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  1. Little, your suggestion would be the best in between result. Or at least remove the reputation point and post count from the public display under each users name. force a curious user to have to go to their profile to see it instead. There is no reason to show the post count or reputation on each thread except for vanity reasons. high post count or high reputation doesn't mean the person knows what they are talking about or should be considered any more important than someone with a lower count. Its easy to manipulate the system if someone really wanted to eg; create a dozen alts/sock puppets and have them respond in various manners to each post made.
  2. I have to agree with you completely reputation systems never work out on most forums that have them. And yes I do know this for I have been a member of dozens if not hundreds of different forums over the years I have been online. There is always one group or another of people that will abuse them or try and use them to boost their vanity or ego. Something that has no positive effect for any community ever and should not be pandered to in any way shape or form. I agree the OP of a thread should be able to close it or lock it after they think its served its purpose and if anyone wants to say anything new they can create their own new thread and reference the original but many would complain that adds 'more' space for them to have to read. I also agree with time limited replies to any specific thread or limited posts per day in general. This would reduce post hogs from being able to clutter the forums to inflate their post count quickly. Or maybe limited responses per post based upon time from last reply aka 'must wait x hours before can post again in the same thread'. Or even limit the number of posts per person per day over all. You get x number of posts for the day, after used must wait until the next day to post again. This would give other users more a chance to get a word in edgewise on some of the threads on these forums that explode out of control in just a few short hours.
  3. I dont have any problems scrolling by or skimming through what others say to see if it was worthwhile. The time it takes to do so is inconsequential to me. But then again I read fairly fast so it doesn't take time to read even the longest of replies here. Plus I use a desktop computer where as I can see a lot more per inch. So is not the same for me. You must have a pretty small screen on your laptop to only be able to view so little. Even on my older laptop I could still see more than that.
  4. Do you have the drop down box in the webpage set to show adult items? By default its set to only show G/M items to begin with. Maybe your browser preferences got changes some how and it set itself back to only showing G/M by default again.
  5. in a way yes. just more things being tried out that probably wont end well except for a few that actually end up liking it.
  6. likes can be pointless and added for meaningless reasons, responses actually show some thought and time was taken to write them usually compared to just clicking a button. But I guess that is too much for some people to do, they just want an easy lazy way to respond to what someone said. It would be better, for people to think and respond to why they liked what was said about the post, it gives more depth of meaning at that point then a like/hug ever can. As toward taking up space.. guess people are just to lazy to read an extra reply and want things kept simple and easy to read. It takes less than a moment to read a response or scroll on by it and ignore it. There is no limit to the size of thread or how many replies it can have.
  7. What does it do, simple it gives tpv viewer users the finger. Showing how little LL cares for tpv users. And probably a form of drm which is their right to add to SL if they feel like it to prevent unwanted sharing of videos outside of the event.
  8. Then if it matters so little the why doesnt LL just remove the reputation system all together and just have the reactions be reactions with no reputation points for them. Simple because there are some very vain people on these forums even if some members do not want to admit to it or accept it and LL panders to them to keep them happy, to keep them here. Vanity/reputation systems should not be pandered too in any community, it doesnt help the community grow or stay together, in the end it just cause more problems than good.
  9. The data that is being sent is to see if you have a fb account so you could share the post to fb if you wanted. a lot of sites have this added in them. Anywhere you see that fb button it is making a request to the site one to check if you are a member probably and two, the download that little button icon from the fb servers. It does it for each of them that is shown there i believe.
  10. Been around the block for a while, 11 years and some change; but I dont really keep track of the exact time. It really doesn't matter that much to me. I don't even celebrate or take notice of my rez day when it comes around.
  11. Always the best plan of action to do if you are playing with someone who has an owner or wears a collar. Some subs will play with others without their owners permission and it can end bad for everyone involved. Its always a good idea to get the permission from the owner too before doing anything even if the sub has said it was ok to do. Its just respectful to do so.
  12. Actually there are a lot of bdsm items that do something like this already. Mostly the findom items. The biggest issue is getting your customer to trust you enough to click yes on the permission request.
  13. you might want to make a post in the lifestyle and relationship forum. Not a lot of people watch this one, so you might not get many responses.
  14. either the sub said something to them about it and was too afraid to tell you or you encountered a very insecure domme afraid you were going to steal her sub away from her. I have known both types of people in sl. the narcissistic insecure dom/me and the timid or afraid sub who doesn't want to say anything wrong and make anyone upset.
  15. Believe it or not a lot of people here do that. As long as both parties know about it and are ok with it, nothing wrong. But if you are keeping it a secret then you risk losing both when they find out. People might have a SO or life partner in RL but have a completely different partner in sl. Or maybe a Dom or Master in RL and a different one in SL. Again as long as both know and are ok with it, nothing wrong in doing this if both parties are open or poly. But if either is monogamous and you are doing it you are walking on very slippery grounds.
