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  1. continue to defend yourself and you continue to prove my point for me. those who have nothing to hide have no reason to defend either. and name and shame is against tos, which is why you do it on your blog because you cant here. and no name and shame is not a beneficial service unless you see yourself as some glorious white knight trying to protect the innocent and the weak, which no-one ever asked you to do. No you do not have high morals or ethics or else you would not need to name and shame others that you disagree about how they behave. you are just trying to make yourself sound better than what you are, but you are not fooling anyone. You are just trying to find reasons to justify what you do to make it sound like a valid reason even if its not. And yes it is very easy to fake anything on the internet. It is simple to create a fake personal or business Facebook page, a fake blog, a fake wiki a fake anything. The fact you think people cant do it easily proves how little you really understand the internet. Any good story writer could come up with dozens of accounts and fake identities to try and make themselves look original. Hell even on these forums people use sock puppets to boost their own ratings to make them look more impressive than they really are. I don't care if i'm not invited to your little cliche group discussion, I wouldn't attend even if I was invited. I know very well who you are and how you act toward anyone that you personally decide not to like.
  2. Search the bdsm groups and join several of them. look for slave auction groups, you might find a pet putting themself up for auction. there is litterally thousands of places to look. Be a little more specific in what you are wanting, what kind of pet, for what reason, what your likes are, what your limits are, what your rules would be as a Dom. The more information you provide the better chance of finding someone that will match what you are looking for.
  3. just search for bdsm groups and join a lot of them. you will find someone eventually.
  4. I tell them to go find a sploder and play, they can make the 200 fairly easily..
  5. Again.. as I said earlier I smell a foul fish in all of this asking for such information. And like another poster said. People could always fake the so called rl information, and it would be very hard to prove unless you expect them to give over government issue id's as well as proof. Which would be down right stupid and foolish of anyone to do. I am Drakonadrgora the Imperial StarDragonness I am 666 trillion years old. I come from another dimension. Prove me wrong... you cant... Sounds more and more like you just want information on people to hold it against them so they cannot argue or disagree with you or risk being posted about on your blog as being an indecent person. You are well known for posting satirical posts about anyone that you disagree with about how they behave towards you. your attempts to public shame people are well known about. You see yourself as some great person of high morals or ethics but your not.
  6. I decided to add another myth about rlv and this concerns the relay used to allow things to interact with your viewer. What i am talking about is having an relay set to auto. A lot of people will like to try and claim or say that this means or implies auto-consent. This is not true, it has nothing to do with consent and everything to do with not having to make a choice for every little action. A lot of people will put their collar on auto just so they do not have to reply to the dialog every time with a yes or no like ask would make you do. This does not mean they have given or implied consent was given to anyone and everyone for anything and everything at any time. Dont try to assume of imply or infer that it does; it doesnt, if you do and they complain, its your fault for being an arrogant and ignorant jerk, not theirs for having their collar on auto. When in doubt ask first, it takes very little time to ask in an IM. And this can lead to a lot less drama or complaints. The person with the collar does not have to keep it on ask just because you want to believe or claim or assume or imply that having it on auto means auto-consent. Dont be one of those types of people. Oh there is another common myth that rlv can give them control over your account. It cant. It does not give them access to your account or any information other than what is already visible. Nor can they control what groups you can be in or what friends you can have, or what inventory you have. Nor can they delete any of your inventory by rlv. I think this covers most of the common myths, if anyone can think of any others feel free to list them here. The more that are list and busted, the less drama or frustrations new rlv users have to go through if they come here and read this.
  7. This right here is what matters the most. That you are happy and able to enjoy your time on sl. The fact you were giving up so much to be with him was wrong on so many levels. No relationship is worth that ever. No matter if is a sub a pet a slave a doll or robot. A relationship should be about mutual enjoyment, not one sided ever.
  8. search for 'kbar west' in places in your viewer, and go to their theater, you can get a free OC collar there. if you join the Opencollar group you can ask and they will give you a list of distributors that have free collars too.
  9. This right here..is the main reason why most people will not do it. When someone is known to blog about things and has used that blog for satire it can be a very big reason why no one or very few would trust giving the information requested. This sounds less about making friends, but more about looking for those people they can dox to others on an outside source unregulated by LL.
  10. No one has to tell anyone if they have an alt or not even if dating. If you are so worried or bent out of shape if they have an alt you are doing it wrong. I see nothing wrong with someone having an alt even if dating. Not everyone who is dating intends to take it serious or to rl. Most people who date in sl only date 'here' in sl they dont want it to go to rl. If that is what your looking for and expect with everyone you try and date your going to get hurt. I have to agree completely with these statements. I have known many people with alts and some with more alts that you can count on both hands. did it matter? no. I kept my expectations realistic.
