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  1. Not my first either, I had my own forum, wiki, blog site, photo sharing site before. And depending upon how the site is made an admin could go in and remove the emoji or adjust the reputation on a post. Just really depends upon how the site is set up what sort of database it uses. if its anything like MySQL or similar it can be done fairly easily by an admin or a mod that has database access.
  2. As a society, many have been brainwashed into needing it because of various social platforms or devices that do it. Like our phones and all the notifcations, we can get from the different apps on it.
  3. Oh, I do that too. I take the side of the devil's advocate just because no one else was. There are always two sides to any situation, even when some don't think or want there to be. it is always good to have feedback on both positive or negative. it keeps us from maybe becoming obsessed with the idea that maybe we are infallible in what we think or feel at times. No one is perfect in this world 100% of the time.
  4. Sometimes it can be fun to take that side to any discussion on any forums. Sometimes it is helpful because it reminds us we are human after all and not machines unless you are me, then most definitely I am just a machine. a biochemical machine but a machine.
  5. I usually won't buy from a creator that has a timeout demo, I'm ok with the boxes and rings and even maybe not being able to click every option in the hud. I usually leave even if it was something I liked and well they just lost a customer. Not going to obsess over one item, when there are so many other places or things to try. Like another poster I want to see how it handles on tp to several locations, does it stay with me and together properly. The only timeout I would even come close to thinking was ok was at least 30 minutes. Then I can tp to my normal places and see how it looks at each one and maybe ask a few people there what they thought about it and if was worth buying or not in their opinion. Less than that is not even worth the time it took to get the demo and put it on.
  6. You cant remove the emote yourself, but a forum mod could if they thought it was inappropriate or abusively used. Well, you can report the post then add in a reason for the report or you could go as far as copy the url and then open up a support case about it and complain and then leave it up to LL to deal with. though this might not directly change the person that did it, they could be punished by the mods for doing it, which does, in fact, change it since they might not be able to post anymore at that point. Unless they went as far as to create an alt account just to come back to continue. I have seen even this sort of behavior on forums before in many video game forums.
  7. They may or may not have even seen it as scornful so would have had no reason to worry about it. but it is really not just them you have to worry about; but the others here too and how they might have reacted to it. yet I think you are probably safe, considering which thread it probably was.
  8. To the Op, you have to also be aware of not just being chat restricted(blocked, unable to talk) but if being chat redirected too through whatever device might have you captured. There are some products in the mp that can do this and even prevent you from touching the collar to use the button on the collar menu to use your safeword. Depending upon the client you use, you may still be able to use ((OOC)) to access the safeword, in this case simply being ((RED)). Not all RLV enabled clients though allow OOC. Such as Marine Kelly's new hardcore RLV, it disables OOC and cannot be enabled in it, nor can you disable rlv in that client either. So would need access to another client to log in with rlv off at that point. You mentioned you were on mobile. I am assuming its Lumiya? If so I am not sure if lumiya supports ((OOC)). But one safe feature about Lumiya is that you can turn off rlv in the options menu and not have to relog after doing so, whereas most other pc based clients will force you to relog to get out of rlv at that point. In Lumiya you can enable and disable rlv as often as needed or wanted at any point in time. The moment you do it will clear all restrictions set upon you, the same as using your safeword. Another bonus added about how Lumiya handles rlv is that if you disable it after logging in, it won't cause a collar to do the normal notification to your owner that you logged in with rlv off either. So you would log in with rlv on in lumiya, then turn it off, then not worry about that notification being sent. for if you didn't know if you log in with rlv off and have an owner set they are notified that you logged in with rlv off. Which for some people is just a source of drama...at which point you do whatever you want until your owner logs in then you turn rlv back on. and they will never know except for whatever restrictions they had set are now cleared off. oh you will want to remove the collar while playing around if you tp, it will ask you to turn rlv back on at some point.
