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  1. 8 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Wow, that is sure not the MO I remember from my childhood.  Back then, if it snowed, the crud hung around for weeks or months, just looking dirtier and uglier each day.  The roads would get cleared, but not the crud that built up on the side of the road.  Once winter settled in, it seldom got very warm or sunny for weeks on end.  Those memories are 30 years old, so it is very likely that the weather norms have changed over the years.

    It sort of depends where you are at in MO now. Some areas still do that. it's snowing right now where I am and by next week it's supposed to be back in the 40-50's for the week. So anything on the ground will pretty much be gone by then.

  2. While there is no auto unpacker for once it's in your inventory, items can have upacker scripts in them, that will auto unpack them and put them in a folder in your inventory when rezzed then delete the rezzed item/box. so you don't have to manually unpack the item yourself. Just rez, lit it unpack and clear up and then your done.

  3. Can it be done simply no. It would require them to trick you to giving them edit rights to your objects or to be added to the sim build rights, being able to delete or move items or add items to the sim.

    there is no way they can do this on their own. it would require them passing an object to you that might have asked for permissions. so again no, no normal griefer could just do as you are fearing.

    If you have rez rights enabled on the sim, turn on auto-return and set it low enough that it would clear out any grief attack within a reasonable time 2 hours or less.

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  4. Can you track him if he is online even if marking himself offline. Yes. there are various objects that can track a person if online without them knowing and cannot really be blocked by them. Or you could join any of his groups and look in the members list, which will always show if he is online or not regardless of what the settings for profile or friends list is.

    Can you possibly find him via other methods? Yes. Stalking his groups or going to locations in whatever picks he might have on his profile and waiting for him to show up there. Being a creepy stalker.

    Now is there a hud when worn that could have allowed you to track him, if he was wearing it too and didn't change certain settings in it? Yes. Sin Tracker. But again he would have had to be wearing the tracker or beacon and not setting it to hide his location. Probably others out there too, some of the combat/defense huds; but each would require him to have been using the item too or to have it been attached to him by you and that he only ever went to sims with rez rights or scripts enabled.

    Is there other ways he could have been tracked? Yes, if he was wearing a scripted item that reported his teleports, like a collar with a spy script in it; but again he could remove or change it so it wouldn't anymore.

    So can you track his location without him knowing you are doing so indirectly? No.

    But really you have to ask yourself if it is worth the effort or energy to do so or should you just remove/block and move on; because obviously he doesn't care about the relationship on the same level of seriousness as you did and probably never really did. He just wanted you for a short fling and frills and now is done and wanting to move on but  is stringing you along to have someone to fall back on whenever he feels the need to. In other words he is playing games with your heart and feelings and you don't deserve to let this happen and should not continue to, he is not worth it. He is a collector, and possibly just collecting his frill toys and once the frill is over moved on to the next but keeps each so can always go back and use again when needed.

    It hurts coming to this possible conclusion but, just like in RL people in SL can be jerks and you have to learn to seperate yourself from them and move on. Don't let them play the mind games with you and drag you along or exploit your emotions and feelings or wants or desires for a relationship. Stand up for your values and ethics and anyone that does not fit with them, block them/mute them/derender them and move on. You will eventually find someone worthy of your time that will treat you with the respect and dignity and care you deserve and want. Until then it will be a bumpy ride. Just don't let yourself get to bruised along the way.

    Remember most people in SL are here to roleplay, to fantasize, to do what they cant in RL and get away with it, because there is no real consequences for their actions here.

  5. 18 hours ago, cykarushb said:

    Just having a blast in Missouri.


    Yep that is MO for you, and the funny thing is that might be all gone in just a couple days. The weather here has its own mind and does what it wants when it wants. More so than other places it seems. Sunny one moment, snowing the next, back to sunny later that same day and clear.

  6. Some items when you buy them will send them directly to your inventory as a folder. search your inventory for the items you bought and see if they may have been sent as a ready to use folder with the items inside them.

    Some items when you buy them will be sent in a box/item you have to either wear the box/item or rez it and then open it. Then copy the items to your inventory.

    Some items when you buy them will be sent in a box/item that when you wear them pr rez them on ground will automatically copy them to your inventory to a folder and ready to use.

    Oh and some items may send another item that you then have to wear or rez to get the item you were wanting. ie; wear item one to get item 2, open item 2 to get your actual item.

    So I suggest going and looking in your inventory for any new folders or objects you might not have had or seen or that are named similar to what you bought and look in them.

    Region, parcel rating does not affect what can or cannot be rezed in the area other as long as you do have rez rights for the area.  So yes you can open adult items in a G sim; you might just get booted if you try to wear/use the adult items in the G sim.

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  7. Just now, Fionalein said:


    By the frequency those places apparently start and cease existing I doubt that is working countermeasure.

    True, there will always be those that won't care and will just go somewhere else. But for some it does matter and in some places it does work. The patrons of the place follow the rules. it really just depends upon the place, those that go there, and the admins/mods of the place.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    I'm not sure why I'm having such a difficult time conveying this. The reason I care about this feature isn't at all related to an "emergency" that an individual may imagine about adding or removing attachments, it's about the ease of doing so leading folks to reduce their average number of attached scripts. If it's not a pain to add them, then they can take them off more of the time. (I don't think I used the word "emergency" but I may have mentioned "crisis" -- which reasonably characterizes the growing problem of "spikey" teleport-in script lag on a whole host of regions that never had it before.)

    That said, I do have to think about locking being used to prevent accidental detachment. At first glance, I'd suppose the locking requires some setup -- putting some attached items in a specific folder or somehow designating them as locked -- so whatever that setup involves, couldn't one just not add those designated items to the Favorite Wearables folder? (I guess in Catznip the Quick Preferences: Folder can be user-designated at any time, so... I'm actually not sure that's significant, though.)

    Unfortunately you will encounter those who don't care how their script usage affects others. "its my sl I will do what I want"

    There is a nostrip feature that can be used to prevent items from being detached, or if accidently detached on sim tp reattached. and when used with outfits can make items reattach after the outfit is changed. you simply add (nostrip) to the end of the items name if moddable or the end of a folders name with that item in it. it was sort of added to fix traps/devices that would just strip everything, causing the user to default back down to the default naked ll body breaking the immersion of the scene.

    depending upon the collar or item used it may even have a .core or .naked or similar named folder that keeps everything in that folder attached on outfit changes and then just adds to those items. allowing full changes of the outfit without affecting the body, hands, feet, hair, alpha or whatever else might want to be kept on all the time of the avatar if is setup correctly.

    through the proper use of .outfits or how ever the collar calls it, a user could set up various outfits with and without the scripted items as needed.  but access to that can be blocked by the collar/item by the owner of the collar/item. so again it comes down to communication between the sub and their owner on why access to such items is needed at that time or not. Unfortunately there is a lot of Dom/me's that think it's totally their choice only about what the sub has access too so will block access to the dress feature in the collar/item/device for one reason or another.

