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  1. unfortunately in sl you are not really supposed to rate the creator or the service provided only the product which I find to be a flawed system it allows some creators to be total jerks about what they can do and get away with no possible repercussions because you are not allowed to shame them for how they act or treated you. believe me if i bought a car and it was in bad condition, it would let the seller know and everyone else going to that seller know, so they were not duped or scammed too. I would also let everyone know if that seller treated me with common decency or respect as well
  2. hmm.. the debate of what is sl is fairly simple to answer. sl is a virtual reality simulation platform. aka an interactive novel with visuals and sounds. where anything and everything is possible within the context of the events as written and created by the users of sl. everyone is a god/goddess in sl, with near unlimited powers and potential. the only limits is we cant really control how people act toward us only how we act and respond toward them. everyone else is a npc that is out of our direct control for they can always just mute/block/derender if we do or say anything they don
  3. It doesn't work that way, the TOS is the final authority and cannot be circumvented by any disclaimer posted by anyone in any manner. an a-f-k message does not have the authority to override the TOS. a profile disclaimer does not have the authority to override TOS. A nc does not have the authority to override TOS. A group charter does not have the authority to override TOS. A sim covenant does not have the authority to override TOS. No one but LL has the authority to change or override the TOS. It is a legal binding agreement for anyone to access the service, you dont get to change any part of
  4. hmm.. as the topic was 'what could we bring to sl' not 'what could ll or another tpv viewer bring to sl'. I think it would be tolerance and acceptance on differing views and opinions. that no one way is the best or true or correct or right or only way for things to be done in sl. towards many of the other things that were said they are all good too; but are sort of off topic, since the topic was what we as users could bring to sl in the new year, not necessary what ll or tpv developers should bring to sl. for if that was the case there are lots of things that could be added, but it w
  5. actually both the votes and like count. both can easily be abused and are often in most forums even here by some people. the other problem the votes has is it rearranges the thread based upon the votes making the comments out of order in which they were posted which can affect the stream and how people see or understand what was being said by everyone in the thread. like counts are kind of used as ego strokers by some and by others as means to try and maybe get some people to think they are important or special in the forums, when really they are not. its used as a cliche system of w
  6. I have a collar and leash and cuffs and I am a pet to someone here in sl and in rl. I dont see it as dehumanizing or degrading at all. And to any that worry I have been brainwashed to think this way, nope. Its by my own choice. My Master even knows I can and will leave him if he tries to abuse me. Its about trust. People should ever read my picks inworld and look for the one about the 'two collars' it explains why some people wear them. And yes everything in sl is by consent you cannot be forced to do anything in sl you dont want too even through rlv because you can just log out of i
  7. reputation/point systems never work well in forums and never can. they will always be abused by someone in some manner. which is why I sort of think it should be removed from sl forums. and the emoji's should just be an added in reaction to the over post, with no benefit or drawback to them at all all.
  8. I understand what you mean and to me its about the conversation in sl, not the avatar. It doesnt matter if someone is wearing a furry avatar or human or even just being an object like a chair and actually having me sit on them while we talk. Its that conversation that matters to me. I come from the age of text only, then moved into simple 2d chat systems, then early 3d like furcadia, then imvu then second life. so for me its less about how someone looks and more about the chat itself and how they behave and treat me. I have a few close people that have stayed with me through everythi
  9. yep and just because someone doesn't like it doesn't make it automatically bad. there are some I dont agree with and wont do but if others want to and know what they are doing, its not my place to tell them no or to stop or make fun of them, i might playfully tease them about it but I dont openly try and shame them or make them feel bad about it. if it makes them feel good and helps them get through the day in this mixed up crazy world of life that is their choice.
  10. Hmm... yep typical responses from both sides of the equation. No get ready for my off the wall take of it... Being 'bred' or used for 'breeding' is not dehumanizing or objectionable or abusive if both parties are agreeing to what is being done and enjoy it. It becomes a term of endearment to each person. 'i am going to breed you well tonight' with the return response of 'oh yes I cant wait for the pleasure and fun we are going to have' The idea behind the word is that the one is having unprotected sex and understands the risks that she may become pregnant by it. And that risk ca
  11. I think it really just depends upon each person and what they are seeking or desiring from it. To some its just a movie or book to read and enjoy and relax with and waste time not thinking about the troubles of reality at that time. A means to escape time and reality and responsibilities for a little while. To others its an interpretation of what they wish their real life was a like, a fantasy a dream a desire of what they cannot have or cannot be or cannot do for one reason or another. So they invest a lot of feelings and emotions trying to make it feel as real as possible. For me its ab
  12. maslows hierarchy of needs. anyone? sounds like they are currently stuck at the bottom or second level.