  9. Simple if it can be seen by someone caming upskirt/dress or by right-clicking and removing your clothing layers through de-rending them its frowned upon in some G sims by some people. I know a few G sims that will do this if someone sees you and then complains to a mod there. G sims are like the old teen grid, meant to be safe and wholesome and family/teen friendly to some mods/admins. some will even fuss if you have a weapon on you, even if not scripted but just in hand or worn visible. some will fuss what group tag you have active and request you change it while there. some as another poster said will tell you to hide groups they don't approve of while there. some will even find a profile pick or even the profile pic offensive and want it changed or not to come there with it. In the end, if they are a mod, talk to the sim admin and see if it is against the sim rules. if not tell the admin how the mod treated you and made you feel. or just never go there again. they could have been an sjw or holly roller trying to impose their own views and the real mods/admins didn't know. if you find out they are not a mod/admin and the sim admin says its fine, report them for harassment if they tried it again the next time ever there.
  10. Hmm, a very interesting question. The only answer I can give is if you don't find one then make one. Be the first to start the trend and maybe more will follow along. You might have the next big new trend for nude-themed rp sims. But don't hold your breath too much. There is a reason why most are sex-themed. Its all about the taboo of sex and filling that want. A scifi nudist colony might not be the cup of tea for a lot of people that come here seeking their fantasy to be filled; but until you ever try you won't know.
  11. should I do it? Yes, I think I will! If you don't want them seeing you in the group, leave the group. If it is your group simply set it to not show group members, meaning no one sees anyone in the group or ask the group founder to do so. But if they open group chat, they will still be able to see you there when you're online. So no cant really hide other than just leaving the group and staring another and banning them from joining the group. No hiding in the group to try and spy on them.
  12. You cant get hacked by them coming there. You could get tricked into accepting a permissions request and then allowing them to drain your L$ or to take control over your avatar by that means. But that is not being hacked. To stop it, well make the land group access only or private and then add who you want to the access list, unless its a club or something else like a store which could have a negative impact on business. The caveat to group access is if it set to a group and that group is open to joining they could join and then come back. if not your back in the same boat if running a club or store of it negatively impacting the club or store. You could alternatively get a land security system and have it set to kick after a short time, giving someone time enough to allow those wanted in but keeping anyone else out. Now if they use alts there is not a lot you can do but contact LL and report each new alt that comes to harass you. Though this might not really ever solve the issue for some people don't ever give up. There is a member in sl that has been in sl for 10 years or so and gets banned every few days, he simply makes a new account and continues on. rejoining groups and posting what he does to be banned a few days later and back shortly after that. So you get left with blocking them and just moving on hoping for them to eventually tire out which determined how upset they got could be months or never.
  13. To the Op, is it directly against the forums guidelines. No. Not even if you were to laugh at multiple posts of theirs or replies. In order for it to be really considered a form of an attack and possibly harassment you would basically have to go back and do it to every single post they ever made, or at least a very large number of their posts both current and older, showing a pattern of contempt for the individual in question. But then again it would require that person or someone else to see the behavior and decide they were offended about it and then report it, or open a support ticket with LL about the behavior. Not everyone takes reaction/reputation systems on forums serious or really cares beyond a superficial level what someone else has said or done about something they did or said. Some may claim they use the laugh as scorn, the person seeing it may not consider it as so, no matter if the other person intended it to be. To them, it might have no power or effect or control over them and how they behave at all. Not everyone really cares if they are liked or not on forums because to them it is not a community but an impersonal means to communicate. Communication of ideas or thoughts does not a community make or require. it only maybe becomes a community to them if they let themselves become emotionally invested on a deeper level; which not everyone on the internet does or will. So cannot assume everyone posting or replying is seeing the forums on the same level of importance to them as someone else might. Now as to why there are no negative reactions/emoji, simple. It would hurt the overall outlook and possible business of LL. You can see the forums without being logged in. So everyone, member or not, can come to see how people behave here. People might come and read them and see all the negative responses or reactions and think that the overall user base is full of insensitive and shallow or immature individuals who might be a tad bit psychopathic or sociopathic or arrogant or egocentric or narcissistic and decide they want nothing to do with the place. Thus causing the loss of potential new users and possible new 'premium' members. Can't have that now, can we? After all, LL is a business first and foremost. concerned more about their bottom line and making a profit than anything else. Reputation/reaction systems on forums have long been abused by individuals on places that have them. Often by the more devoted or daily/lifer posters. Who comes to the forums daily to get their fix for their ego or vanity. Attempting to use those reactions to show favor or like upon those who they agree with(who fit their personality), and disdain