    44 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    I did kinda bury one big reason in a footnote to an earlier post in this thread, and only just referenced it again a few minutes ago: I kinda stumbled on an approach that could very dramatically reduce the script count of non-HUD attachments. But it only achieves real savings if the HUDs that push on-demand scripts to wearables are themselves only attached when the product needs scripted manipulation. And, of course, scripters would need to learn and adopt the approach, which is a bit... intricate.

    So that's my "vested interest" (not as if I have a patent or anything, but potentially some bragging rights). The thing is, even if my scheme is never widely adopted and so we don't get its additional benefit, there's already a very substantial win from wider adoption of the rapid add/remove feature.

    I've spent a lot of time tracking down script lag in sims lately, and I really don't think we have much calendar left before everybody notices that scripts just aren't responsive anymore.

    (Oh, as to your interest in my collar wearing: I did wear one years ago before RLV was a thing, and I'm an owner on a transparent one an alt wears for testing, although I've never cared nor understood RLV enough to test those functions on him.)

    but you see an owner could block that hud/attachment from being used. or prefer their sub to use specific other items that might not use your newly considered idea. A lot of Dom/me's do not like complicated or intricate methods of accomplishing things in rlv. So though it might be beneficial not everyone or even a majority will probably ever use it. Not saying you shouldn't still continue with the attempted development of it.  It just make take time before it would be widely accepted as the new norm of doing scripts in items if ever.

    yes there is a benefit of the use of the favorites folder, it allows quick add and removal and even I had no knowledge about it and its use for some time until I learned about it by accident. someone should ever make a yt video about it perhaps and describe its location or use in the various viewers that might have the feature so others can learn about it and how to use it besides this post. it was in part the original reason for being included in the post a sort of 'looky here' and then leaving it up to those who wanted to use it or not. it is why I didn't first mention about the way to block it, just that it could be.

    unfortunately there will always be lag in sl at certain points and as things become more complex it will only get worse. it would require an entirely new rewrite of the viewer and the sim and how it process's or limits or uses scripts or possibly off-loads some of that process time to the users client, such as how many fps games work. where scripts are run client side for the most part and that information is sent to the server and then shared with all other clients in the server. a form of distributed computing perhaps.for even your idea is just a stop-gap temporary fix at best. but I don't really see that ever happening.

    It is sort of interesting that this particular thing is the most talked about from the entire post. just shows how threads evolve over the course of the discussion in them.

  9. Sl is used by a lot of people as just a directed form of porn where they are the director of the action. And these afk places give them that feeling of power and control without having to deal with someone else's emotions or feelings in interactions. Similar to other programs like yiffalicious or 3dsexvilla, but give more control and variable interactions then those applications or just watching porn would do.

    They don't seek the interpersonal relationship or role play between their avtar and another person behind the screen. it is just literally for fap material, where they are in control of it. That is why they are popular. Its either younger women and men or older that lack the skills to rp out a scene or just don't want to take the time to read a long drawn out scene. They might just want to get a quick thrill without all the emotions or reading and having to respond back.

    And some may just like the idea of being able to use someone that cannot(because is  or should be afk) respond back. So they can do what they want or say what they want without any concern of the other person saying stop or no and breaking that feeling of total control and power. A mindless bimbo to be used as an f-toy and treated however the other person wants. It could be filing a rape fantasy where the other is either knocked out or drugged and unable to fight back(because is afk).

    they may or may not even interact with the other person leaving them any rp to read when they come back. some do, some don't. For some it's the getting paid for providing a service without having to know the customer.

    for some it might be away to meet others for later rp's by messaging back the person that played with their avatar and seeing if they would like a more detailed or interactive rp at some point either for free or at a higher price than the tip that may or may not have been given.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Callum Meriman said:

    You've totally missed my point. But that's ok. I know you mean well.

    If you wouldn't mind clarifying your view it may help me or others that ever read this understand your point and method of thinking about this and maybe see things in a different perspective. I am always open to learn new things. I will admit I can be obtuse about some things at times.

  11. 7 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Okay. But again, about how RLV{a} can block viewer control of attachment points, defeating even Quick Preferences:Folder / Favourite Wearables, is there some practical use for that, outside of kink? If it's really all about the D/s thing, is there some substitute that would make everybody feel adequately D/s'd or whatever while still allowing just this specific feature to instantly add/remove scripted attachments? 

    Or, if not, can we at least add a big warning pop-up, requiring anybody who blocks attachments to confirm that they surrender all rights to ever again complain about their own lag and accept responsibility for everybody else's problems? Because yeah, it's true, we let all kinds of crappy scripts loose on the grid--more's the pity--but wouldn't it at least be better if they came with warning labels?

    As someone who does understand scripts, I can understand your concern about this and your worry about the script load and possible lag it might cause by not being able to remove certain things. Thus possibly negatively affecting sim performance and affecting others enjoyment of the sim. But that is part of the D/s relationship giving up that choice if was so agreed to at the time of starting the relationship.

    For those who do not like that being done, well they need to discuss it with their Dom/me before getting into the relationship of either not blocking inventory or not locking attachments. Make it a limit to what is accepted in the relationship. communication is key here.

    As toward does it have a use outside of kink yes. it could be used by a parent to punish a child for misbehaving, locking the inventory and blocking attaching of items as a form of keeping the child from playing with their toys. It's not just about keeping the sub naked and thus limited to only 'A' rated sims.

    Such a warning is sort of pointless for not everyone would ever read it and would just hit ok. And a lot of those within the D/s do know about the scripts in the items and wearing a lot might cause lag issues for themself or others. Not everyone no, but those who have been doing it for a while do and often take the time to limit the impact as best as possible. Yet you will find those that don't care and never will. So the warning would mean nothing to them.

    Towards over use of scripts well that becomes the sim owners responsibility to set what they decide is acceptable limits and then have them enforced in whatever way they see fit. and then the users either comply or get booted and possibly banned and have to go someplace else.

    Rlv/a is completely consensual and not everyone in D/s even uses it. Some see it as more a hindrance to the relationship and not an enhancement. For those people this entire topic is moot.

    I do have a curiosity to the concern if it's just about the script load or if you are a sub that wears a collar and uses this to get around inventory blocks and now is worried that your owner might learn that they do have a way to prevent it. Because you seem adamant about it not being done, more than just a normal creator or scripter would be.

