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  1. 2 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:

    There are Open Collar groups that could likely provide an answer better than what you are getting here.

    In-world check Open Collar and Fire Flower groups. Be aware that in-world and out-world is confusing because of drama. OC in world is https://opencollar.cc on the web. They did a regression and restart of the open source Open Collar software project. They took it a different direction. However, https://www.opencollar.at/ is the long running development of Open Collar that is now the Peanut branch of Open Collar which continued on in the direction they were going when the drama started. They are the Fire Flower group in world.

    Don't get caught in the crossfire.

    not entirely true. .cc is the orginial and .at is a closed source version. they are not the original. fireflower and the peanut collars are the derivative and not the original oc developers. the original oc developers took back the group to make it open source again and not a closed source for profit version which is what the fire flower group did. all fire flower collars have no mod scripts in them, where as the oc collars are full permission on the scripts.

    so no. .at aka fire flower are not the long running or original developers by any means. they are an offshoot with their own version of collars using private scripts. please dont confuse other players which is the original and which is not. peanut collars are not Open Collars they are a privately run version of the collar and should not even be associated with OC by anyone ever.

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  2. I would like to add a little extra to the original post. This is in dealing with another myth about rlv. The myth that rlv can be made permanent or inescapable. This is a complete lie and false statement. You cannot make rlv permanent, nothing in sl is permanent. Not rlv, not vore, not eoa, not snuff, not transformations or mutilations. rlv cannot be made inescapable, anyone that tries to claim they can is lieing to you and trying to deceive you and brainwash you into believe an untruth. you can always escape from rlv and doing so is not cheating by any means. only the egotistical and abusive and untrustworthy will try and claim it is. you do not ever have to stay restrained or locked or restricted to any device in any cage, by any item any longer than you decide or want. it is your choice how long it lasts, not someone else ever. it only lasts as long as you feel comfortable, not some timer on some object. and no its not cheating to safeword off an item or out of a cage or anything like that. that is just a lie created by the emotionally and mentally and psychologically abusive predators of sl aka fake doms

    remember its your sl, not theirs, your choice not theirs, your decision not theirs, your power not theirs. you decide what is enough for you not them. even if you are a sub, even if you are a pet, even if you are a slave, even if you are furniture, its your choice in the end how long it lasts not theirs. if they dont like it, tough, it doesn't matter. if they are unwilling to talk and negotiate or change what is done, they dont deserve your trust or loyalty or faithfulness or respect or submission.

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  3. Dont be in a rush to find an owner, you may regret it later for just jumping in without doing any research. There are a lot of fake Dom's here in sl. More fakes then real ones, more out to just use and abuse and deceive and prey upon your desire to fulfill there own dark perversions without any true care about what you want or need as a sub. It can take trying out several of them to ever find the right one for you. Dont just accept what ever comes your way and stick with it just because you think you have to, no matter how bad it gets. You have the right to leave them and move on and find someone else and not feel bad about it.

    Remember its a two way street, they will want certain things and you are allowed to want and need certain things too within the relationship. Its not just about them, you are not inferior to them, they are not superior to you. Its not just their way or the highway. A real Dom worth the time and effort wont ever treat you like that. They will respect your limits, and be open to communicate with when ever having any issues with anything they do or want done.

    It may take dozens of trials before finding the right one, it may take weeks or months or years finding one that truly feels right to you. dont just accept the collar of someone just because they call themselves Dom without first knowing a little about them and what they expect and if it matches what you expect.

    ..dont rush

    ..do a trial period of a week or more

    ..get to know them and what they want or expect and what rules they may have

    ..dont just accept their collar just to be owned right away.

    ..do learn what your needs and limits are and inform them of them.

    ..be willing to go through dozens of fakes over months of time to find the right one if needed.

    ..do talk to them about any problems you might be having, be honest with yourself and with them.

