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  1. maybe she decided to take a break from sl because rl being more important than sl. maybe she made another alt that she is using and doesn't want anyone to know because she is trying new things out that some would have found objectionable. maybe she finally grew out of sl and decided to just leave. maybe she had some hard times and had to give up her internet or computer or what ever and cant get on sl for now. maybe she had an emotional breakdown and needs a break from sl and wont be back for years if ever. maybe she got tricked in to inescapable rlv and cant login because the person who has control wont let her. maybe she is being held captive in an abusive relationship and the person wont let her come online anymore. it could be any number of reasons really. in the end do you really know anyone that well here.. if you never spoke out of sl.. email..fb..discord etc.. maybe sl just no longer has the same importance anymore to her.
  2. There is some that do this, either by blog or by putting them in their picks on their profile as a way to shame them. I know of several people that do.
  3. Two words OP.. "Do it" dont worry what others say or think about what you did or said. that is their problem not yours. express your feelings and experience how you want. i have had picks before about stores I liked, and about ones I didnt like. nothing happened. I have posted negative reviews about stores I didnt like. the worst that happens they report it and ll removes it. who cares at that point what was needed to be said was said and they saw it, that is all that mattered. express yourself and dont let anyone tell you not too. make a blog about your sl time and experience with each store. it might help people decide what stores to look at for content.
  4. how long should you wait. only as long as you think is fair. you can unpartner at anytime as long as you have the fee to do so. You dont have to stay in the relationship any longer than you actually want. partner one minute divorce the next if that is what you feel like. You dont have to give it any time if you decide its not what you really want. there is no set time limit of how long you have to remain their partner. should you wait any specific amount of time because they suddenly disappear. only if you want too, you dont have too. its what ever floats your boat and fits your morals or ethics, not anyone else's. here today..gone today.. if that is what you prefer and have the fee. las vegas wedding followed by a new york divorce. quick sweet and painless. no rp required either unless wanted. no drama required.. if they harass report.. then mute/block and derender them. zero them out completely and move on and forget they ever existed if you want. delete their contact card, remove from friends list, delete all chat logs with them. turn them into nothing as far as you are concerned if that is what it takes to move on and put it behind you. dont even have to mention them in your profile if you dont want too. in other words how ever you want, when ever you want, why ever you want. doesnt matter if someone else says it was fair or moral or ethical or just or right or wrong. from dust they came and to dust they returned. you dont owe them anything. not even paying them back the measly 10l$ they paid out for the partnership. same goes for any kind of relationship or friendship. it only lasts as long as you want it to. not what anyone else says. i have removed and blocked people within the same day, within a few hours if I decided they were not really worth the time or effort to continue with. if they dont try and make it work, im not going to either. its a two way street, not just one sided or one direction.
  5. isolationism is a tricky thing. some people it drives them nuts. some panic over it, some dont. some people come out on the other side completely screwed up in the head, others are freed of many unhealthy previous habits. its not an easy thing to deal with especially if someone was an extrovert or social butterfly. but most introverts can deal with this fairly easily since its right up their alley on how they normally acted. learning to cope with the social distancing can help a person realize they dont have to need or have other people in their life all the time to be happy. It is quite peaceful and enlightening having to deal with it. You break connections with all those unhealthy people that were in your life and with bad habits or concerns about what others think about you. In the end it will either drive you crazy, or lead you on a path of peace and tranquility when alone. No more codependency on others. No more fear of being alone or ignored by others. no more need to be the center of attention or with the 'in crowds'. being an introvert it really hasnt affected my life much. I already was socially distant or isolated most of the time to begin with by choice.
  6. Granted, you justify ordering in because you have no cooking skills, the last time you tried to cook at home you set the couch on fire by accident trying to cook a 'couch potato'. I wish I knew what to wish for.
  7. if you mean the account age, you cant. if you mean the age you created the account with you have to contact LL and put in a support ticket about it.
  8. Those who matter wont care what some random says about you. Those who do care what some random says about you should not matter to you. Do not let what some random who has a pet peeve against you becasue you might have ignored him or an alt of his one time or didnt rp the way he wanted ruin your sl experience.
  9. Mute/block/derender him. If your friend ever asks why you never respond to his comments or actions then you tell her. Just tell her calmly that you couldn't take it anymore so you muted him until he changes his behavior. Of course this could make her mad or it could open her eyes to the problem and she may have a discussion with him about it and if might cause either him to have to change to keep her, or he looses her if he doesn't. No matter how you approach it or deal with it someone is going to get hurt or mad or upset about it. And this will be a test of your friends loyalty to you or to him. She will either have to make a choice and get rid of him once she realizes how bad he has been for her and towards others or she will stay with him out of fear of not finding someone else to be with. Often people use fear of being alone to control them. That she would be an outsider, a loner, a nobody, alone without him. That only he truly cares about her and her well being. I have been through these kinds of relationships before myself as the victim. Its hard to see the truth when you think the person you are with is the right one for you even if they are destructive and harmful. He sounds manipulative and deceptive and narcissistic and egotistical; the common abuser mindset of the psychotic and neurotic and delusional. The longer he has his hooks in her the worse it will be for her about ever leaving him or believing others against him. Sounds like he is trying to make her docile and submissive and helpless without him around her. He wants you to ban him, so then he can use it against her to get her to stay away since he cant be there with her. That if she truly cares about him she will stay with him and not go there anymore or leave the group to be with him instead. I had that level of head games played on me before too.. its a dangerous and slippy slope to be on.