or scorn on those they don't(who are in opposition to their personality) in attempts to make them 'tow the line' and fit in and behave how the lifer wants them too. A form of behavior modification through the use of subtle attempts at shame or embarrassment or harassment to make the other user feel unwanted or unliked unless they behave. Something akin to the old fashion concepts used by communities and religions known as shunning or public disgrace. But again this really requires the person that this is being done to, to actually care what that person or group of people are doing. beyond any superficial level. So in regards to your concern if a single laugh at someones post even if they may have been upset/serious/down/emotional or whatever else you might have thought they were being in the post was bad. No. It only becomes possibly seen as bad if it is done repetitively. Or you just get unlucky and the person reported it to a forum mod that had their panties in a wad that day and had no tolerance so acted out in whatever way they thought was needed to bring about peace and quiet for the day for them. Which can and does happen, since mods are just humans too and not infallible about their choices or reactions to what is put before them on a daily basis by those who might have ulterior motives for their reports I personally see reputations systems as pointless and more akin to a means to ego/vanity compensation. high reputation doesn't mean the person is better than someone with a low reputation on the forums. Just means they might have a lot of like-minded individuals responding; reaction systems are just a means to try to add emotions to an otherwise emotionless post or response. People are using the system to show their emotions about the post, which other readers may or may not agree with and the poster may or may not even care about either. an attempt to bring feelings and emotions to an otherwise dead medium of communication. Words only have the power to affect us if we allow it, not because someone else wants it to.
  14. It is not needed or necessary it is wanted. Nothing that was really added to sl was needed, just wanted by the users. I have been a part of sl for 10 years. And I have no problems leaving groups at all to join different groups to find what I need to know then leave that group and go back to another group or find a new group. then again I'm not ocd about sl either. it is not hard to juggle groups at all. and you don't need groups for everything you do in sl. that is just an excuse made by those who want more or unlimited groups because they don't like having to chose, same as those who complained in other games that they 'needed' unlimited inventory space. when really they just wanted it. you don't need 100+ groups in sl. You want 100+ groups. Because you are obsessed or afraid of not seeing or hearing what someone might have said, leaving you out of the loop or preventing you from defending your honor or reputation against what some evil person might have said about you in that group. People who think they need so many groups are also the people who in rl think they need to know everything that is going on in everyone's life all the time be it friends or family or strangers or afraid that someone is talking about them behind their back, aka insecure. It has nothing to do with being social or not. You don't need 100+ groups to be social or to run a business or be a blogger or be a shopper in sl. there are no express or implied or actual needs in sl, it is all wants by the users. I need sl not to be so laggy. I need sl not to be filled with entitlement minded people. I need sl not to be filled with so needy or clingy or insecure or ocd people. but realistically I know my needs will never be filled; because they are just wants and not needs. Even if I tell myself they are needs. Just because you might want to call something a need doesn't make it a need.
  15. All things online wane over time, very few things if any have ever retained its initial numbers of users. It is just the nature of how online things work. Look at most AAA console games after a couple of years the total player base drops drastically for some games. Same will happen to sl and is natural that it will. People change over time, they grow up and their likes and dislikes and their social interaction needs/wants change. Nothing stays the same forever. The chart you show is typical of almost any online environment numbers rise and lower depending upon the seasons and holidays, and peoples rl and what time they have to be online. there is nothing that can be really done to prevent this. People will come and go. You cannot make someone like something or keep coming back if it just is not for them, and sl is not for everyone and never was or will be either no matter how it was ever hyped to be so. Some of it requires too many other skills that most people are not going to invest the time to learn. Not everyone wants to learn how to write a script to make something happen, not everyone wants to learn to build to have the things they want, not everyone wants to have to spend rl money on virtual items to have that only exist in a virtual world. just these things alone can turn many people away from sl. add in the different viewer and the time and effort to make it look how you might want it, setting all the preferences, or finding and using a tpv that you would like. add in the general rudeness of people in some area's even at the welcome areas at times. all of these things can cause a user to become jaded or disenchanted with the sl experience and not want to stay or come back after a while. I haven't even logged in the world in nearly a week or longer. I find less reason and less draw to do so as each day passes. Not even animesh or baked on mesh had any appeal or draw to me. And I used to write and make mod's for other games(NWN and NWN online and Tribes to name a few). I even had made a Dream for furcadia a long time ago. But as I have grown older there is less joy and less reason to do this anymore. And that is why the numbers drop. People become bored and disinterested in things and leave them. No game or social platform can ever hold the attention or likes or provide everything that everyone will ever want in life; when it begins to fail to do so, people move on, that is how life works.