  16. Bitsy, you make a sold point that it can be about community. Adding it would be ok I guess as long as it does not contribute to reputation like some of the other emoticons that dont. Yes there are a lot of people on these forums obsessed with vanity...
  17. The only real rant or vent I have about the whole covid-19 is people are going to crazy over it and becoming to fearful about it and acting stupid. Its not like its the black plague or something. All the panic buying of things needs to stop. People dont realize that by panic buying they are actually making it worse and not better.
  18. Taking things in stride like everyone else. Dealing with what can be and ignoring what can't. Can't let life control you, its supposed to be the other way around.
  19. I think people are a little bit to obsessed with reaction icons at times. If you want to give a hug, you can use the emote in a response to what they said just as easy. No real need for another reaction emoticon to be added to the forums.
  20. no your not wrong for wanting to ask for clarification for what is going on. Just be ready to deal with any consequences. You might not like the answer you get by doing so. So my advice is ask, be open and honest and up front about what is bothering you. Hey the worst that can happen is the relationship ends and either you stay as just friends or don't and go your separate ways.
  21. I have been many things in sl. Its not always easy for some people to play other personalities than them self. It can become tedious and time consuming to remember the details and keep track of what you last said or did or with who and why. Really what you need to ask is do you like doing what you do? Does it give you some enjoyment being here and acting in that manner? If you answer yes, than there is nothing wrong in what you are doing or how you are being while here. It really doesn't matter what someone other than yourself thinks about what you do or why. You don't need outside verification or validation for what you are doing or why. If it makes sl more fun and enjoyable doing it that is all that matters. Almost everyone wheres a mask here and portrays themselves somewhat or totally different than who they really are in rl. Even the ones that claim they don't actually do. Being behind a name that is not your birth name allows you to be more or do more or act in ways that you wouldn't around others normally. Not being able to be held accountable for your behavior is liberating to some people.
  22. Unlike some who were being rude or sarcastic, sounds like you found a dumbinant aka a fake dominant. 90% or more of the so called dominant's/Masters in SL are fake and dont really care what you want, only what they can get out of you. Either runaway on you collar, wait some time, talk to others and find yourself someone who is more deserving of your gift or submission. Or turn off rlv.. relog.. take off the collar and burn it to dust.. aka delete it. remove him.. block him.. forget about him. OR Maybe he/she was busy today and couldnt get online tonight for some reason. RL happens and no matter how much someone might promise they will be there they often cant. So give it another day or two and if you dont here from them by next week.. then either use /mu runaway or turn off rlv and take off the collar and dont feel bad about doing either. Just consider it a learning experience. there is a thread in the adult forums that kinda talks about this. its my rlv myths busted thread. you might want to read it for it might give a little bit of advice on some of the so called 'Masters' aka Mastas here in sl. You might want to go read the 'How far is to far with a Master' thread too..
  23. Your hilarious as usual. Keep it up.. please.. its amusing.
  24. https://sites.google.com/view/drakonas-musings/about/personal-feelings-about-bdsm I'll just leave this here for anyone else that is curious about bdsm in sl and rl. I hope any of what is on there helps anyone else that has any questions or concerns about what is right or wrong in their D/s realtionship.
  25. Do I know her personally no. Have I seen her posts on the forums before yes. Towards you saying you know them well.. you really dont. because anything they said could be made up if you never met them outside or talked to them outside in voice or cam or some other means. People do lie and play head games with each other here a lot more than most might want to admit or think it happens. You really cant take anyone here at face value only fools or gullible people do that. Has nothing to do with caring or not. Just because you are worried doesn't mean she is or else she would have been back. There are so many ways to access the internet and these forums or sl itself that when anyone disappears its either because they are using an alt they 'dont' want others to know about or they no longer care enough to be here. smartphones, tablet, pc, laptop, library computer, family computer, work computer, friends computer. Even if someone was sick and in the hospital they could still be here unless was in the mental ward, even if was in jail they could still be here, even if was on a trip somewhere they could still be here if they really cared or wanted too. Even if was really busy with work they could still find the time to take a few minutes to come here. The fact that she has not been on that account or her alt, means either she has temporary or permanently left sl and is not concerned if others miss her or not or she would have told someone or left a notice on her profile what was going on or why. Again this has nothing to do with caring about them or missing them. People change, times change, nothing stays the same for long. People do eventually get burned out on sl and leave permanently or take long extended breaks without letting others know why. Not everyone cares if someone knows why they disappear or are going to and why. It doesn't matter how much you may have talked to them here on the forums or in sl itself. You really do not know a person as well as you think you do. Real LIfe is more important than any online interaction through a virtual social platform such as sl.
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