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  1. It really doenst matter what you think is fair or not. Tough if you dont like that you cant always get where you want when you want. You are not entitled too ever. Tough if you dont like the idea that the owner rules the land and their rules are what matter, that is how SL works. You have no special rights or privileges or entitlements in SL. No other person or land owner has to do as you wish or you think is fair or right or moral. Get over yourself in thinking you matter any more than anyone else in what they allowed to do. You dont. If I want to afk at a sim, as long as that
  2. If your asking for some auto feature that is present on all regions all the time. OH Hell NO it should not be added. It would cause more problems than good. Sounds like you got mad because you wanted in some region and couldn't get it at the time and because there was some afk so you want to try and force people to not be afk where you want to go. Tough get over it and yourself. You are nobody important that you need to be able to access what ever region you want when you want because you want. People have just as much right to be afk at any sim they want if the sim owner doesn't car
  3. continue to defend yourself and you continue to prove my point for me. those who have nothing to hide have no reason to defend either. and name and shame is against tos, which is why you do it on your blog because you cant here. and no name and shame is not a beneficial service unless you see yourself as some glorious white knight trying to protect the innocent and the weak, which no-one ever asked you to do. No you do not have high morals or ethics or else you would not need to name and shame others that you disagree about how they behave. you are just trying to make yourself sound
  4. Search the bdsm groups and join several of them. look for slave auction groups, you might find a pet putting themself up for auction. there is litterally thousands of places to look. Be a little more specific in what you are wanting, what kind of pet, for what reason, what your likes are, what your limits are, what your rules would be as a Dom. The more information you provide the better chance of finding someone that will match what you are looking for.
  5. just search for bdsm groups and join a lot of them. you will find someone eventually.
  6. I tell them to go find a sploder and play, they can make the 200 fairly easily..
  7. Again.. as I said earlier I smell a foul fish in all of this asking for such information. And like another poster said. People could always fake the so called rl information, and it would be very hard to prove unless you expect them to give over government issue id's as well as proof. Which would be down right stupid and foolish of anyone to do. I am Drakonadrgora the Imperial StarDragonness I am 666 trillion years old. I come from another dimension. Prove me wrong... you cant... Sounds more and more like you just want information on people to hold it against them so they cannot argu
  8. I decided to add another myth about rlv and this concerns the relay used to allow things to interact with your viewer. What i am talking about is having an relay set to auto. A lot of people will like to try and claim or say that this means or implies auto-consent. This is not true, it has nothing to do with consent and everything to do with not having to make a choice for every little action. A lot of people will put their collar on auto just so they do not have to reply to the dialog every time with a yes or no like ask would make you do. This does not mean they have given or implied consent
  9. This right here is what matters the most. That you are happy and able to enjoy your time on sl. The fact you were giving up so much to be with him was wrong on so many levels. No relationship is worth that ever. No matter if is a sub a pet a slave a doll or robot. A relationship should be about mutual enjoyment, not one sided ever.
  10. search for 'kbar west' in places in your viewer, and go to their theater, you can get a free OC collar there. if you join the Opencollar group you can ask and they will give you a list of distributors that have free collars too.
  11. This right here..is the main reason why most people will not do it. When someone is known to blog about things and has used that blog for satire it can be a very big reason why no one or very few would trust giving the information requested. This sounds less about making friends, but more about looking for those people they can dox to others on an outside source unregulated by LL.
  12. No one has to tell anyone if they have an alt or not even if dating. If you are so worried or bent out of shape if they have an alt you are doing it wrong. I see nothing wrong with someone having an alt even if dating. Not everyone who is dating intends to take it serious or to rl. Most people who date in sl only date 'here' in sl they dont want it to go to rl. If that is what your looking for and expect with everyone you try and date your going to get hurt. I have to agree completely with these statements. I have known many people with alts and some with more alts that you can count o
  13. do people lie about their gender or age in sl. of course almost everyone does. do they keep lieing even when in a relationship that maybe is getting serious yes because they are afraid if they tell the truth the person will leave them and then tell others (doxing). is it immoral no, for no one has to live by the morals of another person here even if in a relationship of any kind. so does anyone have to tell the other person, no even if they intend to take it to rl. for maybe after the relationship has lasted long enough the other person wont care if they truly love the person they g
  14. It is your right and choice to have these other wants and desires. a bdsm relationship is not always a 24/7 relationship unless that is what was wanted and agreed to. You do not have to be there for him every little moment he is online. He sounds like he is emotionally insecure or emotionally and mentally manipulative, in other words abusive. You are better off without him. Nor do you need his express permission for every little thing you want to do. You only need his permission when you were spending time with him and 'playing' with him. when not in a rp, you dont have to just stand arou
  15. You did the right thing by leaving him, I know it feels bad at first. I have had to do it a few times myself while learning. That is the game the emotionally and mentally abusive will try and play to try and make you stay with them. Yes there is a difference between the two, I have been both in my time here in sl. They are not the same at all. The terms are not interchangeable. Not all submissive's are slaves. And not all slaves are submissive. No Master ever has the right to change the role of someone under them ever. It is not their right to decide if you are slave or submissive or
  16. You might also want to take a look at the nanite systems and the eisa gynoids. they have a new sex system for their robots. its similar to pa but different in its own way as well. and it can interact with other users causing various effects if you dont mind being transformed into a robot of sorts.