  16. heh, one of the fireflower defenders come to defend wendy's honor no doubt. which makes your opinions expressed of no credibility as well. everyone knows how narcissistic wendy is and how egotistical otto can be. Its proven daily in the group by how they respond to anyone that doesn't respond to them how they think they should and how quick they are to ban anyone that dares question them. very few people are really being fooled by these behaviors for long. wendy is even notorious for posting as her alt to pat herself on the back at times to feed her ego as was recently done. I can do simple math, he tried to claim that his collar was not adding to the lag in any significant manner and that is false. he tried to make it sound like the 1/4 difference was a major difference when it is looked upon in the larger context of total users it makes no difference. the collar still adds lag to the region. lowering the experience of others. which was never my intention by my reply, but as simply to clear the air about some of the things that were said by the commentator; those within that group like to fabricate their own batch of lies and try and get people to believe them and that they are the victims when they are not and are often the one victimizing others and think they can get away with it without anyone ever saying anything about it. for yes this thread has its own problems between those who want such a feature and those who do not. if implemented correctly it would work very well. oh, by the way, you were at Arcadia, for that's about the only place you will ever find wendy when she is on. usually sitting at her desk. Wendy usually doesn't have much running in her collar. so is why her numbers were a little lower. for really it depends upon what scripts each user has loaded in the collar and if they are active. and yes some collars have several unneeded scripts for just simple usage, but then again some people like having lots of options and choices aka addons about what their collar can do. and this has varied effects on script time and lag. so like how the above commentator Gavin showed his collar being lower could simply be he has very few addons loaded and running compared to someone else who might be running a full blown out collar with all the premium apps and having them running. and yes it is related to how long they have been in the region and the last time the scripts were polled for actions needed to be done or if the collar was recently interacted with by the wearer or the owner set on the collar. which is why some regions lag really bad when several people enter and then calm down a few minutes later. but at shopping events where people might be coming in often, it means the server never really has the chance to settle back down again for long. causing a laggy and sometimes unbearable experience for some people. script usage is also affected by if the user is afk or not and if the viewer is foreground or background. which is why you cannot really ever trust any script monitoring system to be accurate about what is really going on at that time. you don't know who is there how long they might have been there compared to when you arrived, and who is afk, or who might be tabbed out thus using fewer resources. I would think it would be better to optimize scripts for steady state, for unless a person is constantly teleporting around, not something most sub/slaves would probably be doing if their owner is online. over startup, to just try and get them up and running sooner. yes, some will disagree and think quicker startup is better since it begins to lower the effects sooner, but won't have as wide an effect at lowering compared to a steady state optimized script would. Either way, I still think that having a queue would work for no one would really ever encounter it often unless the sim was full. Which not a lot of sims stay full all the time. So it would have a negligible effect since it wouldn't run or be active unless the sim was full or near reaching full capacity. Or the other way would be to update viewers with a timed auto repeat teleport where someone didn't have to try and tp hammer to get in. similar to a phones auto-redial function. ie if teleport fails to try again in x minutes for y number of times. and then let each user be able to adjust those settings for how often they wanted it to retry and how many times before giving up and if succeeding maybe playing an alert sound to let them know encase they were away while it was trying.
  17. Well for today, I might decide to do something crazy! I might go outside in the sunlight! At least long enough to get the theater to watch a movie and then back home. then back to my dark cave again! The light it burnzzz!
  18. search the mp and buy one, would be the easiest way. there are several good ones in the mp. such as https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Translator-57-Languages-Auto-Spellcheck-Dictionaries-Wiki-Search-Fake-Accents/641722 for example. You can find some cheaper though too.
  19. I think they were asking about straffing, which is not a normal movement so a little different then what you mentioned. straffing if you didn't know is where you only move left or right while still facing in your original direction. often used in many fps games using the left and right bumpers to avoid enemy fire while shooting back at them. it is like a side-stepping motion, not a walking forward motion what you suggested would have them have them change direction upon where they were looking, which is something different. like driving a car. if you are in firestorm there is a joystick calibration and settings area, you might be able to configure it how you want and need for straffing.