    49 minutes ago, Callum Meriman said:

    I am not forgetting about brats at all. A brat can stretch the boundaries all they like, they can even poke their toes over the line swearing black and blue that they are - in fact - on the correct side, but doing that they should realise they won't get away with it and (to my original point) if they push it too far then they don't deserve a dominant and will likely be released.

    I'd hazard a guess that the bulk of vanilla people wear their body alpha huds and head animation HUDs all the time Qie. in fact I'd also suggest that most don't even realise this feature exists.

    I'd also say that most people in the affected cohort would be mindful of their script load as well as needing every attachment point they can get hold of. #RLV/.outfits are a valid replacement in this case.

    It wouldn't say that they don't deserve a dominant, i would say that perhaps the dominant they had was not the right one for them. For there are dominants that would just see this a welcomed challenge by the brat and would find other ways of dealing with it then just releasing them. It becomes more a matter of patience and tolerance of the Dom/me and if they were really the right one for the task of taking on a brat of that caliber. Not every Dom/me is. it takes a special sort of Dom/me to handle a brat like that. One that is willing to put in the time and effort to see to the brats needs and not think that the brat is just there for their needs. To understand why the brat is acting that way and then what needs to be done about it, either more attention or setting some sort of punishment or some sort of task to keep the brat occupied so they won't feel the need to do that to poke at the Dom/me patience. Remember its a two-way street. Saying stop or else attempts to make it a one-way street which often does not end well when dealing with a brat or a willful sub

    It really boils down to how well the brat and dominant discussed their relationship on what was acceptable or tolerable behaviours and what would be considered over the limit for either party. A Dom/me that just blocks inventory or locks attachments just because they can may not deserve the brat/sub that they have. communication is the key.

  12. 17 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

    RLV is just an adjunct to dominance.

    Of course, thanks for raising it, but I am really of the opinion that any dominant who couldn't effectively handle such an event doesn't deserve to have submissives. And on the other side of this coin, any submissive who thought to do it without a decent reason (eg: landing in a G rated area) doesn't deserve to have a dominant.

    Ah but you are forgetting about Brats, brats like to disobey at times. so to say anyone that cheats doesn't deserve a dom/me is pretty limited way of thinking. Not all sub's obey all the time either just because they have a dom/me that may expect them to or has commanded them to. It is part of the dynamic of dealing with that and why they might have chosen to not obey. Its a two way street, not just the dom/me's way or the highway. it's the dom/me's that act in that manner that often have sub's that just leave them for being domineering at that point.

    21 hours ago, Sasy Scarborough said:

    I understood, that was why it was adorable lol, the people that just appreciate the information on expanding their usage would be all good.

    I'm a brat by nature. I tend to find things that make things interesting. I am sometimes a sassy, snarky brat too so I keep any owner on their feet. And that was the meaning of this post, to make owners and other subs or brats be aware of these things. A brat has to keep things fun and interesting and what better way then to find ways around restrictions imposed by rlv. Teaching the owner that rlv should just be a tool and not the core of the relationship all the time like it is for some.

    Revealing this was to in a means test the dom/me's out there. to see who can handle this and who cannot. Any dom/me worth being collared to should be able to deal with it and not lose their temper about it or they don't really deserve the brat or sub that they tried to take on.

    11 hours ago, Roxy Couturier said:

    An important and often missed opportunity for further play is bargaining with the person that locked you or some other Dom/me to be unlocked. Will you then owe that person an unspecified favor? Will you need to perform some service or task to lift the restriction?

    Turn lemons into lemonade.

    When starting out, getting to know someone and I'm interested, I may verbally impose one restriction or another with the expectation explained that it be continued. If they've cheated out or forgone whatever I've imposed the very next day, I assume they aren't interested in my continued attention. I do try to tailor it to their kinks. but if they show disinterest, it's their loss.

    Let me explain that, I've been around the D/s scene in SL for nearly 10 years on both ends of the leash. I was sub to one of the best, I've had wonderful girls in my collar** that expanded my repertoire, as it were, and learned from the mistakes I've made. Many of my girls have been (or were in) in my collar for years. Two of my girls have gone on the become awesome Dommes in their own right, having their own subs for years. I've had my heartbreaks and disappointments and I've had my triumphs and love.

    Indeed, there are those that are more domineering than dominant. I've encountered it, recognize it and I know my worth, as a Domme, in comparison.

    So when I say to talk to your Dom/me or runaway (if you can't talk to your Dom/me then you should bail) I sincerely mean it from a place of long experience.


    ** Yes, submission is a gift, but you're confusing the item worn, the symbol of the deeper relationship of Collaring with the status of being Collared. Let me be clear, that when I accept being placed as owner of their collar worn, it then becomes MY collar they wear. Dominance is a gift as well (ask any of the plethora of subs looking and looking and looking for a Dom/me) and I don't bestow it lightly.

    I had Domme that did that for me once. She helped me out of a problematic relationship and issue I was having at that time. I chose to allow her to make a request of me at some later date and time of her choice for helping me with that as repayment for her help. She even became my owner for a short time, but unfortunately rl keeps her too busy for her to be on sl much anymore.

    Your testing the waters with that one restriction, and seeing if they will at least try for more than a day. that is completely understandable if either you or they were seeking or considering a possible longer term relationship. I have seen many that just jump in and jump out.. and I have seen many that just go balls to the wall with every restriction at the first chance and then leave them and expect the sub to just stay that way for days with little to no interaction as well. for a brat like me such extreme restrictions or long term with little contact brings out my snarky side the next time they see me. Most cant handle it at that point.

    I didn't mean to seem like you were domineering maybe. Its just I have had a few that were..and it brings out the sassy/snarky side of me quickly when ever I think about it and what they tried to have me do..and some of the things I did do in those past times because of not knowing myself or my limits or my rights better. It makes me a little defensive at times when those feelings or memories come up.

    There was a time I couldn't or I should say wouldn't runaway...because I believed it was wrong to do. That if I did I was a failure because that is what I had been made to think and believe. So there was no talking to my first Domme about things she did I didn't like... which is sort of why I can be a really snarky brat at times now. It has caused me to have a slightly jaded perspective on some things; but then again I learned a lot because of it to, not just about myself but about others.

    I guess it was your terminology in how you called it YOUR collar that had me at first. But yes I do understand the symbology behind it, I understand fully about the true meaning of the two collars, the one worn that others see, and the one worn that no one sees that is around the heart. When a true relationship begins to form for some. I have it as a pick on my profile. You see it as Your collar because they gave their collar to you in a sense for you to hold it out of their belief in you. They are trusting You with their collar so you see it as Yours now because it is Your responsibility for what happens to them because they have trusted you enough to give that power to you.

