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  1. Which I do to prevent online stalking by those I don't want to talk to. So unless they already knew my groups or I met them from the group and still a member of the group; they can't see my groups. Luckily a lot of those group hiding groups also don't show the member list in them. So someone cant just join that group then to see when you were last online or if you are online at the moment. So unless they just get lucky joining random groups and ever see you post they won't be able to know. grr.. it split my post when I was trying to edit it and didn't notice.
  2. As a few have mentioned just look at their groups if you can see them then join one of the groups and look them up in the member's list. Now some groups don't show the members list so you might have to try several of their groups until you find one that does. Oh, you can also use this as a method to see if they are online or not too and just marked as offline to you. For no matter what they set their privacy and online status setting to, they will always show up as either online, if logged in or offline if not, in the group regardless of what they chose. Some people like to think the
  3. An audiobook from 'The Dragonriders of Pern' book series.
  4. Yeah, its the ole gift card/gift item/redelivery of an item you never bought scam. Just do not attach the item at all to begin with and if you did by accident or curiosity, click deny then detach it. then ar the account that gave it to you. lots of people that prey on the noobs in sl at this time hoping they will just accept then attach then not read and click ok. happens every year around the holidays. it can't give you a virus because nothing in sl can directly access your computer outside of the client itself without some other object/application already on your computer acting as
  5. well yeah, since you are replying from the email. so it will send that information back to them. so yes if you don't want them to know your email always wait until you log back in then reply to someone.
  6. If they knew all the tricks why were they asking for help... I don't think anyone here really knows all the tricks in sl yet.
  7. Thank you for letting me know that, that is something I didn't know.
  8. I guess I am one of the exceptions of those who don't see it as different. Just because the name/nick is different doesn't make it different to me. Just because the appearance is different doesn't make it different to me. But then again I have played video games been in mud/mucks, irc, and always been myself in my responses. I didn't really fantasize about who I was. It wasn't escapism or fantasy to me, just another form of interaction with other people at least in my perception of it. I wasn't the soldier shooting an enemy, I was just a player, playing a game. I wasn't the hero saving the tow
  9. Oh my.. that is so hilarious. I guess most do not understand that if you were born and live on a planet with lesser gravity, you have lower muscle density and thus are weaker then anyone born on a world with a higher gravity level. Because the person living on the higher gravity world had to develop stronger muscles to do the same work. I guess no one ever watched Buck Rogers and ever seen the episode where Buck fought with a person that had lived on Saturn, so that person seems to have superhuman strength compared to Buck. And back to the topic itself. SL sex is just sex to me. It h
  10. Kind of sounds like a rose coloured glasses syndrome. where the person perceives the world as if there is nothing wrong and everything is enhanced. An altered state of reality and thinking. sort of like in a hypnotic trance but caused by drugs.
  11. Well SL to me is an extension of RL I don't separate the two it is not escapism to me, the only difference in being how I look and how much information I share. Its always been a problem for me anywhere I have been online. I don't see online as any different from rl. who I am in sl is who I am in rl. Its been this way for me ever since I ever came online before sl even existed, back when there was nothing more than forums and chat groups(before social media places like fb, or myspace or livejournal), and services like icq and a-o-hell and irc. the visuals in sl is just an added on feature to m
  12. As far as I know, SL does not do age verification anymore. So really what you need to do is look in preferences and just change it to allow you access to adult content. Which viewer are you using? In firestorm it is under the general preferences tab, you just find the box near the top and click it and then chose the one that allows adult as well as G and M content.
  13. I remember places like those, and you can even still find places like those. but the prices might be different now from what they were then. No names off the top of my head at the moment, but they still exist.
  14. I know about the badwords script that is the one they were asking about. You can still get it from the github and add it to a collar. Plus there are other types of collars with similar things in them. some will even prevent you from speaking at all until you say the obligatory words first and every so often to be allowed to speak. I guess I forgot to ever say what they wanted to use it for. It was 'train' the sub to stop saying 'fine'. I don't really see where that word would need to be trained to stop being said in normal reasons. 'fine' is not a potty mouth word imo. But again maybe the
  15. No, don't see anything wrong doing that at all. If anyone asks about it just simply tell them what you are doing. Though I use firestorms non-friends auto response to tell them I am not in the mood to speak to non-friends at the moment or to ask me in local, then I just never reply back to them after that and close the im. If they get upset about it or cause drama just mute them at that point. Some people here... both male and female can be rude when told 'no, don't want to talk to you'. But most seem to take it in stride and leave you alone at that point.
