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  1. It sort of depends where you are at in MO now. Some areas still do that. it's snowing right now where I am and by next week it's supposed to be back in the 40-50's for the week. So anything on the ground will pretty much be gone by then.
  2. Make sure you do not have it set in preferences to auto-log-out when afk and that afk timer is set to a really low number.
  3. While there is no auto unpacker for once it's in your inventory, items can have upacker scripts in them, that will auto unpack them and put them in a folder in your inventory when rezzed then delete the rezzed item/box. so you don't have to manually unpack the item yourself. Just rez, lit it unpack and clear up and then your done.
  4. Can it be done simply no. It would require them to trick you to giving them edit rights to your objects or to be added to the sim build rights, being able to delete or move items or add items to the sim. there is no way they can do this on their own. it would require them passing an object to you that might have asked for permissions. so again no, no normal griefer could just do as you are fearing. If you have rez rights enabled on the sim, turn on auto-return and set it low enough that it would clear out any grief attack within a reasonable time 2 hours or less.
  5. Can you track him if he is online even if marking himself offline. Yes. there are various objects that can track a person if online without them knowing and cannot really be blocked by them. Or you could join any of his groups and look in the members list, which will always show if he is online or not regardless of what the settings for profile or friends list is. Can you possibly find him via other methods? Yes. Stalking his groups or going to locations in whatever picks he might have on his profile and waiting for him to show up there. Being a creepy stalker. Now is there a hud whe
  6. Yep that is MO for you, and the funny thing is that might be all gone in just a couple days. The weather here has its own mind and does what it wants when it wants. More so than other places it seems. Sunny one moment, snowing the next, back to sunny later that same day and clear.
  7. Some items when you buy them will send them directly to your inventory as a folder. search your inventory for the items you bought and see if they may have been sent as a ready to use folder with the items inside them. Some items when you buy them will be sent in a box/item you have to either wear the box/item or rez it and then open it. Then copy the items to your inventory. Some items when you buy them will be sent in a box/item that when you wear them pr rez them on ground will automatically copy them to your inventory to a folder and ready to use. Oh and some items may send
  8. True, there will always be those that won't care and will just go somewhere else. But for some it does matter and in some places it does work. The patrons of the place follow the rules. it really just depends upon the place, those that go there, and the admins/mods of the place.
  9. Actually I think there are some places that do require that. And in some if a user 'plays' and runs they are banned and its even stated in the rules of the place.
  10. Unfortunately you will encounter those who don't care how their script usage affects others. "its my sl I will do what I want" There is a nostrip feature that can be used to prevent items from being detached, or if accidently detached on sim tp reattached. and when used with outfits can make items reattach after the outfit is changed. you simply add (nostrip) to the end of the items name if moddable or the end of a folders name with that item in it. it was sort of added to fix traps/devices that would just strip everything, causing the user to default back down to the default naked ll bod
  11. Sl is used by a lot of people as just a directed form of porn where they are the director of the action. And these afk places give them that feeling of power and control without having to deal with someone else's emotions or feelings in interactions. Similar to other programs like yiffalicious or 3dsexvilla, but give more control and variable interactions then those applications or just watching porn would do. They don't seek the interpersonal relationship or role play between their avtar and another person behind the screen. it is just literally for fap material, where they are in contro
  12. If you wouldn't mind clarifying your view it may help me or others that ever read this understand your point and method of thinking about this and maybe see things in a different perspective. I am always open to learn new things. I will admit I can be obtuse about some things at times.