  11. do people lie about their gender or age in sl. of course almost everyone does. do they keep lieing even when in a relationship that maybe is getting serious yes because they are afraid if they tell the truth the person will leave them and then tell others (doxing). is it immoral no, for no one has to live by the morals of another person here even if in a relationship of any kind. so does anyone have to tell the other person, no even if they intend to take it to rl. for maybe after the relationship has lasted long enough the other person wont care if they truly love the person they go to know online. miracles can happen. will it work out for everyone no, its like dating in the rl, not all work out or were meant to. but doesn't mean you cant enjoy it as long as it lasts. there are no real morals or ethics about what is done online, its only when it gets person to person in rl that any of those will come into play at that time. its also why some people end up leaving sl, or creating an alt that becomes their main, to get away from someone to continue the game because their old account was revealed by someone (doxed). take everything and everyone with a grain a salt and dont set or get or let your expectations get to high about them, no matter how much you might want too. that guy is girl playing a guy. that girl is a guy playing a girl. that herm is a guy playing a herm or a girl playing a herm. its what they wanted. its their kink or fetish to be something other than what they were born as. is it wrong no. do they have to reveal it no. is someone going to get hurt or upset probably. will they become jaded and no longer trust others, probably. is this bad, no its not. dont believe or trust anyone blindly ever, only fools do that. and only the fools get hurt, the wise dont. never completely believe or trust anyone on any online social media as being what they claim or show themselves as. if you ask and they refuse to give rl info or even if they do it doesn't mean its real rl info. in today's world is so easy to fake any of it, even video, even voice. even government issued id's. until you meet them face to face in rl in person nothing else matters. life is a game, love is a game, relationships are a game. there are winners and there are losers its how it works. traditional morals and ethics mean less in today's world because of the nature of online and virtual reality relationships. never put more into it then you are willing to lose or have to give up or get hurt about if it turns out not to be what you thought was true. dont expect others to live by your morals or ethics or ideals or concepts or truths or mental constructs about how life should work. most are not going too. get out of your own head thinking that any of your thoughts or views or opinions are more important than theirs. they are not. in the end dont ever just blindly fall in love with anyone here or anywhere on the internet ever, if you do and get hurt because it turns out to be a lie, you have only yourself to blame at that point.
  12. It is your right and choice to have these other wants and desires. a bdsm relationship is not always a 24/7 relationship unless that is what was wanted and agreed to. You do not have to be there for him every little moment he is online. He sounds like he is emotionally insecure or emotionally and mentally manipulative, in other words abusive. You are better off without him. Nor do you need his express permission for every little thing you want to do. You only need his permission when you were spending time with him and 'playing' with him. when not in a rp, you dont have to just stand around or stay around for him to cuddle or be his personal trophy doll to show off to anyone who might come by. Which is what it sounds like he was trying to groom you to be. which is a headgame a lot of fake dumbinant's in sl like to play. Seriously sounds like he was trying to emotionally mentally and physically isolate you from everyone else so you would become dependent upon him and only him for any attention. That is not a safe relationship in any way shape or form. I had an owner that tried to do that with me that I had to leave eventually because of that reason. Isolation is not a game or something to be played with lightly in any form.
  13. You did the right thing by leaving him, I know it feels bad at first. I have had to do it a few times myself while learning. That is the game the emotionally and mentally abusive will try and play to try and make you stay with them. Yes there is a difference between the two, I have been both in my time here in sl. They are not the same at all. The terms are not interchangeable. Not all submissive's are slaves. And not all slaves are submissive. No Master ever has the right to change the role of someone under them ever. It is not their right to decide if you are slave or submissive or pet. That is for you to decide only. You cannot believe what every tom dick and harry write on any website as the definitive truth as to what something is in regards to bdsm relationships. Many of these online bdms blogs are written by abusive delusional arrogant ignorant people who have no idea of what they speak of and rely on people being uneducated enough to believe them so they can take advantage of them.
  14. You might also want to take a look at the nanite systems and the eisa gynoids. they have a new sex system for their robots. its similar to pa but different in its own way as well. and it can interact with other users causing various effects if you dont mind being transformed into a robot of sorts.