    I sometimes forget to turn my bratitude back down at times and lower the snarky level from 5 back down to a more easier dealt with 3 or so. It's sometimes hard when i don't really have someone that understands me much so I am left to my own devices. But such is how it is.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Gadget Portal said:

    Way to completely miss the point.

    Sometimes a stupid hat is a stupid hat, doesn't matter if I call it that or not. If you wear it in public, you have to accept the consequences- me, I'd rather be proud of my stupid hat, despite what they say about it.

    Even more importantly, if someone is bothering you about your stupid hat in SL, use the tools available. This isn't RL, we have all the same power here. There is no situation in SL where you can be backed into a corner and have to listen to it. We can mute, block, ban, teleport away, or click the big X up in the corner and instantly be free from whatever or whoever is bothering us.

    A person should not have to tp away or click the bix X to escape from something in sl. And in some cases you cannot mute/block a person because of situations that prevent you doing that. Such as being a member of certain groups or sims that will kick/ban if you do. Thus preventing you from possibly interacting with other people there that you may like to interact with but may not want to add as a friend. Not everyone likes to fill up their friends list with just acquaintances but may like interacting with them at times. So cannot just mute/block/derender to escape. to tell a person to just log out shows a certain level of shallowness. For it is telling the person to just run away from the bully, which is what the bully wants. You don't run away from bullies or else they never learn to stop being a bully and you will find yourself running away from anything you don't like or agree with all the time.

    And no it 'is' not a stupid hat because someone else may wish to say it is because they see it as so. And it doesnt give them the right to be rude about it either and not be called out for their rude behavior. Which seems to be the problem with many people in this thread. they want to be able to be rude and expect people to just accept it.

    I know a person that wears a leg brace in sl, and even has it scripted to keep that leg rigid when its worn. Yet they do not have a broken leg in rl but did at one point have their leg in a brace because of medical issues but no longer do. Is that person who refuses to remove that leg brace wearing a stupid hat? Would it be fair or ok to make fun of them for wearing that brace because it is a reminder to them what they had to deal with in rl? When here in sl there would be no reason to wear it other than as a reminder since you can be perfectly fine here in sl regardless of what your rl is like. Simply the answer is no. it would not be fine to make fun of them. Same as it is should not be ok to make fun of how someone chooses to look just because you don't agree with it.

    And no they should not be expected to just ignore it just so the other person can get their frills by doing it. it shows that other person to be crass and rude. And yes that then gives that person just as much right to call them out for being crass and rude. Yet many are defending their right to be rude and then play the victim if someone calls them for being rude. A bit hypocritical imo.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

    Are you serious???? I am callous for telling ppl to lighten up so that they will have an enjoyable SL experience??? Yes, I do like to please my friends because it brings pleasure to me. I don't mope around and whine about how ppl are body shaming my avatar in a virtual world.(weird) .. Maybe I'll create a fat, blue-haired, enormous glasses wearing avatar so I can experience this so called virtual body shaming thing that's being discussed.. who knows, maybe I'll love the misery and drama. But, no thanks. I'm a rational, mature person who doesn't give a lot of %#*@s about what ppl think of my avatar. There's way too much drama over stupid sh*t that doesn't really matter when looking at the big picture. SL is a lovely escape from reality where IF you happen to be body shamed in RL, you can be drop dead gorgeous in SL. Why bring your RL problems to SL when you don't have to? Don't bring low self esteem and victim hood to SL. They just don't mix well. Just be happy and have fun. That's not a hard thing to do on SL.. that is, unless you have emotional/mental issues in rl. Lighten up, don't be so serious about things that cannot happen in SL and just have fun.

    Yes, you are being callous for telling them to just lighten up. it shows you don't really care what they think or feel or if what you say or does effects them. who ever gave you that right to tell others to just lighten up? How would you like it if your boss came to you and then said, "oh guess what.. you have to work the next 24 hours with no pay and if you don't like it, just lighten up". I doubt you would like it and probably would complain about it.

    It has nothing to do with being rational or mature, for even the so called rational or mature can be jerks in how they treat others and then try and use the rational-mature card as their defense. "Oh it doesn't bother me because its not real. So it shouldn't bother you either!"

    SL is not an escape from reality for some people, it is an extension of their reality for them. to say they should not do that shows you to be callous and insensitive to others peoples feelings if it doesn't align with your own. and playing the mental problem card again shows how callous you are towards others feelings.

    Shaming and abuse and bullying can happen in SL and does. Not my problem if you refuse to accept this fact.

    1 hour ago, Orwar said:

       Sociopathy, eh - now there's a big word. Do you even psychology? 

       The 'anti-victim-card' isn't a thing. Victim Mentality is, Victim Playing is; a person who frequents those mindsets need help from a professional psychologist, not enabling by some entirely fundamentalist empathy. People who are real, actual victims of traumatizing events don't need a bunch of random people patting them on the back, they need to be given proper coping mechanisms. 

       But perhaps you think that principle is more important than reality. It doesn't matter how well-meaning you may be, but your philosophy in this regard would only be harmful in the long term to the victims - in fact, I'd go as far as to call it selfish; you getting to feel good about pretending to be a white knight at the cost of the rehabilitation of those you claim to stand up for; now there's something we can start calling sociopathic.

       To quote an actual psychology journal on the topic: "Victim mentality is a psychological term that refers to a type of dysfunctional mindset which seeks to feel persecuted in order to gain attention or avoid self-responsibility." - do you feel this is something you want to enable, because it feels nice to 'be nice', whilst giving you an outlet to vent your own frustrations on those you perceive to be at fault (even though in the vast majority of cases, one will never actually seek out the 'offender' to get their side of the story). 

    The anti-victim-card 'is' a thing and is used in many forums and by many in these forum by those who seek to discredit a victim claiming its their own fault for how they were treated by someone else, who they have no control over. That in some way they deserve the treatment that was done to them. Attempting to pass the blame back to the victim. A form of attempted gas-lighting which is often done in sl and on the forums and even in this very thread by several people. making the victim think or believe its all on them. that the other person is not responsible for their actions or behaviours toward the victim. and this sort of behaviour and belief should not be accepted. "she was attacked because she looked a certain way, its her own fault" '"if she didn't like how she was treated she shouldn't have dressed or looked like she did." "it's not my fault I called her a cow because she looked fat and ugly to me, its hers for being fat and ugly"

    yes it is important for a victim to actually find someone who can give them help for what was done, but it is equally important for a victim to speak out about what was done so others become aware of it and not just keep it themself as a lot of people want done. because they do not want others to know of the activity or behaviour so it can be continues to be perpetrated upon others. "dont ruin my fun by telling others what I did or how I act"

    which is why so many people get in such a fuss about anyone that comes out today in any form of social media and claims they were a victim. it has become the mentality of some. "we don't care, we don't want to hear about, just go get help and dont bring it here." "don't bring my fun down because I don't care about you or how you feel" "don't make a fuss, it might change how I can have fun and then that would not be fun for me." and this sort of behaviour should not be acceptable in rl or in sl.