    ..if you use rlv learn about it and what it really can and cant do, dont be fooled by the fake dom's that like to lie and deceive and prey upon the uneducated.

    ..dont feel bad about leaving a Dom if they are not the right one for you. you dont have to stay with them just because they say so.

    ..dont believe its cheating to log out of rlv like fake doms will try and tell you. its your choice if you use it not, not theirs.

    ..you have just as many rights as they do about having your needs and desires filled. you have just as much power as they do. its not all about them.

    ..its a two way street based upon trust and consent and communication and respect. submission is a gift, not right of theirs to claim

  4. All you can really do is report their behavior to the sim owner and see if they will do anything. More than likely they will not. Bento or not your ears were non-human and some places like to be pure human only places. Anything non-human is not allowed. And the person may have been a stickler for the rules. There are lots of those types of people here in sl. The best bit of advice is never go back, find some place else. There are hundreds/thousands of other places to choose from that are less drama filled.

    Unfortunately the way sl works, is that sim owners and anyone on the sim staff list are basically gods, they can do what ever they want including telling you how to behave and how to look if you want to be there or they can eject you if they so wish or ban you. linden labs wont do anything about them doing it either. The common idea is they rented the sim, so they get to set the rules of what is allowed or not regardless of how childish or drama filled or stupid those rules may be to others.

    Some of them keep players there to enforce those rules to pander to their ego about how powerful and dominant they are over everyone that comes there. You break a rule, even if no one else but them is around to see it they will whine about it and make threats and demands. Option 1, conform to their rules. Option 2, dont and ignore them and risk being ejected and banned. Option 3, never go back again after learning of their stupid and childish rules.

    So now you and you bf have to decide what to do about that place. either not wear the ears or not go back.

  5. Actually PA does have several plugins that let you get aroused by what words people say, if someone else is naked near you, if someone else has the PA system and they themselves are aroused. It is a very versatile system if you have all the plugins for it. It can even simulate going into heat where your arousal rises on its own throughout a set number of days.

    And if you have the PS- project sex system and use it for your sexual activities it effects the PA system.

    and there is the PC- project cuddles system and the project clothes system. If you have all of them you really can do a lot of interesting things.

    There are lots of PA toys that can interact with the PA system to get you aroused as well.

  6. You cant change the uuid of your avatar yourself. Only LL can change the uuid of any item directly. So no you cant change your uuid to get off of someones block/mute list or off of some group/sims ban list. And unfortunately it also means if someone uses one of those login notifiers to track you, you cant stop that either.

  7. I would have to disagree that it would be ok to do. Just because you enter a group or sim does not mean you are giving consent to anyone in that group of sim just by being there. If anything that club needs to provide an opt-out option where anyone that doesnt want to be monitored can be asked not to be. In fact you can contact the sim owner and tell them you dont give consent and that you revoke any implied or assumed consent that they have tried to take from you. The worst case is they will kick you or ban you from coming back to the sim. If they dont and they continue to try and monitor you, You can report them for breach of ToS at that point.

    No individual outside of LL has the right to arbitrarily modify anyones right to consent for any reason, be it in a group or sim. You cannot force consent to be given or imply consent is given or assume consent is given just because you entered an area or group ever, that is not how consent works and never was.

    Sign or not post or not local message or not consent doesnt legally work that way. You always have the right to revoke consent to monitoring, at most all they can do is tell you to leave and not come back. At which point you tell all your friends and anyone else about the group/club/sim and what they do so less people go there.

    Once it gets around word of mouth that people are being monitored against their consent less people will go there over time and the place will die out.

  8. Its quite simple how I manage mine. If you have not made any efforts to talk to me in more than a month you get deleted. If I am the one that always has to initiate the conversation every time you will get deleted in a few months. If I keep trying and you dont respond back ever, you get deleted sooner. Its called a friends list for a reason, its for friends to keep in contact with each other. if either side of that equation is not holding up to their end of the deal then there is no friendship and they no-longer deserve to be on the list anymore.

