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  1. maybe in some public areas but not in all private areas or companies which can set their own rules of what is accepted or not. LL though a progressive company by most means with as much as they do allow, does not have to allow everything that everyone wants just because they think its unfair if they dont.
  2. The general idea is you have to be 18 to be in sl but not everyone is and same goes for the forums. The forums are not blocked from minors from seeing them or joining them. So they do try and keep the forums pg for the most part and not g or m rated.
  3. consent does not make everything ok or allowed all the time hunny bun. there are some things that cannot be consented to regardless. and the Miller Test does not apply to everything or everywhere. Just because one person may not find it obscene does not mean others might not. So LL has to go with what ever keeps the general public happy the most. Which means censorship of certain things regardless if liked or not. LL cannot cater to everyone to make everyone happy about what they want or like in SL nor are they going to try to either. NO one group or person here is any more important or special than anyone else that their views will have a big impact on what LL allows. So you can keep crying its unfair all you want hunny bun its not going to change it any time soon. Nor do they have to change it suit your wants about if women cant then men cant either just because you think its unfair. Life is not always fair. Time to realize this and grow up.
  4. LOL.. off topic.. but I wonder how many of you know that is is accepted by LL if you are furry to be naked in a G rated sim as long as you dont have 'bits' showing. You can even have your breasts uncovered depending upon the sims Mods and what they allow.
  5. LOL.. kink shame all you want. it doenst bother me really. Cant shame the shameless. You not liking me is a YOU issue and not a me issue at all. Im fine with it and I was being honest in the fact I dont have any feelings towards you one way or another. Besides the stated laws there are morals and ethics of community standards that sl does have to adhere to.
  6. World peace was granted at the cost of 2/3rd the population. Mass exterminations of everyone that disagreed with the idea of it. I wish I didnt smell like elephant dung anymore. (now what you got? LOL)
  7. Because the rules of the land do affect what LL can allow on its forums. And yes if too much female nudity became normalized then parents or others could be offended and complain or give bad pr to sl, something it doesnt need anymore than it does already get in many communities outside of sl already. Just because there is a lot of prono companies in CA does not mean that everything is accepted or allowed there in public or on public venues or forums.
  8. Or some people like pointing out the obvious even if not wanted or liked by others.
  9. Granted the website works but only on certain pages at certain times of the day or night. Keep trying back for what you are looking for. I wish my allergies would go away.
  10. Got to love your random humor at times.
  11. the fact you think I dont like you is really funny. I have no feelings towards you one way or another.. that is a you issue. I could say the same about you if I wanted to be childish about it. there is always an other side to everything, there is never just one side to anything. that is not how life or reality works. there will always be those that will oppose or give the opposing view even if not wanted or liked.
  12. depends on the os as well.. some os's do not obey program settings and will ignore it and force the application to suspend or sleep to reduce cpu usage. so really it becomes an os and application issue. but yes some applications will run at near 100% use in the background only if they are designed to do so such as boinc, which most pretty much all of the viewers are not. but the real problem is you cant force an application to use full cpu or gpu if it was not designed too. this background mode is the same reason why rlv commands cannot work when viewer is in the background or minimized. a lot of games or applications will lower its cpu and gpu usage when in the background when no input is being given. they dont have to continue to run at full force to continue to render the frames they will skip frames to catch up.
  13. mens nips are not considered nudity and never was. tough if you dont like that. if you dont like the rules then maybe you should run for president and change the laws of the land in the us. mens nips are non-sexual, women's are. until the law is rewritten to say what is allowed or not allowed specifically ll has to go by the common sense rule or morally accepted rule of what should be allowed even if some do not like it. currently this is that in most public places even online womes nips are considered sexual. LL does not have to make it fair for you or make you happy. If you dont like it you can quit using sl and they wont really care about losing you.
  14. yes even they will show less usage when in the background not in focus compared to when they are in the foreground. almost all windows applications do this.
  15. doesnt matter its not going to be changed just because some think its unfair. they still have to follow the rules of the laws of the land regardless of what is fair or not to others.