  10. I have to agree with you on this, those kinds of emails from sl are annoying and there needs to be a way to prevent them without having to turn them all off.
  11. Not the same, I dont even want resident on my name. Just my first name. family names.. last names are pointless really. its not like you are a member of that family really. which is why my display name is just one name. no last name at all.
  12. Not quite the same thing, that is still giving me a last name. I would prefer to have no last name at all. I see them as pointless here in sl. Its not like they are a real family name. plus I have better things to do with the money it would cost to do that. Until the price is made more realistic and not sounding like some sort of cash grab, I think I will abstain from doing so.
  13. Having a last name is so last century. If I could give up my last name without having to create an alt I would. A first name for the username is more than enough really since you can have your display name be anything you want, even the exact same as someone else. so all this fuss about having last names is pretty silly really. It doesnt really make someone more unique or special or important except in their own mind...
  14. I find this hilarious really. I was not attempting to mansplain anything but if that is how you wish to see it then that is fine. I simply do not believe in letting people be taken advantage of by those who will do it because they think its their right to do so here. so yes if I needed to correct something that was said I did so if anyone gets insulted by the way I do it that is their problem and not mine. im not changing how I talk to make someone else who doesnt really know me be happy.
  15. Not really, because you dont ever have to play fair or do as they say. Its your account you choose what happens not someone in some eoa group ever. There is no spirit of the thing; eoa was just contrived to give people a way to steal others account and convince them they had no way of getting it back when they always did. It was a mind game used to trick the uneducated. Hence its a myth and not true. No one here in sl ever has to do what someone else says or play by anyone elses rules or ethics or morals ever if they dont want to. Doesnt matter if that other person or group wants to call it cheating either, because its not. the fact they try and call it cheating means they are cheating, they are expecting others to adhere to their standards as if they are important or special when they are not. No one single person or group here is any more important or special than any other. No one has to adhere to any rules that they dont like ever but the ll tos. which not everyone thinks about doing because they dont think their victim is smart enough to just do a password reset to get it back, those that do again are stupid for even doing it because technically they risk being banned for taking another uses account which is against the tos. Only one user is allowed to use an account. it cant be sold or given or traded to another player. The point is you can make it 'exactly' like the old account just maybe a slightly different name and age which unless those things mean anything to the person its inconsequential at that point. You just have to spend the time to get all the same items back and its just like its a cloned account. No different then the original only the age and maybe the name by a small change. A lot of people have alts in sl, more than will admit. In fact most that claim they dont, actually do and just dont want to admit to it. which is their prerogative to do. eoa is just a stupid kink/fetish in reality and yes I just shamed everyone that does it by saying that. your avatar cannot die at all. nothing in sl is permanent. eoa is just for those who are obsessed about bad ends. they eoa their account then make a new one and start over and do it again and again. the only even somewhat near true death of an avatar is if you delete your account. even that is not perm because you can put in a support ticket to have it restored. there is no real death in sl. the only true death is if you die in rl and never log back in again. and the person that took the account if they spend any money on it or change or delete anything or buy anything for it risks loosing all of it if the original owner decides they want it back and puts in a support ticket. which 'is' their right and choice to do no matter if members of the eoa groups dont like it. the worst they can be is ejected and banned from that group. which is not the end of the world by any means. being banned from a group or sim is mostly meaningless it doesnt really hurt the person it was done to, its nothing but an ego boost for the one that does it. "i got rid of playerabc...im powerful..fear me..respect me.."
  16. I doubt it took as long as you think since they had the system once before. doubtfully it was so complicated to re-enable it or add it back in. they were just waiting for the right time where they could use it as another cash grab scheme.
  17. tolls would be pointless and most people would just fly over them even in their car. even if the region was set to no-fly there are still ways to fly if you use the firestorm viewer. it has a setting that lets you override the fly restriction. or they could just teleport in or out of the area they wanted to go.
  18. it may have been in the works for a long time but it never was added back in until sansar closed down. which is kind of funny really.