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  9. If you get annoyed by necro posts, you seriously need to get over yourself and learn to just deal with it, these forums are not here just for your enjoyment and do not have to function how you want to keep you happy.

    if you dont like it then dont read the forums anymore, stop thinking your views or desires about how the forum should work is any more important than anyone else, they are not and never was or will be. tough luck, grow up stop acting like an entitlement minded little child upset that something is not going your way.

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  10. On 2/6/2020 at 3:35 PM, CoffeeDujour said:

    No it really isn't.

    You might be implying consent, but it can't be taken as a given - Even with 'a collar' and 'a proper role', even with a clearly worded profile.

    You get asked because those same 'wet noodles' have learn't the hard way that just grabbing sooner or later ends very badly. When the drama inevitably hits the fan, it doesn't matter who was behaving as expected, it matters who the offended party knows. Kink locations tend to be especially cliquish and one put out regular can easily escalate beyond all reasonable proportions.

    Consenting to 'anything' under the SL sun is not the same as consenting to literally 'anyone'.

    Consent is personal.

    I agree, there is no implied or auto consent just because a collar is worn or rlv is on, this is a misconstrued myth that has been long perpetrated here in sl.

    Collar+RLV+sub_role=/=auto or implied or blanket consent by any means to everyone. Even if stated in the profile it doesnt mean it. If it was not asked for, consent was not given. It cannot be taken by anyone automatically no matter the sim or group ever.

    Anyone with any real experience in bdsm and not just a fan of the '50 shades of abuse' movies and books knows this.

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  11.   Are you new to the RLV experience? Has someone told you stuff that just didn't seem right? Knowing what RLV is and what it does is the key to keep you from being taken advantage of.
      Yes there is users of RLV that look for the RLV ignorant and play games that can cause stress and drama for you as sad as it is.

      RLV stands for Restricted Love Viewer it is a feature in your viewer that gives others, object and furniture control over your avatar. Most use this as  BDSM based play or just plain kinky sex.
      RLV  can be fun if you like the loss of control, it can be light or extreme, whatever level you are comfortable. I wont go into the details of exactly how it works, my knowledge is basic but I can help you  sort out the truths with the untruths.

      Lets start off with some myths and go right to busting them:
      1. You are in control of RLV, your viewer and what happens while you are under anyones control. You can turn off RLV by:
    Firestorm: Go to your tabs and click AVATAR>PREFERENCES>FIRESTORM, then the Tab of Extras, the first check box is " Allow Remote Scripted Viewer " uncheck it to turn  off, you can even do this before you even log in, when your viewer comes up on your PC screen, up in the left corner is two tabs, one of them will have preferences, look for the same tabs and you can turn off RLV. relog and fix yourself, turn back on RLV, Tp to a diff sim and relog.

     2.The biggest myth of all time is
        " If you turn off RLV for any reason it's cheating!"
        I have to laugh at this, it's only cheating if you are under someones control that mean something to you, like a Dom/Domm  Spouse/partner ETC. and you turn off RLV to " Cheat" them out of the control you gave them.
       It is ok to turn off RLV if you get stuck on furniture, object or some asshat put you there but forgot to release you or just put you there to be a dick.It's not cheating to help yourself out of a situation.

     3. Ok some person at some sim gifted you a collar or gave you one and locked it on you and now poofed or says he owns you.. blah blah blah, unless you like that, you can turn off RLV, relog, take off the collar, toss it in the trash, turn back on RLV and relog home.
      4. You put someone as a owner with out realizing they had total power over you in the collar.  You can runaway, if you cant touch the collar to get into the menu just use /prefixrunaway the jerk will be notified but I can promise you, they wont really care, they did it to a million RLV users already.
        What the prefix is is your name initials, either the first and sec letters or the older ones was your first initial and your last name initial, if you don't have one just use your first two letters. so it would look like this /gerunaway  on newer collars or /gorunaway  if on older versions
       Never put someone you don't know very well as collar owner, best to add them to trusted, that way you still have executive power is things don't work out  but  they still can control you. If they get mad about you not putting them as a owner, that should be a reg flag to you, don't do it just to make them happy, remember YOU are in control.