  15. Its not normal by any means and no they do not need to know all your avatars at all. You do not have to tell anyone all the avatars you have or what they are or why you have them ever. If they refuse to change any of the rules, and it makes you feel uncomfortable, You do have the right to tell them and if they still refuse you have the right to leave them and not feel bad for doing so. They were not the right one for you. They did not respect your desires or needs or limits. It is not the right of any Master to ever ignore your limits or desires ever. They are not in total control over everything all the time. You do have rights and powers as a sub or even slave that they cannot ever take from you. As a sub you still have the responsibility to protect yourself from Masta's aka fake Masters which is what it sounds like you have. Your relationship is currently non-existant if that is how he is acting. Any relationship should be a two way street, where each side communicates and makes changes as needed. It is never just a one way street. Those kinds of relationships are just emotional and mental abuse relationships. NO Master is ever in complete total control over you and the rules like they may want to claim or think or say. Sounds like you found a narcissist and not a true bdsm Master. My advice leave him, runaway on your collar, and forget him and move on. There are better Masters than him out there. You dont need the drama or frustration or aggravation you will get by staying with him.
  16. I know the story, I was there when it happened, the repositories do not tell it all. I know the reasons why OC went the direction it did and why the fire flower group was forced to be created after Virtual Disgrace and its developers were kicked out of the original OC group by the TRUE OC developers. So you cannot just believe what you read on the websites, the author of the .at website does not tell the truth about everything that happened or why on her gethub repository. She tries to make it seem as if she is the victim which is not true by any means. Fire Flower and the peanut collars are NOT the original OC collars by any means. OC was never meant to be a closed source project ever. It was always meant to be an open source full permission scripts. Hence the Open in Open Collar. Fire Flower and the peanut collars use a closed source no mod project which is not what OC was ever meant to be. So no you cant claim to know it by reading what was said on the repository.. You didnt research it as much as you claim if you think the .at Fire Flower group and the peanut collars are the original developers they are not. So no Fire Flower is not the long standing development of the OC collar system at all. The OC group and developers are the original developers of the collar system. They didnt do a regression at all. The returned to what the OC collar brand was meant to be and went in the direction they felt it should have been taken. VD aka virtual disgrace aka peanut collars is the branch that went in a different direction from the original design of what the collars were meant to be like. She tried turning the OC group and collars into a purely for profit system, using no mod scripts in her 'premium' collars and objects. when that was never the goal or direction that OC was ever meant to go in. She tried to privatize the OC group where only she could make changes to the collar or scripts so everyone had to buy her version at what ever price she set for the items. OC was always meant to be a free system of scripts that anyone could use and modify to their own liking and create their own collars for free if wanted. and not have to pay for the scripts to do so. You cant do that with peanut collars.
  17. you can still get and use the lumiya client if you want to for android phones. It is still safe to use it, just hasnt been updated in two years. I used it on my phone and my tablet when not at home or near a pc where I can use a pc client instead. you need to download aptoide first and install it. https://en.aptoide.com/download then search for lumiya and install it, you can then unistall aptoide.
  18. You can still get and use the lumiya viewer for android even though it was removed from google play store. you just need to search for and download and install aptoide on you android phone first, then open that app and search for lumiya and install it, you can then remove aptoide from your phone. the only problem is it has not been updated in over two years so will not support many features of more modern viewers like bento or bom and it is missing many modern rlv commands and features. but it does allow for you to see your avatar and others and move around and chat and even has a vr supported feature to it. lumiya aptoide
  19. not entirely true. .cc is the orginial and .at is a closed source version. they are not the original. fireflower and the peanut collars are the derivative and not the original oc developers. the original oc developers took back the group to make it open source again and not a closed source for profit version which is what the fire flower group did. all fire flower collars have no mod scripts in them, where as the oc collars are full permission on the scripts. so no. .at aka fire flower are not the long running or original developers by any means. they are an offshoot with their own version of collars using private scripts. please dont confuse other players which is the original and which is not. peanut collars are not Open Collars they are a privately run version of the collar and should not even be associated with OC by anyone ever.