  16. Not in public in most cities in most states where children may be present. And that is all that matters being an adult or giving consent doesnt change the laws.
  17. Simple its because women's nipples are considered sexual and mens are not. Naked women nipples are still not acceptable in most cultures. SL being based in the us, still has to follow us laws about what it does or does not ultimately allow to be seen or shown to others.
  18. You do realize that when you start task manager to look at the performance of other applications most applications go into sleep or suspend mode and will show less use while they are not in the foreground.. Plus sl is more a cpu intensive application and less gpu, and there is no real way to force it to use the gpu more, its totally dependent on the viewer in use and if it was designed to use the newer hardware or not.
  19. *walks in* that person is an emotionally and mentally and sexually insecure little manchild homophobic.. *drops mic and walks out*
  20. Unfortunately you will need several huds and ao's to accomplish this, there is no singular hud/ao or group that will do an all-in-one approach. I dont think its even really possible to make a singular ao and hud that would accomplish all of that really without causing major script lag.
  21. Thanks for sharing your view on what each means to you. For it does make a difference in how others feel or respond when someone uses one of them and intends them to mean something different that what others might think or assume it means for everyone else.
  22. Every reply has value to a thread, there is no unimportant or insignificant replies. Again double the replies is inconsequential you scroll by what you dont want to read. you dont have to read every single reply. If you see its just a reaction reply you scroll on, it takes maybe a few seconds to decide that and move on.
  23. Actually the minimum size is not set by the side bar at all, its set by your monitor size and resolution and zoom level. On larger monitors that side bar information takes up less space per inch viewed if the user has changed the zoom level or resolution. Not everyone keeps their view at 100, some go larger some go smaller. And it depends upon what you have your mouse scroll settings at. Some scroll more per roll of the mouse some scroll less, meaning more or less time to scroll by content. So there is a lot more factors involved. I also disagree that the emoticons add much or any value to any post or thread for every person has a different opinion on what each means or is used for. Which can lead to a lot of discrepancies about what was being meant by the reaction. Where as a reply is harder and less likely to misconstrued about what the user was wanting to imply or say.
  24. There is a change in size of both. If you have a wider screen you can see more per inch, the post is changed in how it appears on a larger screen. It doesn't end the end of the line at the same place. Meaning what once took 2-3 lines for some people to read on a smaller screen, takes less for someone on a larger screen. plus it does matter at what resolution you screen displays as to how much can be seen per inch both width and height wise. It is not the same on all monitors. So yes there would be a difference in total screen content that has to be scrolled over by different individuals. Someone with a 15" monitor would see less than someone with a 17" or larger monitor. Meaning they would have to scroll more in comparison to what the other person has to see. The forum software adapts the size of the post to your screen size, its not a one set size for all. So a wider screen will show more per line while taking up less space per height. Again a larger monitor would show more per height as well as more per width which makes the software change its view size on how many words are show per line and thus effects how much scrolling a person would have to do. Which means I 'can' see more and read more easier, so would not have to scroll as much as you. per post or per reply. So its less of a problem for me so the added size or number of posts or replies would be inconsequential. It does 'not' take up the same space for me or time Plus depending upon resolution of the monitor that makes changes to what can be seen as well individually. At higher resolution on a larger monitor it shows even more per line and per height compared to a smaller monitor at the same resolution or lower resolution. Which means less to scroll by. So saying it would add more for every user to have to read or scroll by its not really true. Only true for those using a smaller monitor or one at a lower resolution or higher zoom level. This entire reply is only 19 lines on monitor to read. On a smaller monitor it will be more.
  25. 8.5 tall or 8.5 corner to corner as most displays would be measured. if its only 8.5 corner to corner. that 'is' a really small monitor even for a laptop. My 9 year old laptop is 15'' corner to corner. if yours is only 8.5 corner to corner thats not a laptop but a netbook/notebook pc. My desktop is a 4:3 display. or about 14" tall. which would be nearly double in height just about. meaning a lot more retail space for reading web pages even at 100% zoom.
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