    1 hour ago, purrrkitten said:

    If I'm sociopathic, why even write this? Clearly I wouldn't care. 

    Or did you not know what that word meant?

    Oh I know clearly what the word means and it was used as it was meant for. Your response in this thread and in others proves my point for me. A sociopath doesn't exactly not care, they just don't care to change their behaviour because they do not believe they need to.

    "it's my ball and I taking it home and you can't play with it anymore because I said so because you won't let me win"

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  15. 9 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Then that functionality must be disabled in RLV's next release. It is far more important that there be unimpeded access to the rapid removal and addition of attachments than for RLV to be able to affect attachments at all. If the RLV(a) developer(s) don't adopt that direction, Firestorm and other responsible TPV developers should strip out RLV/a altogether.

    I doubt it will be disabled. for that is an important part of rlv, the ability to control the other user and what they can do. which includes access to their inventory and wearing or removing objects if it has been restricted. it is to simulate being tied or cuffed in real life where you would not be able to get dressed or undressed. 

    9 hours ago, Sasy Scarborough said:

    I lol'd at this post, for various reasons, not to be rude, just because I found it charming. Two hit lists you just may end up on, the Dominants who are now much wiser, but will be cranky that you made out that they do not know, or that possibly their subs have been playing them for fools, and the Submissives that are now shaking their fists at you for giving away their secrets. I use tp history a lot, for slurl locations for events and shopping I have done for blog posts, I also just recently did a post on Favourite Wearables because that is the most awesome addition to SL. 

    I do like RLV and what it adds to peoples experiences, I have had some great times helping customers by notecard back and forth because they were unable to IM, but I did also IM their significant others to let them know that all communication was commercial assistance based, just in case. 


    \o/ Favourite Wearables FOR THE WIN !!!

    Oh I am aware that I might have irritated certain people. but part of the reason for the post was to inform both sides of things they might not have known and for them to then decide what they wish to do about it. If it is a big deal to them or not if those things are done. Trust and 'communication' are important.

    9 hours ago, Roxy Couturier said:

    As far as the various 'cheats' go, if a sub is using a cheat to get around restrictions, then what is the point of playing along at all? As a submissive, the sub that cheats, is missing the point of patience. If it's a matter of 'too many restrictions' then either talk to your Dominant or runaway. Just be honest. If you are a Dominant, why would you care about this? Either trust your sub or don't have them in your collar. Trust is a two-way street.

    toward the cheats, why do it? because you can, this is common mindset of a lot of people. This post just lets more people know that they exist and then have to decide how they want to deal with it. it brings into question of how much you really can trust your sub. how well do you communicate your desires and respond to theirs.

    it's not about losing out on patience, it's about choice, I just gave those who read this more choice in how they decide to play along. brats likes to be mischievous and I just gave them the power to do so even more. It is not ever just about one side or the other in what that side wants out of the relationship. now knowing  this they have to decide how much they want to actually make the relationship work or not. will they get upset or not or discuss it and the implications of doing it and how it might affect the relationship.

    yes communication is key and important within any relationship, but not a lot of people do understand this at times and either just jump into a relationship or jump out of one when things are not how they expected instead of trying to work things out. 

    Trust should be a two-way street but in some relationships it's not and often the sub thinks they have no choice in the manner at all because they were told so and just accept it without question.

    By revealing this I brought into consideration that a dom really does need to get to know their sub and make sure they are a proper match for each other. As to why some might care, well simple.. some are more domineering then dominant. And really it is not that you have them in 'your' collar, but they have you in 'their' collar. For the collar ultimately belongs to the wearer of the collar. their submission 'is' a gift that they can remove at will or choice but some dominants do not believe this or try and claim otherwise. that the sub is inferior or only their to serve them and their needs and desires.

    2 hours ago, Alyona Su said:

    I find it SO FUNNY that "RLV" is shorthand for "BDSM D/S KINKY SEXPOT SLAVEGURL" for a lot of people LOL

    *I* *USE* *RLV*... to change my clothes with the CTS Wardrobe. That's about it. NONE of the OP is relevant. Which makes it a lot of hot air to me, an RLV user. Bahahahaha!

    To some it is, rlv is the a major basis of the relationship. to some it is not it is just a tool or enhancement to the relationship.

    And that is your choice on how you use it, and all the post did was provide more choices for those who might use it for other reasons and then make some have to consider about those choices and how it may or may not affect the relationship.

    2 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

    From a developers perspective, cheating out of or around RLVa restrictions is par for the course. There have always been creative ways to get around specific restriction combos. That in many ways is the point and why the list of specific restrictions is so long. It would be much easier for us to add a command like @do-everything=NO and call it a day :P

    This is all par for the course with D/s relationships in SL, control is never absolute and a little mischief adds an important dynamic to any relationship.

    The ability to impose scary RLV is often seen and used as a way to impose or qualify trust, when really it should be about communication and expectation. Sadly, a lot of RLV play in SL is ALL OR NOTHING. If someone applies all the locks and leave their play partner with no reason to log in aside from stare at the screen and await attention, then it really shouldn't be a surprise when that results in "cheating".

    An important and often missed point is that being locked up is for the most part a whole lot more fun than enduring the locks.

    Assumptions like "they still have IM and can chat" should not be taken as a given as they really might not have or care to spend their time at a dominants mercy forced to choose between boredom / talking to other people. If a locked-up playmate switches to lumiya / radegast then maybe don't take that as a lack of submissive fortitude on their part.

    For the most fun, we recommend you lock hard and often, the tighter the restrictions the shorter they all stay, and under no circumstances leave the same combinations/everything in place for ever.

    Oh .. and RLVa has never just been about the kink, there are many commands that have only limited utility in an adult naughty fun setting. Want to script the camera with full control to repeat the same motion over and over, say for .... film making, we got that !

    Oh this was not just about cheating, but just to inform those who use rlv of other possible uses that some users may be doing. Yes some may see it as cheating, and some may just see it as a brat being mischievous or disobedient and maybe wanting more attention because they feel like they have not had enough.

    I agree it should not be an all or nothing thing, but there are many within SL that do see it in that manner. There is no dynamic, its their way or the highway. obey completely or else.

    yes for some its a measure of trust, that if they cheat out they are not trustworthy, usually these people have trust issues themselves because of other experiences in life maybe inside or outside of sl. so they try to impose their will and choice on others without any care to how that other person feels. 