  20. Unfortunately, they really won't ever do anything about that, for people are allowed to have alt accounts and even use the alt accounts for things you might not like. there is a user on sl that I can't tell his name, that always comes into various adult groups and ask the same thing all the time. his account is never more than 3-4 days old because he gets banned for *****, then makes a new account again. get a land security system and only allow members on the whitelist to enter, maybe create a group and tell everyone you want there to join that group and make the land group access only. then they won't be able to enter the land anymore, make the group private aka invite only and they won't be able to gain access to the group or land at that point unless someone in the group invites them, which then lets you know its someone from the group doing it and really can't be trusted.
  21. No, oc is not a fork of the 6.5.5 they have updated it and added features to it. The 6.5.5 never belonged to vd at all, it was always still OC until vd was kicked from OC because they tried to turn OC into their own personal cash-cow selling premium no-mod scripts and items. Causing the original owners of OC to have to step in and take the group back, kicking the members of vd out forcing them to start their own group. which the founder of the new group has never gotten over that it was done. You can read the history of OC on the oc website, not the vd run oc website. maybe you should read both and then decide which you choose to believe. They added in a new dress feature that works better for mesh wearers than the older system that was there. where its easier to strip without possibly stripping off the mesh body as well. P9/VD is a fork of the 'original' open source opencollar. It has been heavily modified. It has scripts that will delete its scripts if someone tries to make changes in them breaking the collar. It once had a hidden account within the scripts that the collar would contact if certain criteria were met without the user of the collar knowing this. Most of vd scripts are no-mod so not open source or OpenCollar for all OC scripts are full permission. So vd is not the 'original' or 'official' oc collar scripts. its even been said in the group that they could disable the updater that someone has, its even been said that they can disable the creator kit they sell if they don't like the person. Goto the vd sim with a certain other groups tag on and you will get kicked and banned. Have that group in your groups and visible and you will get banned from the group. Either you are for vd or against vd in their eyes, so either you use only their items or gtfo. the collar revisions even have a 'cute' naming system where it can be used to discover where the collar came from(supported/liked distributor or not and if is a vd approved collar or an oc collar that was changed to a vd collar. such as doe, fox, wolf, snake, frog. and if you have a frog or snake they will frown upon you in the group. rlv itself doesn't cause higher script times but the scripts that use rlv can because of how they work especially at initialization at login or teleport when the scrip syncronizes its settings with the rlv api to apply whatever restrictions that were the last set or saved. and with the listeners in the scripts, so they can listen for any commands applied to through the rlv relay in the collar especially if it is set and left on auto. There are other functions besides the inventory functions that will cause the script times to rise in a collar. the chat re-direct scripts, the little hearts it creates when near an owner, the leashing and particle effects from the leash, the animation overrides such as making an avatar crawl or walk like a pony through the collar. all of these can and do add up to added lag in a sim. not untrue facts at all, its been well discovered by other users about what happens in that group and with the products from them. I personally wouldn't trust vd products for anything rlv related at this point. the only positive thing from vd was the hardvanilla mode they created. their attempts to 'streamline' the collar's rlv and relay basically turned vd collars into 'collars for dummies'. the mod's and even the founder will go ballistic and ban anyone that even suggests or says anything they don't like at all. especially if it is about how someone might choose to use their items, contrary to how the creator/developers think they should only be used as. and no false information was given, just it is claimed to be false to try and save face and deceive other users about the truth about their group or product and the developers of the product. a very common practice by any developer or creator here. "I don't like what you said, so you are wrong. so begone thot." "I don't like your review so will have it removed". which ironically the commentator made a post in another topic about that happening to them and complained it was not fair, yet vd does it all the time to keep only positive reviews seen. hurt the ones that gave? more like didn't pander to the ego or vanity of the ones that created things and thus thought it made them 'snowflake's' or above anyone about what they think or say or feel. that you have to praise them for their effort, kneel before their superiority complex. vd and any creator here should be grateful that any users ever chooses to use their items free or paid for and leave a review or not, positive or negative. and above all don't question them about what they say ever. if you have any suggestions about using the collar especially their pride and joy 'heartcore' in a manner they didn't like or want other users to do, they got very defensive or even offensive about it and would either threaten to kick or would kick and ban from the group and sim and their discord to keep you shut up so they can continue to enforce their view of how things had to be done using their