      5. As far as Linden Labs is concerned RLV is consensual and if someone insists on griefing/harassing you using RLV, turn it off, it's ok, nobody is going to belittle you for doing it, we have all been in situations just like that at some point of time. Most RLV collars have a way to blacklist someone off it, or you can turn it to only a group or private setting. Leaving your collar open to the public does not have to be intimidating, it can be fun, just knowing how to handle situations makes it less dramatic and getting out of stuff a snap.

      6. There is so many ways someone could abuse the RLV system and put you to a serious disadvantage, you can ask for help. Join RLV support groups, creators groups, someone will help you fix your collar, get you off something you're stuck on.

    7. Make back ups of your collars, put in a separate folder. Make sure they are set the way you want or you will be messing with the settings all over again.

    A lot of older sl account doms here will purposely find and toss on a collar on someone who is new to RLV/SL in general, why is this common, because these guys prefer ignorance over experience, they can tell you something and you a slave/sub will believe them because you did not know any better and that is how RLV myths are formed. Ask them if they ever managed a real submissive, mostly likely they will say" Yes" how do you know that, honestly the number game is very much against  what they tell you. In the end more than likely  once they collar you, they slowly will get tired of you and either log in less and less or just claim they are busy. All SL doms do and will ditch their slaves/subs because neither of you established basic common likes  and dislikes past BDSM.If the only thing holding you two  is your leash, a  collar and sucking ***** in a cage, you're pretty much setting yourself up to be hurt.
    It is ok to play a submissive and not want a owner, it is ok to like the capture game, move from one dom to another for sex, we all have our comfort zones, nothing wrong with what you like. Being safe and feeling ok with things is never wrong.


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  12. You can only set yourself as offline to your friends. Any group you are in will still show if your online. So no there is no complete method to hide your online status. Which I do think should be possible. I think you should be shown as offline even from the server or groups to prevent anyone from using a script to track if your are online if you choose to show as offline.

    The only way to hide it is to hide your groups so only those in your groups can see if your online or not. But any online notifier system will still let them know when you are online because the server will still show you as online.

  13. My sl relationships are more just akin to friendships. Most of the time we don't communicate or do anything outside of sl. I do have a few that are closer and we actually do talk a little out of sl. But other then those most anyone else I meet is just an acquaintance and treated as such. It takes a lot for me to trust someone enough to call them a friend.

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  14. 8 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Fair enough. I didn't either.

    lol.. ok. that is fine. not like I expected anyone to really care because I know most really don't and only use the forums as a means of ego stroking most of the time anyways.

    i actually decided to go back and read it, i hadnt mentioned it before so now I did. what people do with it is their choice as always.

  15. Necro reply incoming. For those that don't like necro replys get over it and yourself please.. seriously.

    It seems as if in the most recent version of firestorm the ability to use the wearable favorites folder to add and remove things when inventory is block by rlv was patched out. You cant attach or remove things by that means anymore if your inventory is blocked now.

    Oh, I cant remember if I mentioned this in the original, you do know that if you set yourself as unavailable you cannot be force teleported by anyone. Same goes if you set yourself as offline. They cant send the tp lure request to you so they cannot force teleport you. just thought I would add that if I didn't state it before. Yes im being lazy and not re-reading my initial post again get over it and yourself please. Stop thinking you or your view or opinion is so great or important, its not an neither are you and neither am I but I am aware of that fact already.

  16. I first read it and thought 'oh a forum for submissives seperate from the adult section? wont the dom's be annoyed they dont have one..*giggles*'

    but yeah use the jira, and dont hold your breath it might be a hundred years before you see it. :P

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  17. On 3/2/2019 at 12:26 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    If by "fully woman" you mean a women in RL also, hopefully you realize that there is no way you can completely be sure of that.