  13. As someone who does understand scripts, I can understand your concern about this and your worry about the script load and possible lag it might cause by not being able to remove certain things. Thus possibly negatively affecting sim performance and affecting others enjoyment of the sim. But that is part of the D/s relationship giving up that choice if was so agreed to at the time of starting the relationship. For those who do not like that being done, well they need to discuss it with their Dom/me before getting into the relationship of either not blocking inventory or not locking attachm
  14. Ah but you are forgetting about Brats, brats like to disobey at times. so to say anyone that cheats doesn't deserve a dom/me is pretty limited way of thinking. Not all sub's obey all the time either just because they have a dom/me that may expect them to or has commanded them to. It is part of the dynamic of dealing with that and why they might have chosen to not obey. Its a two way street, not just the dom/me's way or the highway. it's the dom/me's that act in that manner that often have sub's that just leave them for being domineering at that point. I'm a brat by nature. I tend to fi
  15. A person should not have to tp away or click the bix X to escape from something in sl. And in some cases you cannot mute/block a person because of situations that prevent you doing that. Such as being a member of certain groups or sims that will kick/ban if you do. Thus preventing you from possibly interacting with other people there that you may like to interact with but may not want to add as a friend. Not everyone likes to fill up their friends list with just acquaintances but may like interacting with them at times. So cannot just mute/block/derender to escape. to tell a person to just log
  16. Yes, you are being callous for telling them to just lighten up. it shows you don't really care what they think or feel or if what you say or does effects them. who ever gave you that right to tell others to just lighten up? How would you like it if your boss came to you and then said, "oh guess what.. you have to work the next 24 hours with no pay and if you don't like it, just lighten up". I doubt you would like it and probably would complain about it. It has nothing to do with being rational or mature, for even the so called rational or mature can be jerks in how they treat others and t
  17. I doubt it will be disabled. for that is an important part of rlv, the ability to control the other user and what they can do. which includes access to their inventory and wearing or removing objects if it has been restricted. it is to simulate being tied or cuffed in real life where you would not be able to get dressed or undressed. Oh I am aware that I might have irritated certain people. but part of the reason for the post was to inform both sides of things they might not have known and for them to then decide what they wish to do about it. If it is a big deal to them or not if tho
  18. There will always be feelings within sl for some people. And yes you should be concerned how you act and if it bothers someone, if not it shows you to be a shallow person here and more than likely in real life as well. for most people no matter how much they claim to just be playing a role are mimicking what they really are in real life or how they wish they could be but dont have the courage to because of social constraints. A lot of people take pride in what their avatar looks like, to them it is an extension of them from real life. It is not just some fantasy they are exploring. So wh
  19. This was not a bug post nor was it meant to be one. It was simply a post to let people know of things that can be done while in rlv that they might not have known was possible before. Not everyone that has used rlv knows about either what I posted or what you posted. And some may consider it a form of cheating since it allows you wear/attach things from your inventory when it was supposed to be blocked. But even with that in mind both of those can still technically be blocked by rlv, by simply locking the attachment points and preventing anything from being attached at that point. Which I
  20. ~static and hissing sounds~ Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me ~wrong, yet at the same time true. Words spoken or written have no power or meaning other than what the listener or reader attributes to them. ~wrong, yet at the same time true. what man does not understand he seeks to control, what man cannot control he seeks to destroy, what man cannot destroy he fears and calls evil. Man fears to live for live backwards is evil. What does all that mean? Well it's simple there are various groups within this thread an
  21. There are a few things that some people may not know about rlv, that have recently been discovered. So I thought I would share this information for others to learn and deal with however they wish. The first is a little known fact that even if a sub or slave has been stripped and their inventory has been blocked there is still a way they can get dressed without have to safeword or turn off rlv in firestorm. Firestorm has a option called 'wearable favorites' this special folder is not affected by any rlv restriction in general. What this means is any object put in this folder can be a
  22. Yes and no they are different but often thought as the same or lumped together. A Femdom may be a findom but not all female dom's aka domme's are findoms. Its basically a few bad apples that get everyone who then uses the same term being lumped together and seen as the same even when they are not. Just like a slave is a sub but not all subs are slaves, yet there are many dom/me's that think if you are a sub then you are as slave too. Toward your fear there is not a lot that can be done about that unless they have active members to monitor who does come in and out of the area and kick
  23. though if it is not often sex themed, its vore themed and not often rp as in an ongoing long term rp event like some rp themed places are. though the OP could ever look for art galleries and just become a piece of art in them(not sex themed at that point).
  24. Are they dieing out in general? Nope there is still a lot of them. Do all of them last long? Nope they often die out in a few weeks or months and often are replaced by new ones that think they can do it better. Sometimes these new ones actually do last longer than the old one. And some have lasted the test of time just because the owner keeps it there because they want to, not because it makes them any profit doing so. Not every sim run in sl is for profit. Some it's just a hobby and for fun.
  25. the only issue with that is bots would eventually reach that age and then be able to enter the group or region at that point. So even that is just a temp fix at best. and diehard spammers will age bots to get around such methods of keeping them out. In diablo II on pc I used to see spam bots that were leveled up to rank 90 to get past most level restricted games to spam the players of that game.
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