    Being locked should be about the fun, the excitement the 'what will happen next' but for some it's just a means to control or cull users on who is trustworthy or not. who takes the relationship serious or doesnt. Again they probably have trust issues themself from previous experiences or are seeking some sort of karmic retribution against others because they cannot do it to the one that did it to them.

    yes just because they use another client doesn't mean they are not a sub, it just may mean that is what they have to use at that time for where they are at. I was just pointing out how those different clients may use rlv and what can be done on them.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of dominants in sl that think longer is better, or total and longer is better. that tpe means they get to be a jerk about how they treat their sub and their sub just has to endure it or be called a failure at being a sub. yes I know that tpe is normally for slaves, but for this instance I am going with the acceptance 'that all slaves are subs, but not all subs are slaves' so using sub a general term to refer to someone who might be submissive, be it by being a sub or slave.

    Oh, I know it's not just about kink, there are parent huds where parents use them to tp their children back home at bedtime. or for clothing management or to help fight against objects being removed on teleport because of sim lag. It has lots of possible use outside of just kink related activities.

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  16. 9 hours ago, Walelu Summerwind said:

    The real world has lost its frakking mind with overly sensitive "feelings" that is making it so a person cannot have a differing opinion for fear it will hurt someones feelings.. and now it appears that this insanity is slowing creeping its way into SL. Who cares what a persons avatar looks like?!? I change mine all the time to suit a person I'm spending time with.. if my avatar is taller than a gentleman friend's avatar, I make mine shorter or taller whatever the situation calls for. I change skins and hair styles to please a special person.. I don't say "You are body shamming me!" and run away to my "safe space".

    It's just Second Life. Leave the dramatic in rl, if you want to have a good sl experience.

    There will always be feelings within sl for some people. And yes you should be concerned how you act and if it bothers someone, if not it shows you to be a shallow person here and more than likely in real life as well. for most people no matter how much they claim to just be playing a role are mimicking what they really are in real life or how they wish they could be but dont have the courage to because of social constraints. 

    A lot of people take pride in what their avatar looks like, to them it is an extension of them from real life. It is not just some fantasy they are exploring. So when they are mocked or ridiculed it does hurt them. And no it should not be acceptable for this sort of behaviour even here in sl.

    Just because you are willing to be a people pleaser and change to suit whatever the need or situation of who you are with does not mean everyone else should be or has too, just so they do not get attacked for how they choose to look.

    Sl is not just SL for some people, it is their link to other people and thus does have a deep and emotional impact on them(which can lead to dramatic events because that is how life works), to say it should not shows how callous you are.

    9 hours ago, ThorinII said:

    I said some pages earlier that I do ridicule people with ridiculous caricatures of human avatars (like the "invisible pony rider", the carp mouths, the carrier arses, the giant boobs, or the male avatars with too short arms but muscles over muscles) -- however: I myself don't count this as body-shaming, simply because wearing these kinds of shapes on one's avatar is a choice one makes intentionally. If the person behind this avatar reacts offended by my sarcastic or ironic remarks about their avatar - well, their bad. They did intentionally choose to give their avatar this kind of shape after all, so they more or less asked for it. And to be honest, each shape of those newbie outfits in our library is way better proportioned than these caricatures of an avatar.

    In real-life though it's something entirely different, simply because nobody chooses their real-life body-shape intentionally. For example, overweight (which is most often the case with body-shaming) can be caused by an eating disorder (which almost never is a choice, no matter what some people say) or by some severe thyroid dysfunction (which absolutely never is an intentional choice either), and so on. So, there is absolutely no reason nor excuse for me to make remarks about others.
    However, what I do in RL is, I occasionally do question cases of very poor fashion taste (like, if someone wears an outfit where the parts don't match together at all, by all means), and even that only in private -- as in, 4 eyes only: that person and me -- and as cautious as I can. Because which clothes one wears usually is their own intentional choice, and choices can be questioned.

    intentional or not, it may have been a deep personal choice to why they chose to look that way, to just call them out on it can show a lack of understanding or empathy or care toward someone else. And no they didn't ask for anyone to just be an insensitive jerk about it either. the person being the jerk chose to be that way because they like doing it.

    the main point of this entire thread was not about those who do in secret or keep it to themselves it is about those who do it openly in local or group chat in attempt to get a rise out of the person they are doing it to. To purposefully make that person feel bad about their choice in how they look., which is a form of shaming/bullying/abuse. Those who attempt to say otherwise just do not want their ability to do so to maybe be curtailed taking away their fun from doing it.

    In real life we do choose how we look, by how we eat and exercise and what clothes we choose to wear. Your questioning their fashion sense can be considered rude, because maybe to them that is the fashion they like.

    Choices can be questioned as well as the behaviours of those that question the choices of someone they may not know at a personal level.

    1 hour ago, purrrkitten said:

    The real issue is that some people like to play victim about everything and constantly look for ways to do so, and then they get mad when others don't play along with their delusions. 

    People who like to throw around the anti-victim-card excuse are usually the types of people that do exactly what this thread is about aka sociopathic. It has nothing to do with someone being delusional at all. To some people who and what they look like in SL has a very deep personal meaning and to just discredit it because you don't agree with it shows your lack of empathy or understanding or willingness to understand. "oh they are doing that just because" "Oh they just want attention" Same can be said about those that shame/bully/abuse they are doing it just because they like getting the rise out of the person they are doing it to. And when called on it get all emotional about it too and then have to defend their actions like they are now the victim.

    4 hours ago, Gadget Portal said:

    I read this whole thread, and I can't believe nobody's said it yet.

    Sometimes a stupid hat is a stupid hat. If you choose to wear it, people are gonna talk, and they're not always going to say nice things.

    But you know what's awesome? It's not illegal to wear stupid hats. I can wear a stupid hat all day, no matter what people say to me or about me. It's my hat, and I like it.

    No different in SL. My avatar is as stupid a hat as they come.

    Just because you might call it a stupid hat does not mean they see it as a stupid hat. so to talk openly in local or group about it shows a lack of care for others feelings. and that is what this thread was about. people who just call what someone else wears a stupid hat and then expects them to just accept it and let it roll of their back like it doesn't matter at all, which it might to that person. People have emotions and feelings and those emotions and feelings do translate over to SL and how they may choose to look. To just toss that way shows how little a person cares about what someone else feels or thinks.

    Just because SL is virtual does not mean real emotions and feelings are in play by a lot of the people that are here.

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  17. 4 hours ago, Whirly Fizzle said:

    This is not a bug.
    Blocking inventory has never blocked the ability to wear/attach items.  You can also wear/attach items from the outfit gallery when inventory is blocked.