product, which is not how it normally works in world. a user buys a product they are free to use it how they wish and do not have to follow the rules of someone else about what it's for or not. but not with vd. a car seller would not try to tell a buyer how to drive the car after it was bought, yet vd does about its products. I could go on about other things that vd has done in the past but it would probably be pointless and would all be claimed to be false and untrue or said just to 'hurt' the ones that gave. according to the number you posted there are 29 scripts still running, not just 9. So either you have some huds on or ao's on that have been already said can and will cause higher script times. so it is not just the body/head scripts causing that higher number like you tried to claim. its a combination of items. which has been noted before that excess scripted items will add to the to lag. remove everything but the collar then post the number. then remove all the huds/ao's/slex systems and just leave the body then post the number. that 1/4 difference can add up if there are lots of people in a sim with collars on. the point that was made is that collars and the scripts in them can and will add to lag of a sim if enough people have them on and are using them at the time with whatever functions they have active in the collar or within the addons of the collar. But none of this is the point of what this thread was really about, it was about if a wait queue would be good for when teleporting to full sims. I think it could be beneficial for it has been used in other servers and worked well within them. Some people don't like it because they wouldn't be able to tp hammer or lose their spot in the queue.
  22. threatening to leave if they don't make SL be how you want is not really going to make them get on the ball to make it be how you want. You have to be willing to try other things out like adjusting your settings to see if its a poorly optimized viewer. Often when the viewer starts up and detects the system it doesn't choose the right or best or perfect settings for all situations. which is why you do even have the option to create a list of saved settings preferences for different activities and places.
  23. Never said there was any wrong in doing that. Just was pointing out that there are ways to detect some people who do that and would be ways to control if they were allowed to stay there or not at that point.
  24. To your first point if they can do it then fine, but if they increase the number by too many I don't see how it will be possible without a negative effect. And yes it will more than likely be tied to premium accounts. So it will be of little benefit to the average sl user that doesn't have or need or want a premium account. If they increase it by just a small amount people will still come back and complain it wasn't enough. Seen this happen many times in games that had limited inventories. Because you cannot please everyone all the time. And in some cases, shouldn't try. To your second point, I was being realistic. everything ever added to sl either by choice of LL or by request and then the choice of LL is a want, not a need. People like to confuse the two a lot and claim things are needs when they really are just wants and not needs. And that just because some other service does it that all services need to do it too, again flawed and false logical assumptions. If a service 'a' does feature 'b' then all other services should also do feature 'b' or I will complain it is needed to be added because I think its a need when it is just a want. I have had these kinds of discussions all over the web on various other games and services and there is always someone who doesn't like having what I said put before them because they want to continue to claim what they say is a need and refused to accept it is just a want. because they are afraid that the developer might see it and say "yep, just a want, which we don't currently see as needed so it won't be added." which leaves them in the state of frustration that their want was not fulfilled like they think it had/needed to be done. I need a new computer to get off this crappy laptop, are you going to go get me one and give me what I want just to make me happy again? More than likely no, the same outcome applies to anyone else's wants that they call needs. Claiming something to be other than what it is doesn't make it become that other ever. So to try and claim something is a need is a false statement when in regards to anything about how sl works, it really is just a want and really is up to LL if it is ever added or not. Not just because some user thinks it should be or is required or is needed to make them happy. You can ask for as many features as you want but doesn't really mean you need them or will get them or should or have too.
  25. was it a vd/p9 collar? if so wouldn't surprise me at all. there is a lot happening under the hood of that collar that a lot of people don't know about. unlike a stock OC 7.1 with just the basics and no extra addons and not everything on or in use. then again anything dealing with rlv and having active rlv will naturally have higher script times than anything else. its the nature of the beast on how rlv works. but there are a lot of things that use rlv and are not collars. but then agian it is still their right to go there with those things on unless forbid by the event manager. no one has to remove anything just so someone else has the experience they want at the cost of that person have to degrade their experience for the sake of the other person. it has nothing to do with being polite or fair at all. it would be akin to someone in rl telling another person that they are not allowed to dress or drive a car faster than them because they want or think they should be dressed better or in front of the other driver at all times.
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