  19. No its not, you can get your account back by putting in a support ticket request to ll by saying your account was compromised. they will lock the account until you confirm ownership over the account. at which point you they will change the email to one you have control over. plus if they just change the password you can do a password reset request. they have to change the email that goes with the account not just the password. The only thing that is even somewhat permanent in sl is if you get your account banned. Even then you can just create a new account and start over. And you can make your alt look like and be named nearly exactly the same as the original if wanted so its like nothing ever happened. So there is truly nothing that is really 100% permanent in sl at all. Any claim that someone can make something perm is just a lie. Even sim bans and group bans are not perm. they may eventually be lifted or you create an alt account and the ban no longer means anything. Your response is exactly why I created this sort of post. If you're having any difficulty at all recovering your account, creating a ticket as a guest from an email that you control is the best option. Tell us the name of your avatar and report it as an 'Account Compromise' and our team will investigate as the article suggests -- you can create a guest ticket and call the Fraud line just the same. Please let me know if you have other questions and have a good day! Best wishes, Maggie Linden Second Life Customer Support
  20. I think its both funny and stupid that people make a big deal if someone has a mesh body or not. It is just an elitist view really no matter how you try and claim its any different. People like to feel special, unique, different and like to put down anyone else that doesn't fit. They are plain and simple snobs and try to find any reason they can to justify it. so yes all the venues that force people to look a certain way or theme are just snobbish elitists. they want to control how another person has to look or behave or act to continue their little fantasy dream about how special or better or unique or privileged they are over those that dont look the same way. "Be like me or dont be around me." Same as real life golf clubs. they think by doing this they are limiting the riffraff from joining in all the reindeer games. "fit my theme or stay away" "dont ruin my fantasy" "no wrecking my dream world immersion" and that is what its all about.
  21. true, that is what it is basically. Just an attempt to draw people back that didnt like they couldnt have a last name. or to try and get people who dont have one maybe pay to get one.
  22. what is SL to me.. nothing more than irc but with pixels.. its just another form of socializing but with graphics as an added flavoring. does it make sl better than irc. No. I often go back to irc to get away from the sl drama. but often come here to get away from the irc drama. i dont see sl as anything negative of positive. Its just another place to be to talk to people on the internet. I know my avatar is not me nor is it a representation of me. I dont do the immersion/fantasy/dream bit its not why i am here.
  23. I think such games are just a waste of time really. the moment I learned about the game I got a necklace and wore so I could never be added to bloodlines. unfortunately the other games dont have such a device that you can be used to keep yourself out of the game database. which they should. should be a requirement of LL that any sort of gridwide game have such a feature for those that do no want to play or be part of it in any way shape or form. i should not have to say no, not even once if I dont want to be part of the game. I should be able to opt out completely and never be bothered by it not even once or ever again. but currently only bloodlines allows this with the necklace. which makes the other two games a definite do not like or want around me ever. I think any gridwide game that allows someone to harass another person for any reason at all should be banned completely from second life. then there would be no drama about it anymore. I know if I was a sim owner I would ban them all from my sim and would ban anyone even suspected of trying to play it on my sim the moment I found out. regardless of who they were playing it with or why or how or what ever. spampire/spamwolf begone. same for the angel or demon fighting over my soul; my soul..my life force... is not up for grabs or negotiation and never will be.
  24. It really doenst matter what you think is fair or not. Tough if you dont like that you cant always get where you want when you want. You are not entitled too ever. Tough if you dont like the idea that the owner rules the land and their rules are what matter, that is how SL works. You have no special rights or privileges or entitlements in SL. No other person or land owner has to do as you wish or you think is fair or right or moral. Get over yourself in thinking you matter any more than anyone else in what they allowed to do. You dont. If I want to afk at a sim, as long as that sim doesnt expressly say its not allowed in the rules. I will.. no matter if its for 1 hour or 1 day. I used to stay logged in all the time. I never logged out. during those times I often afk'd at sims for days. Tough if it was a popular sim. If the sim owner didnt want it they could eject me. If they didnt then oh well. SL does not need a LL automated ejection system for those who are afk.
  25. If your asking for some auto feature that is present on all regions all the time. OH Hell NO it should not be added. It would cause more problems than good. Sounds like you got mad because you wanted in some region and couldn't get it at the time and because there was some afk so you want to try and force people to not be afk where you want to go. Tough get over it and yourself. You are nobody important that you need to be able to access what ever region you want when you want because you want. People have just as much right to be afk at any sim they want if the sim owner doesn't care that they do as you think you do for being allowed in when you want in. The topic smells like a "im special let me in when I want in or else" topic. plus someone could just contrive an auto-anti-anti-afk script that would make them seem non afk. Its not hard to do really. All anti-afk systems can be defeated by those who really want too. None are impossible to defeat. Guess you never played games that had anti-afk systems that kicked people from the game for being afk..and people would find ways around them. its not that hard really. I could write one for seti autoit and run it on the desktop that would defeat almost all forms of anti-afk detection fairly easily.
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