  20. I would like to add a little extra to the original post. This is in dealing with another myth about rlv. The myth that rlv can be made permanent or inescapable. This is a complete lie and false statement. You cannot make rlv permanent, nothing in sl is permanent. Not rlv, not vore, not eoa, not snuff, not transformations or mutilations. rlv cannot be made inescapable, anyone that tries to claim they can is lieing to you and trying to deceive you and brainwash you into believe an untruth. you can always escape from rlv and doing so is not cheating by any means. only the egotistical and abusive and untrustworthy will try and claim it is. you do not ever have to stay restrained or locked or restricted to any device in any cage, by any item any longer than you decide or want. it is your choice how long it lasts, not someone else ever. it only lasts as long as you feel comfortable, not some timer on some object. and no its not cheating to safeword off an item or out of a cage or anything like that. that is just a lie created by the emotionally and mentally and psychologically abusive predators of sl aka fake doms remember its your sl, not theirs, your choice not theirs, your decision not theirs, your power not theirs. you decide what is enough for you not them. even if you are a sub, even if you are a pet, even if you are a slave, even if you are furniture, its your choice in the end how long it lasts not theirs. if they dont like it, tough, it doesn't matter. if they are unwilling to talk and negotiate or change what is done, they dont deserve your trust or loyalty or faithfulness or respect or submission.
  21. Dont be in a rush to find an owner, you may regret it later for just jumping in without doing any research. There are a lot of fake Dom's here in sl. More fakes then real ones, more out to just use and abuse and deceive and prey upon your desire to fulfill there own dark perversions without any true care about what you want or need as a sub. It can take trying out several of them to ever find the right one for you. Dont just accept what ever comes your way and stick with it just because you think you have to, no matter how bad it gets. You have the right to leave them and move on and find someone else and not feel bad about it. Remember its a two way street, they will want certain things and you are allowed to want and need certain things too within the relationship. Its not just about them, you are not inferior to them, they are not superior to you. Its not just their way or the highway. A real Dom worth the time and effort wont ever treat you like that. They will respect your limits, and be open to communicate with when ever having any issues with anything they do or want done. It may take dozens of trials before finding the right one, it may take weeks or months or years finding one that truly feels right to you. dont just accept the collar of someone just because they call themselves Dom without first knowing a little about them and what they expect and if it matches what you expect. ..dont rush ..do a trial period of a week or more ..get to know them and what they want or expect and what rules they may have ..dont just accept their collar just to be owned right away. ..do learn what your needs and limits are and inform them of them. ..be willing to go through dozens of fakes over months of time to find the right one if needed. ..do talk to them about any problems you might be having, be honest with yourself and with them. ..if you use rlv learn about it and what it really can and cant do, dont be fooled by the fake dom's that like to lie and deceive and prey upon the uneducated. ..dont feel bad about leaving a Dom if they are not the right one for you. you dont have to stay with them just because they say so. ..dont believe its cheating to log out of rlv like fake doms will try and tell you. its your choice if you use it not, not theirs. ..you have just as many rights as they do about having your needs and desires filled. you have just as much power as they do. its not all about them. ..its a two way street based upon trust and consent and communication and respect. submission is a gift, not right of theirs to claim
  22. All you can really do is report their behavior to the sim owner and see if they will do anything. More than likely they will not. Bento or not your ears were non-human and some places like to be pure human only places. Anything non-human is not allowed. And the person may have been a stickler for the rules. There are lots of those types of people here in sl. The best bit of advice is never go back, find some place else. There are hundreds/thousands of other places to choose from that are less drama filled. Unfortunately the way sl works, is that sim owners and anyone on the sim staff list are basically gods, they can do what ever they want including telling you how to behave and how to look if you want to be there or they can eject you if they so wish or ban you. linden labs wont do anything about them doing it either. The common idea is they rented the sim, so they get to set the rules of what is allowed or not regardless of how childish or drama filled or stupid those rules may be to others. Some of them keep players there to enforce those rules to pander to their ego about how powerful and dominant they are over everyone that comes there. You break a rule, even if no one else but them is around to see it they will whine about it and make threats and demands. Option 1, conform to their rules. Option 2, dont and ignore them and risk being ejected and banned. Option 3, never go back again after learning of their stupid and childish rules. So now you and you bf have to decide what to do about that place. either not wear the ears or not go back.
  23. Actually PA does have several plugins that let you get aroused by what words people say, if someone else is naked near you, if someone else has the PA system and they themselves are aroused. It is a very versatile system if you have all the plugins for it. It can even simulate going into heat where your arousal rises on its own throughout a set number of days. And if you have the PS- project sex system and use it for your sexual activities it effects the PA system. and there is the PC- project cuddles system and the project clothes system. If you have all of them you really can do a lot of interesting things. There are lots of PA toys that can interact with the PA system to get you aroused as well.
  24. why pay, when you can get it for free.. especially from my Master or someone else.
  25. I have one word for this entire thread.. LOL.. ok.. make it three.. anyone taking any of this serious is either really stupid or just plain dumber than a box of rocks..
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