    If by 'single', 'no married woman', again, if you are referring to RL, there is no way to know if the person is lying or telling the truth.


    Yep, got to love the people that come here and think they really can trust what someone says on here is true.

    though one could try and verify by cam or voice, but even that can be faked by a person who really wanted too. voice changers, and getting a friend to do the cam work for the *****s and giggles they both get out of it when they reveal the truth.

    happens both directions.. I know a few guys here that play as girls and a few girls that play as guys..

    sounds more like he is hoping for a long term relationship that might go to rl.. aka using sl as a bdsm dating service.

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  18. To the OP, I know of a sim you earn lindens just for being there while class is going on. Most of the time people just stand around and dance or chat. and as long as you talk once every 10 minutes you have a chance to win anywhere from 1$ up to as high as I have seen some win 16$ just for being there and participating in the sim.

    Since not really allowed to advertise I cannot directly say where it is.

    toward the afk sims yes they do work, especially if you find ones with active mods that will kick and even ban anyone that tries to just poseball and run and not tip. for there are several that take it serious and do expect people to have the courtesy to tip after playing with the patrons that are there working. you might not make a lot at them and could make more just finding dance events or trivia or sploders at sims with events going on.

    towards how to make more, that depends on the place and clients that come there. and if you are actually afk or there and rp with them where they might be inclined to pay more. some dont require you to pay anything, they take a percentage out of your tip jar of what you were paid like a tax for using their service.

    will it make enough to cover actual computer/internet/electric costs.. probably not in the short run and not even in the long run. but that really is up in the air based upon what type of whales go there and how much they might pay for your service.

    and the avatar that makes the most may vary too depending upon if human or furry or angel or demon.. there is no one avatar that 'will' make the most at all of them. no set gurantee's.

    so if you are looking to do this as some sort of rl full time job..to pay bills.. dont...


    lol.. just realized this was from last year originally..

  19. there is one other side to this, the op bought it and has it but just didnt like it and wants their money back so they get something else instead now. and the plea of having so little lindens is a pity plea. they could always go to some sims that have sploders or trivia or linden realms to farm up some extra lindens in their free times.

    On 2/3/2019 at 10:16 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    Besides leaving a negative review, you should go in world and Abuse Report the seller.

    Next, make your own halo.

    • Rez a prim.  Click the Object tab in the Edit window.  Set the object type to Torus
    • Give it the following dimensions
      • Size X 0.019
      • Size Y 0.217
      • Size Z 0.217
      • Hole Size X 1.0
      • Hole Size Y 0.10
    • Click the Texture tab.  Set the texture to Blank
    • Set the color to approximately R 235, G 236, B 105, or to your taste
    • Set Transparency to 34, or to your taste
    • Set Glow to 0.20
    • Check Full Bright to ON
    • Click the Features tab.  In Features,  check Light.  Set Intensity 0.6, Radius 5.0, falloff 0.75
    • Set the light color to a pale yellow, or to your taste.
    • In the General tab, change the object's name from Object to Halo

    Next, Take the halo into your inventory.  Stand on a pose stand.  Right click the Halo object, select Attach To/Skull.

    Right click the halo, and edit it into position above your head.

    That'll show 'em!

    now to this.. that was just awesome you took the time to write that out to explain to someone how to make their own. and they could always probably find a script in the scripts sections of the forums to add particle effects to it for added bling if wanted.

  20. either contact the creator to see if they would be willing to make some sort of deal with you to buy one at maybe a higher price. a lot of gotcha items are meant to be limited amounts to make them more valuable so if lost they are lost, so I wouldnt hold my breath on the creator actually making one available, if they did for you others would harass them about it too, making the item less rare and less valuable to others who bought it. so you might just be out of luck and cannot ever get it and will need to move on.

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