fraud line just the same. Please let me know if you have other questions and have a good day! Best wishes, Maggie Linden Second Life Customer Support so with that bit of information in hand, you can clearly see that making rlv permament or inescapable by any means is impossible. you just fill out a ticket and answer the questions they ask and then get your account back, until then like the post above stated, us an alt to log in and chat with your friends. there is no way to prevent doing that, not even with teamveiwer for you can still do the same thing. and even if teamviewer was used to set your accuont to child and activate child controls on the account you can simply do it on another computer, then ever take the time to reset your computer or have it reset at any computer repair place. So again making it impossible to escape is not possible by any means. Just takes time and effort and the desire to do so. it is nothing more than a myth a fantasy a lie. an attempt at deception and manipulation or coercion or mindcontrol by the person claiming different. they want/need you to think its real, so you wont ever try or consider it. they feed off of that fear, that lack of knowledge, that false belief of control and power that they have taken from you according to their delusional beliefs. and yes it is a delusional beleif, for no one can really force anyone to give up power and control, its all just a mindset.
  15. As a few have said no matter what viewer you use there is always a way out of rlv. Just use another viewer with rlv disabled or use the standard ll viewer itself which does not support rlv. even if someone tricks you to using team viewer there are ways out of that too. even that is not inescapable. just time consuming to do so. with a little work and a little know how you could run a vm and then team view the vm, it wouldn't be able to see the host system. at any point you wanted control back, you load in a vm snapshot before team viewer was added to the vm or before the changes were made to the account on the vm or delete the vm and start fresh. there would be no way for them to ever know it was running via a vm, and of course you would use an alt on an entirely different account, not even on the same email as your main, and not your main account ever; and never add any personal information or payment information on the vm that was using team viewer whatever your avi needed you would simply send them money from your main or the dom/me would have to buy the items they wanted you to have and use. the only one real issue with marines hardcore version is the fact it blocks ooc.. which was done to try and stop those that use ooc to get around local chat block or get around gags that might block or mumble what you would say, not really hardcore just a minor annoyance. the real issue with removing ooc is if anyone uses an object that chat redirects you won't be able to use ooc to use the collar safeword as you would be able to in other viewers with ooc enabled. so anyone that used something like the immersivity hud could trap you and you would not be able to get out until they let you out or you logged out and into a non rlv viewer. which could be a real pain and a nuisance. meaning you would have to keep your collar/relay on ask/trusted and not on auto most of the time unless you just didn't mind being trapped until the other user decided to free you, which could be never if they wanted to be a real jerk about it. meaning you would need to relog into a non rlv viewer or a viewer with ooc support and then safeword. all in all marine hardcore is not really hardcore it just requires a person to simply log out and use the ll viewer to get out of rlv traps or collars. simple and easy to do if really wanted or needed. disabling the blacklist doesn't really make it hardcore, making it always log in with rlv on doesn't really make it hardcore. you just keep two sl clients installed. one for rlv and one when you need or want out of rlv. plus you can always just log in and then tp to a region with scripts disabled, log out then log back in, rlv cant work in such regions since scripts cant start. meaning nothing rlv can hold you then. so any and all rlv restrictions and locks would not work. yes, logging into such an area will cause your collar/item to cry out you logged in with rlv off though. unless you lag your connection and then detach the item before it times out on the rlv handshake which then causes it to send the message. so even on marines hardcore viewer, there are still ways to get out of rlv restrictions if you are smart and quick. so its only as hardcore as you let or want it to be. really the whole idea about it being harder, inescapable or hardcore is just a mindset a fantasy and never will be a reality. there will always be a way out for those who want too. sorry to burst the bubble of everyone hoping or wanting rlv to be unstoppable or inescapable it simply never will be. there is an entirely new game besides the team viewer game where a sub uses a password generator and then uses that password and changes their password on their account, then adds it to marines viewer and has the viewer set to auto log in. the password is usually given to their dom/me, owner, master/mistress so only they can give it back to let them free if ever asked to be, or maybe a friend, thus only those people can free you and let you log into a rlv viewer with rlv off. after its added to the auto login its cleared from the browser cookies/cache/password storage so it's not remembered on your system and only the person that it was given to has it. usually passed to them via im or by a nc that the sub then deletes from their end. the only problem with this is believing and trusting the sub actually did delete it and didn't just write it down on a piece of paper or email it to themselves or keep it stored in nc, or text file, on their phone, in a photo, in an sms..in a pastebin like location, stored somewhere on their social media account you don't have access too. so even then they could get free if they wanted too or needed too. so really even then it is about trust and communication and if you really think they are loyal or not or you have them brainwashed enough to not runaway from you one way or another. if they really want out they will find a way out. its the dom/me, master/mistress, owner's job to make sure they don't want or need or feel like they should. its not just the sub/slaves responsibility to be biding and loyal no matter what is done or said to them no matter if the would-be dom/me, master/mistress, owner says otherwise. even the heartcore collar by virtual disgrace can be easily escaped from if a person really wants too. even if its been welded. for all that does is disable being able to unlock the collar and runaway, which again means nothing if you log in to any non rlv viewer or any rlv viewer with rlv off. or using fs or any other viewer that supports choosing where you log in to, and logging into a script disabled location. thus stopping the collar scripts from ever starting, thus no locks or restrictions can be imposed, thus any item can be removed. just discard the collar and start over with another unwelded copy of the heartcore collar... always keep copies around of anything that can be copied.. no need to even buy the lockpicks unless you just want to for the rp aspect of using them to get free. no collar or rlv