  16. Nothing can see in IM or group chats, it is not within lsl to allow that to happen, its sort of a privacy reason why it was never done. to prevent people from logging im's through objects and huds making it easier to doxx people or share private conversations easier without the consent of all parties involved. Like all the chat spy/log items do now for local. which is why a lot of people go to im's now in some sims to prevent being chat spied on without consent. Lots of sims now have or use a chat spy or chat log device either for 'security' use or other reasons in the main hangout areas of th
  17. Yep, even if they claim they are just here to roleplay or just having flings they are still putting real-life emotions into their second-life avatar. You realistically cannot separate the two completely. Not even real life actors on tv or movies or in plays do. Which is why some take breaks to prevent from losing their mind, and those that failed to take the break end up braking and losing their mind or end up on drugs or whatever. Everything said or done here has some sort of impact on them even if they try and deny it or else they would not keep coming back. It is like a drug they have
  18. A lot of people here think anything under the new norm of 7'+ tall amazonian with large breasts and arse is a teen/child. They either forget or never knew the real size of what avatars were back in the prim and sculpty days before mesh. In fact, there are some sims that prefer users to use the shorter realistic heights for avatars in them because the sim and buildings were built around those sizes. But you will still find those that will try and call it a child avatar, as long as in your profile or a pick you basically state they are not and the age they are meant to be that's all th
  19. Oh wow, just seen this thread here. I have seen them before on other places and always thought they were fun ways to see into the minds of the people that posted in them by what they posted. You can actually learn a lot about someone by the manner and the content they post in these seemingly random and innocuous threads. As much as some try to roleplay being someone else here at times the true nature of a person will slip out at times. Just because of the nature of the conversation and how it works.
  20. I have had several that have come into my life and then later left it for one reason or another(their choice or sometimes mine). Sometimes the people we meet are not meant to be in our life but for that short time, they are there. Each taught a lesson that was needed to be learned about myself and other people both here and real life. Some of the leavings were very painful, some still hurt even now. But I continue on because that is what we have to do in life; keep moving forward. yes each of them left a mark in some way and changed me or led to changes in me. but that is what life is abo
  21. I have had it done to me before several times by those I thought I could trust or believe was a friend or maybe even could have been more. It hurt when it was done and just taught me not to trust that person as much or a deeply as I had before. It made me wonder if I had done something wrong and if so why didn't they come to talk to me about it. I learned to not give my trust as free or as easily to other people. At the end of the day, people in SL are no different than people in RL. They can be just a cruel or hurtful or uncaring or manipulative and deceitful. All you can try to do is le
  22. Thank you to each that has responded to me about this. Your answers have given me various thoughts to think on and consider which has helped me deal with this. I guess it just triggered me and caused me to over worry without really knowing all the information. I can be bad about doing that sometimes. It is not that I was trying to rescue them but was curious as to what others thought about the topic and their views really. I was letting my emotions and past memories cloud my thinking at the time I think. I do realize that each has the right to decide what they like or want. I guess I w
  23. that much I agree with, if its what they want and enjoy then yes its fine. but sometimes you have to wonder because of how some of the people here act at times. I guess maybe it just triggered a response in me because of my past with one of my owners and how they treated me. I guess I have had more dumbinants or Masta's as one of the other posters called them than actual dominants or Owners. which that is great, you sound like someone that is not like the person I was talking about. I may have been reading to deep into things but I tend to do that because I have some trust issue
  24. first I have to question if this is even real or just some attempt at attention-getting. If they are really stalking you online in sl block/mute/derender and if needed abuse report them to linden labs. if it has gone to offline/rl stalking/threats then go to your local law enforcement and report it to them and let them investigate it.
  25. Ok, for those of you here into bdsm I have a question. what are your feelings about 'training' a sub/slave? What I meant is I was in a group where a master said they needed to 'train' their slave not to use a certain word, so they were looking for a script for use with rlv to 'train' them to stop saying that word so much. Now, of course, I don't know if the slave wanted them to or consented to such 'training' or not but it just sort of crossed me as a little strange almost if as that master was being domineering and less as a dominant/master to me I would think they would just need to ask
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