    This was not a bug post nor was it meant to be one. It was simply a post to let people know of things that can be done while in rlv that they might not have known was possible before. Not everyone that has used rlv knows about either what I posted or what you posted. And some may consider it a form of cheating since it allows you wear/attach things from your inventory when it was supposed to be blocked.

    But even with that in mind both of those can still technically be blocked by rlv, by simply locking the attachment points and preventing anything from being attached at that point. Which I said would cause some problems because it would then prevent things from being attached such as props from furniture or other items attempting to do so. which is why I didn't actually say how before.

    3 hours ago, CoffeeDujour said:

    This really isn't the place to report bugs in firestorm - try https://jira.phoenixviewer.com - although for the sake of everyones sanity please keep your reports technical, concise, and limit yourself to one issue per report.

    .. What Lumiya does is entirely up to Lumiya, as they aren't an open source project they really shouldn't be using any of the same code.

    This was not meant to be a bug report. but just an informative post on other things that people might not know could be done even with rlv on and certain restrictions in place. Nor was this just about one single client but rlv and its possible use in general. Not everyone that uses sl or rlv may have known about these little bits of information. so I simply posted about them.

    If lumiya is using any of the same code or not, was not the meaning of this post. Just was stating out that there is a difference that some might not have known about how rlv works within it. do not assume this was a bug or issue post. if I had felt they were bugs that needed to be addressed I would have posted them in the proper place. I do know about the jira. 

    2 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    This is a very important feature for recovering sim script capacity in the face of mesh avatar and head HUDs among other load-inflating attachments. It should be impossible for anybody to block use of this feature under any circumstances, even if that would mean banning RLV from Second Life altogether.

    There also should be an initiative to educate users on how to use this feature to streamline their attachment load and thus reduce both script and viewer lag.

    ahh, but you see it can be blocked by simply locking all the attachment points thus making it unable to be used to attach or remove items at that point. so it technically can be blocked by those who might wish to do so. because as stated some may see this as a form of cheating around the rlv restriction of being able to access inventory.

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  18. ~static and hissing sounds~

    Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me ~wrong, yet at the same time true.

    Words spoken or written have no power or meaning other than what the listener or reader attributes to them. ~wrong, yet at the same time true.


    what man does not understand he seeks to control,

    what man cannot control he seeks to destroy,

    what man cannot destroy he fears and calls evil.

    Man fears to live for live backwards is evil.


    What does all that  mean? Well it's simple there are various groups within this thread and each have their own view of what the meaning and use of certain words are, both sides will continue to argue their side is correct and refuse to accept that they may be wrong. When in fact they are both wrong and correct at the same time. But they cannot understand that so seek to control what others think about it, and when fail try to impose or destroy the othersides view or right to that view, but when they find out they cannot, they fear it and shut down and refuse to realize that both sides of the equation are equally wrong and correct at the same time.

    Yes, these are not real bodies, but yes again, people are being bullied/shamed having their emotions and feelings or thoughts abused for the choices they make about them. Yes they could just try and ignore it and move on, but again it hurts when constantly having it done by random people just because they are annon behind a nick on a screen and think it gives them the right to be a jerk in how they treat others. At some point a line has to be drawn and they have to be told it is not acceptable just because they want it to be able to or claim it should be just because this is virtual and not real as in a face to face meeting between the individuals.

    Sl =/= RL aka second life is not real life and nothing said or done here can hurt anyone. ~Wrong, yet true at the same time.

    Everything we say or do here has some effect on someone else behind the screen, it may anger them or hurt them or make them happy and feel good about themselves. These choices we make and the choices they make can have real life effects on people emotionally, or mentally or psychologically. Which can lead to physical problems from stress and anxiety and depression. Yet there are many people who cannot understand this or simply refuse to because they do not want to hold themselves or be held accountable or responsible for their behaviour or actions in this virtual world of fantasy and make believe. They want to live out their fantasy even if it means being a total jerk because they would not ever have the courage to do so in real life. When anyone calls them out on their actions they become defensive because they are afraid changes may happen that might eventually limit them from being able to be that jerk, taking away their new found fun and freedom from rl rules and responsibilities. Their fantasy or experience would be lessened for them and that is all they really care about, not how some stranger feels about what they said or did.

    Basically these kinds of people would be classified as antisocial or sociopathic, they lack understanding and empathy for others because they either never were shown it themselves or never learned how to yet. so they believe their behavior is acceptable or should be and anyone offended should just turn the other cheek or block/mute/derender and move on. Just accept it, just deal with it, just allow it, just go with it, just flow with it, do nothing to change it. Because if anyone did do anything or caused anything to be done, then their level of fun and enjoyment based upon what they consider fun would or might be severely curtailed. So they will come in defend their right to be a jerk like its a badge of honor to do so.

    Now onto the other side, yes getting hurt is a choice, yes getting angry is a choice, yes letting someone bother you 'is' a choice and we can all make the choice to not let it happen. But should we do this, we teach those that do it that its ok for them to continue to behave in this manner. So it becomes a moral and ethical dilemma, and thus causes even more issues for most here do not like having anyone else's morals or ethics or values imposed upon them for any reason at all. So again it comes down to ignore or stand up and say 'no, not acceptable' and be seen as the possible outcast by those who want it continued to be allowed because they seek numbify people toward the experience making it and others similar to it more accepted and the norm. Each little slight or abuse they can make someone numb to is another thing they can then use and take advantage of them or others with because its become the accepted norm behavior.

    Fun for the sake of fun. Enjoyment at any cost. Pleasure for the sake of pleasure no matter who gets hurt or used or abused in the process. "As long as I get my fun, who cares!"

    Does abuse happen in sl? Yes. Does bullying/shaming happen in SL? Yes. Should it be allowed or tolerated or accepted? That is for you to decide and not really for me to tell you. Chose wisely, for how you chose may affect someone's life in a major or drastic manner that could have far reaching impact and effect on others lives outside of SL, which if ever learned was caused because of things within SL could then cause  problems and changes to be forced upon SL by outside forces.

    ~We now return you to your normal fantasy broadcast~

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  19. There are a few things that some people may not know about rlv, that have recently been discovered. So I thought I would share this information for others to learn and deal with however they wish.

    The first is a little known fact that even if a sub or slave has been stripped and their inventory has been blocked there is still a way they can get dressed without have to safeword or turn off rlv in firestorm. 

    Firestorm has a option called 'wearable favorites' this special folder is not affected by any rlv restriction in general. What this means is any object put in this folder can be attached even if the normal inventory is blocked by rlv. You can add clothes, huds, any attachment then even if stripped by an item  collar/furniture/whatever. You can still apply the clothes/objects/huds within this folder even if you had been blocked from accessing your inventory. you can even add it as a toolbar button making it even easier to access and use quickly.