  13. One cannot ever imply or assume consent is given at any point in time without actual physical written or spoken consent by the other party. Just responding back is not giving consent to what they expressed or said or claimed. Even then that consent can be revoked at any point in time in the future for any reason spoke or unspoken and that person then has to abide by that revocation or face the consequences while here in SL. the disclaimer of the other person via a busy message means nothing; it has no legal grounds to stand on at all. It is a scam a blackmail an or coercion and extortion atte
  14. yeah the higher fee to end is like getting a divorce and having to pay out for the lawyer but neither side see's any of it. you basically hired a judge to do an elopement then hired a fly by night lawyer to get it annulled for a price. I minor issue but none the less meant to try and least simulate the importance of the relationship and not to just see it as a kum-n-go turnstile relationship where you hop in and out with no repercussions.
  15. there is really too many to choose from and if they should add points or not or for some people who wish had the power take points to maybe take a poke at the over-sized ego's of those with high point values. Honestly I think only the cup should add a point, none of the others should. the rest should just be reaction emjoi's to show a reaction or feeling about the post.
  16. hmm.. for me there is no real immersion. I know I am not my avatar because my avatar is a furry dragonness and I am not in rl. I know the difference between fantasy and reality in this regards. my avatar is just a sudo vessel for me to interact with people here. Its not alive, it doesn't really have a life or feelings or emotions, they are all mine. I have often blown my avatar up, fried my avatar, grinded up my avatar, microwaved my avatar, drowned my avatar, shocked my avatar, froze my avatar, turned my avatar in to a statue or some other piece of furniture. did I feel like any of thos
  17. Oh, I might want to add that there is a new hud out that if you have rlv on, it can allow people to take control over your avatar and talk as you, and all you need is a relay. It basically allows someone to posses your avatar; but this doesn't really sound like that. it sounds more like a follower from an attack/spell/combat aka griefer hud, lots of those on the mp. they can be pernicious to git rid of but it is still possible. And i believe CoolVL does allow you to turn off rlv. its just not a simple click one button setting like in fire storm. some viewers hide it to make it harder to
  18. I wouldn't really say people were more open back then, people were just as picky, just a snobbish, just as prudish, just as inhibited, just as judgmental back then as some can be now. Only the truly desperate would have ever responded to your 'lure' in a favorable way. Only those with little to no self respect or self esteem or self worth would have responded saying 'yes im willing to be abused and used as a prostitute for your gains only'. Trying to say people were more open or free with themselves back in the early days of sl is absolute total BS. You are dreaming, I have been in SL for
  19. No there is not really any public review source of the the clubs or escort services so you kind of have to go and look around and talk to people there and see what they say then listen to your gut feelings. Search in the land forums for a place, not really sure of any one sim that might fit what you are wanting. you might have to have a home in one sim and travel to one or more other sims for your casual hookups. some of the rental sims dont have a club or bar in the sim, they focus just on rentals.
  20. Is there a benefit for wearing the collar? that really depends upon what you are seeking or wanting done to you. If you get excited about being controlled and restricted by someone else and at their beck and call when ever they want if they are your owner/Master you might want a collar. If you just want sex you might just get and use a rlv relay hud and not even worry or mess with a collar. You can still be force sit and restricted by the furniture being used if its rlv enabled. To some a collar is a symbol of their trust and faith and loyalty and respect and submission to their Owner/Dom
  21. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up about a new item that was just released on the marketplace. I am not going to actually say what it is, or post the link to the store. I am not trying to actually promote or advertise the item just let people know its out there in the wilds now and you might want to think twice about where you go and who is around you and if you have your relay on auto or not and if you know how to use the safeword and if it can be used by chat command too. There are a lot of people who think and claim and try to make others think and believe that an auto relay
  22. That might work but it might be laggy on save and load for each chat, depending upon the users connection to the cloud storage service. Using a nas is just a little less laggy since everything should be on the same general network. You can set a nas up to work as a cloud based storage system too if you didnt want to trust a third party storage system to keep your information safe and secure and private.
  23. I live near the Springfield area. Weather here is so random, that you just listen to the news and nod your head and plan for anything or nothing no matter what they said at times. It's been 30ish here today and by later this week if not tomorrow it's supposed to warm back up to the 40s according to the weather, but then again won't know until then really.
  24. You assumed they were using the SL viewer I assumed they might have been using FS, so we both made assumptions and either could be correct. I don't think the SL viewer has it.
  25. Not that hard since you can search by folder name or by item name to find anything in inventory as long as you remembered what it was called. Then just drag the folder where you want. most unpacker scripts will default to the root of inventory.
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