item can hold you if you don't want to allow it, its a choice that is made, a choice that can be changed even if you are a sub/slave even if your dom/me, master/mistress, owner doesn't like it or gets mad. the worst they can do to you is set you free at which point you find someone else that works and fits better for you and move on and forget about them and their insecurities or narcissistic behaviors. just block/mute/derender if they get hateful about it, no longer a problem in your life at that moment or ever again. if any dom/me, master/mistress, owner tries to claim you no longer have any choice or rights just because you put on a collar and turned on rlv and added them as owner they are just bs'ing you trying to gaslight you and wanting you to believe in a lie that is not really how bdsm works, they want you to believe their lies and deceptions and misinformation or attempted brainwashing. it is always about consent and choice and finding and being with the right person that fits what you want out of it. its never just about the dom/me, master/mistress, owner no matter if they try and say it is. you the sub and your wants and needs matter and are just as important too. don't believe the bs being bruited about in many of the groups that try and claim how it is or has to be or should be, when in doubt research and learn for yourself and decide for yourself and not just accept or believe what someone else claims or says ever. remember every slave is a sub, but not every sub is a slave or has to be. and not every slave has to be a tpe slave because some wannabe dom/me, master/mistress, owner every claims otherwise. communication.. it takes two for it to happen, its not just a one-way street. trust.. it takes two make it work, it's not just given freely to any wannabe because they think they can demand/command/request it. it should be earned and if they break it, they don't deserve you as a friend or partner or sub/slave or whatever else you may call yourself. understanding.. everyone has bad days and good days, if your dom/me, master/mistress or owner can accept that fact then maybe they are not the one for you. remember they have them too. so communication...communication..communication. be safe.. know who you are playing with, more than just a superficial level. not everyone is safe to be around even online. yes, you can be hurt online, words can hurt. yes, you can be abused through rlv, yes you can be abused in sl. not physically but emotionally or mentally it can and does happen. be smart.. learn all you can about rlv and what it can and cannot do, once you do you don't have to fear it ever again. then if you ever need free of something you know how to get free or what to do about it the next time it happens or someone makes a claim about it or what they can or will do to you with it. be sane, don't just accept any bs that some wannabe says about what you have to do or be or allow because they claim it to be how it has to be. just because you turned on rlv does not give them the rights to be an ***** even if they try and claim it does.ever. not even as a tpe slave. choice.. you always have the right to change your choice no matter what anyone else says ever. even if you are a sub or slave or a doll a pet or a statue, a piece of furniture or clothing. you do not just have to allow. or go with it, or flow with it; because they want you too or say you need to or have too. no one has that right ever, not in any relationship ever even in bdsm. you have the right to have your limits or fears or concerns respected at all times. no matter if someone says otherwise in all relationships. if they refuse, and won't communicate with you about it, then remove them, block them, mute them, derender them and move on from them. should you ever have to leave or runaway or remove yourself from a dom/me, master/mistress, owner, trainer, sculptor, programmer, doll maker.. or whatever other silly title or rank or name they have given themselves and expect you to call them by..never feel bad or ashamed or damaged because you did. never let anyone say you are garbage or broken or damaged or useless or worthless or trash as a sub or slave because you did. they were not the right person for you, you learned and grew and are moving on. if they refuse to communicate with you about your concerns it is their fault, they are the one who loses out, they are the one that is useless and worthless to you at that point. do not feel bad for doing it. do not let them gaslight you, or lovebomb you into coming back, or try and brainwash you into thinking it was your fault when it was not. no matter what any relationship type you are in, you always have the right to be respected and your fears or concerns addressed if they refuse perhaps they are not the one for you and its time to move on. you never have to put with anything from anyone here if you really do not want too or feel like having to do so anymore. and no they do not have the right to force it upon you either. not even in any type of bdsm relationship ever. it is not the right or privilege or entitlement of any dom/me, master/mistress..etc.. to break your limits or ignore them. or push them if you are not ready for that to happen. no matter if you are a sub or slave or whatever you call yourself. no matter if they claim so or say so or demand so or command so. it always requires your consent, and just because it was given once does not mean it was given for all things all the time, no matter if they try and say otherwise. given once does not mean given always for everything unless you negotiated that beforehand and even then you still always retain the right to renegotiate or revoke if you ever feel unsafe for any reason, even if they try and claim differently. the worst that will happen is they will leave you/set you free and no longer play/scene/rp...they deserve no trust, no loyalty, nor belief in them from you. dont fall for their bs, their mind games, their brainwashing, their gaslighting, their lovebombing, their attempts at isolationism to make you change to something you do not really want to be. this is your sl, not theirs. they have only the rights to your sl that you chose to give them,. not what they want or demand or command ever even in all bdsm relationships, even if they try and claim otherwise. for all you have to do is log in with rlv off, remove that collar, delete it, remove them from friends, block them/mute them/derender them and they are gone from your life now and always until you ever chose to let them back in if ever. just be aware they might try and use an alt to get back at you..but alts are easy to discover since everyone has telltale signs in how they speak that give them away over time. remember sl is meant to be fun for everyone including the sub/slave etc.. and not just the dom/me..etc. and no you do not ever have to answer the old age/sex/location questions..or skype someone or vid chat someone or voice chat someone because they might want to try and have you do so to prove you are what you claim to be. you do not have to let them have any rl information about you other than you what you feel you can trust them with. even then I still woudlnt.. you can't really trust anyone on sl that far.. someone will always be out there waiting to take advantage of that trust and belief and faith. so be careful and have fun.
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