    Yes there is a way to prevent this, but it requires using additional restrictions at that point which could make other activities more problematic. 

    The second is that there is a way for a sub or slave to see where they are or have been even if locations and map has been blocked by rlv.

    It is done by using the teleport history in firestorm. this is not affected by rlv at all it cannot be blocked or cleared by rlv. and will show where you were teleported to and from. meaning a sub can open this and see where they are at or have been after they are teleported away from the location or log in to a different location.

    there is no way to prevent this at all in rlv currently. so if you block your sub/slave from seeing map/location they can still use the history to see where they have been. it keeps the history until they clear it out themselves. Which means they can ever go back to the area whenever they want as long as not tp restricted, so even if blindfolded they could go back and see what was there. either on the same account or an alt which would make tp restrictions pointless about them seeing where they were. so any dumbinants that like to leave your sub dazed and dazzled there is a way they can still go back and ever see or find that location and through the use of an alt ever learn who the normal participants of the area might be at the time they were there thus making even hiding names pointless.

    Next is tp restrictions. There is a way for a sub/slave that is tp restricted to be able to get to different locations even with rlv enabled and all tp restrictions enabled on firestorm.

    This is done by using the login location when logging in to sl in firestorm. you have home/last and your favorites/landmarks or a typed in choice. tp restrictions only prevent someone from logging in to a typed in location or favorite/landmark. It does not affect the use of home/last location. so any dumbinants that like to try and keep your sub/slave stuck in one place all the time..well they can still go at least one other place and cannot be stopped by rlv from doing so.

    So if their last location is not the same as their set home location they can use that home location to log in to someplace different.  So if they set their home location to a sim that has scripts disabled at the region level, well...most of you should know what that means. That the scripts cannot start and the restrictions will not be applied meaning they can remove any object or attach any object at that time and talk and do whatever else was previously restricted. And no not even the AO keep alive functions will allow the scripts to run at this point. 

    Which this will also prevent any collar from sending the notice that they logged in with rlv off since the scripts cannot even start to make the check and then send the notice. So they could remove the collar, do whatever they want, then put the collar back on before their owner logged in and tp back to last place the owner left them and the owner would not really know. For doing this method even stops any spy scripts in the collar from being able to spy on their location or chat or touch or sit too until the collar is replaced and they tp into a script enabled region and the scripts starts at that point.

    There is a way to prevent this in firestorm but it requires the sub/slave to do it thus they could undo it and still use it whenever they wanted. So unless you can get your sub to use a client that does not allow this, well you cannot stop them from ever doing this.

    So yes I sort of covered two things in that one, the next thing has to deal with mobile clients. Lumiya for android in general.

    In lumiya you can enable and disable rlv on the fly, it is sandboxed. meaning no relog required to turn it off or on ever. meaning a sub/slave could log in with rlv on then turn it off and the collar would never send the notice and they would be able to do whatever they wanted at that time including removing the collar. there is no way to prevent this at all on lumiya. and no it will not trigger any scripts about the user logging in with rlv off, if they first logged in with rlv on before turning it off then removing the collar.

    Oh one other thing, when turning off rlv in lumiya it will instantly clear any restriction, there is no wait time at all, and it does not allow for many of the newer blind/dazzle features of collars or blindfolds, and as far as I can tell it does not even allow forced tp to work. so any sub/slave on lumiya can free themselves easily from any trap/device/restriction without having to relog ever. so any dumbinants that like to just set them and leave and then think their/the sub/slave is stuck/restricted until they relog.. think again.

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  20. On 12/28/2018 at 1:14 PM, Magnek Fang said:

    Wait a bit, aren't Femdom and Findom seperate things, or am I confused? Help?

    I'm scared of AFK, because I don't want to risk my account because some griefer was bored and determined enough to switch to a kid avatar, then have a alt screenshot and AR the results.

    BBC, on the other hand, it makes me wonder how many of both the guys and the girls are actually white guys, particularly those who belong to a certain internet demograph who use chicken clucking as thier go-to insult, and have the audacity call furries perverts, when it's very obvious that they are obsessed with a particular fetish to the point that it's the origin of said insult.

    Yes and no they are different but often thought as the same or lumped together. A Femdom may be a findom but not all female dom's aka domme's are findoms. Its basically a few bad apples that get everyone who then uses the same term being lumped together and seen as the same even when they are not.

    Just like a slave is a sub but not all subs are slaves, yet there are many dom/me's that think if you are a sub then you are as slave too.

    Toward your fear there is not a lot that can be done about that unless they have active members to monitor who does come in and out of the area and kicks anyone that changes to a child avatar. But that same sort of behavior could happen no matter where you are. someone would find you afk in world and do that even if not at a afk sim. They could find you and position their avatar with animations to make it look like you were doing things even if clothes are on and just adjust the camera view and distance and then attempt to ar it at that time.

    Staying logged in to sl and being afk is risky, unless fully clothed and in an active G where there are greater chances a LO will be watching and kick anyone from trying to do that with your avatar.

  21. On 1/6/2019 at 3:24 AM, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    I can't speak for the RP scene as I've never really been involved in it, but..

    The furry community as a whole seems to have a lot less of this mentality, interestingly enough. Though I don't know about the whole "not sex-driven" thing.. So if you're okay with furry-ish avatars (like in a fantasy setting), there might be better luck looking there.

    though if it is not often sex themed, its vore themed and not often rp as in an ongoing long term rp event like some rp themed places are. though the OP could ever look for art galleries and just become a piece of art in them(not sex themed at that point).

  22. Are they dieing out in general? Nope there is still a lot of them. Do all of them last long? Nope they often die out in a few weeks or months and often are replaced by new ones that think they can do it better. Sometimes these new ones actually do last longer than the old one. And some have lasted the test of time just because the owner keeps it there because they want to, not because it makes them any profit doing so. Not every sim run in sl is for profit. Some it's just a hobby and for fun.

  23. On 1/2/2019 at 1:05 AM, LadyPetunias Audion said:

    Is there still a feature for, is it just for sim owners....about age of the account or there is a gaget for that as well..  You can set it to the age you allow avatars to enter. I know when I created my alt several years ago I could not enter a place till my account was three months old. This place not sure if we can say the names of the creators but it also sells security orbs as well.

    the only issue with that is bots would eventually reach that age and then be able to enter the group or region at that point. So even that is just a temp fix at best. and diehard spammers will age bots to get around such methods of keeping them out.

    In diablo II on pc I used to see spam bots that were leveled up to rank 90 to get past most level restricted games to spam the players of that game. 

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