  17. Its not normal by any means and no they do not need to know all your avatars at all. You do not have to tell anyone all the avatars you have or what they are or why you have them ever. If they refuse to change any of the rules, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, You do have the right to tell them and if they still refuse you have the right to leave them and not feel bad for doing so. They were not the right one for you. They did not respect your desires or needs or limits. It is not the right of any Master to ever ignore your limits or desires ever. They are not in total control ov
  18. I know the story, I was there when it happened, the repositories do not tell it all. I know the reasons why OC went the direction it did and why the fire flower group was forced to be created after Virtual Disgrace and its developers were kicked out of the original OC group by the TRUE OC developers. So you cannot just believe what you read on the websites, the author of the .at website does not tell the truth about everything that happened or why on her gethub repository. She tries to make it seem as if she is the victim which is not true by any means. Fire Flower and the peanut collars
  19. you can still get and use the lumiya client if you want to for android phones. It is still safe to use it, just hasnt been updated in two years. I used it on my phone and my tablet when not at home or near a pc where I can use a pc client instead. you need to download aptoide first and install it. https://en.aptoide.com/download then search for lumiya and install it, you can then unistall aptoide.
  20. You can still get and use the lumiya viewer for android even though it was removed from google play store. you just need to search for and download and install aptoide on you android phone first, then open that app and search for lumiya and install it, you can then remove aptoide from your phone. the only problem is it has not been updated in over two years so will not support many features of more modern viewers like bento or bom and it is missing many modern rlv commands and features. but it does allow for you to see your avatar and others and move around and chat and even has a vr supported
  21. not entirely true. .cc is the orginial and .at is a closed source version. they are not the original. fireflower and the peanut collars are the derivative and not the original oc developers. the original oc developers took back the group to make it open source again and not a closed source for profit version which is what the fire flower group did. all fire flower collars have no mod scripts in them, where as the oc collars are full permission on the scripts. so no. .at aka fire flower are not the long running or original developers by any means. they are an offshoot with their own versio
  22. I would like to add a little extra to the original post. This is in dealing with another myth about rlv. The myth that rlv can be made permanent or inescapable. This is a complete lie and false statement. You cannot make rlv permanent, nothing in sl is permanent. Not rlv, not vore, not eoa, not snuff, not transformations or mutilations. rlv cannot be made inescapable, anyone that tries to claim they can is lieing to you and trying to deceive you and brainwash you into believe an untruth. you can always escape from rlv and doing so is not cheating by any means. only the egotistical and abusive
  23. Dont be in a rush to find an owner, you may regret it later for just jumping in without doing any research. There are a lot of fake Dom's here in sl. More fakes then real ones, more out to just use and abuse and deceive and prey upon your desire to fulfill there own dark perversions without any true care about what you want or need as a sub. It can take trying out several of them to ever find the right one for you. Dont just accept what ever comes your way and stick with it just because you think you have to, no matter how bad it gets. You have the right to leave them and move on and find some
  24. All you can really do is report their behavior to the sim owner and see if they will do anything. More than likely they will not. Bento or not your ears were non-human and some places like to be pure human only places. Anything non-human is not allowed. And the person may have been a stickler for the rules. There are lots of those types of people here in sl. The best bit of advice is never go back, find some place else. There are hundreds/thousands of other places to choose from that are less drama filled. Unfortunately the way sl works, is that sim owners and anyone on the sim staff list
  25. Actually PA does have several plugins that let you get aroused by what words people say, if someone else is naked near you, if someone else has the PA system and they themselves are aroused. It is a very versatile system if you have all the plugins for it. It can even simulate going into heat where your arousal rises on its own throughout a set number of days. And if you have the PS- project sex system and use it for your sexual activities it effects the PA system. and there is the PC- project cuddles system and the project clothes system. If you have all of them you really can do a
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