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  1. not really, i didnt.. but you can think that if you want if it makes you feel better.
  2. no weakness.. I dont try and advance anything. its not my cup of tea. I dont really care if others like me or agree with me on the forums. I dont do the like me, make me popular childhood games. i can argue for the sake of arguing all day and not tire of it.
  3. finally someone with some common sense. who did try and use any silly childish arguments to change opinion or view.
  4. not a strawman its facts even if you dont like it.
  5. people complain about all sorts of unfair practices all the time doesnt make them worth consideration.. see what I did there.. not to everyone, what one person calls art another can call porn. there is no set definitive definition of which is which that everyone has to agree too. lol.. they really do disregard a lot of what people say here, why do you think lindens and the governance dont respond to as much as people might think they should or would. most of the chatter on these forums is used by them for demographics and stats to show how many people come here, not how much they care about what is being said other then certain types of topics. they just dont admit to it or other forumites would raise up in anger at being seen as insignificant as they really are.
  6. when im not and your sarcasm means nothing in the end but minor amusement.
  7. they dont care as much as you want to think they do. go ahead threaten to leave if they dont change it, see if they care or beg you comeback or stay. they wont. they are not going to try and make the 1% or less happy about things. only foolish companies do this.
  8. lol.. no I dont.. for they do. they are a business first and foremost and care more about their bottom line then anything else first and foremost. this is not really a big enough issue for them to worry about just because a few think its unfair. if they changed policy every time any one single person or small group complained it would be total chaos here on the forums and in sl./ the total in this thread pushing for the change make up less than 1% of the users of the forums, you really think they are going to care what less than 1% wants..
  9. I post because I can, and I am fully aware they dont have to care what I say or think or fell either I am not delusional and think they do or have too. There are double standards in life everywhere and complaining about them wont always get them changed. LL doesnt have to change anything.. which some seem to think they do to be fair. life is not fair.. Shes if fully allowed to bring it up to the governance and the governance is fully allowed to ignore it if they choose. nice try grammar nazi. I am not going to change how I type to make you happy. my point is easily understood by anyone with an iq above 10.
  10. sl is not a public place these forums are not a public place, there is no freedoms or rights or privileges or entitlements to anyone here other than what LL gives. They do not have to care if a few people feel any one single or group of polices is unfair. All they care about is the money at the end of the day, not making every single person that comes here and complains about something being unjust unfair, oppressive, not right being corrected or changed to suit that person. and they really wont care if anyone trys to use a poll or petition to get things changed either, they can ignore those as well. the users are not in control of the company, the users have little real say in what ll does with the company regardless if they like to think they do about anything here or inworld.
  11. what one may call artistic freedom another may call obscenity or pornography and unwanted or undesired.
  12. I guess most people in these forums dont realize they make up less than 5% of the total userbase on sl. and LL is not going to change their polices over something they feel is just; to make the 5% happy. toward the other question, they could if it became a big enough problem. where as not allowing nipples is not a big enough problem for them to adjust their polices for to make a few people happy here.
  13. Not faulty or flawed at all. LL does not need to care if any of you in this thread doesnt like its current polices on what it allows on the forums.
  14. Neither does LL have to care you think its unfair, YOU nor anyone else is entitled to have SL or these forums be exactly how you want ever because you think something is unfair about how the do things. Where as LL does have to care about the court of public opinion and what the media might say about it. The user/customer/consumer is not always right and does not always get what they want.
  15. Any extremist church groups that might use SL. and yes they do exist even in sl. Or anyone in general that does not believe in public nudity and yes there are some in sl that are like that.
  16. Not false by any means. Nice try and discrediting me and failing.
  17. There is emotional and mental trauma that can be caused by what people do here. I guess you dont realize that. And yes LL could be held accountable for it if a parent or individual wanted to make a case about it.
  18. You dont really know that. You want to assume and that is where there the problem is. There is a lot of people out there that would be very outraged if womens nipples were allowed on these forums.
  19. What would the forums do without you? LOL.
  20. actually they are, if someone who was underage got hurt because of something that happened here LL can be held accountable for it. just like if you went to any other club or place and something happened to you and you got hurt you could sue that club for it happening on their grounds or because of them. They are more G rated than having no covering at all.
  21. nah, just you dont know me very well. plus you think that LL has to care if "YOU" are happy or not over anyone else. They dont, your not special or important to them and never was. No one here really is. the only thing they really care about is money at the end of the day. Not if a few forumites are unhappy. You are not entitled to have the forums work how "YOU" want them to work because otherwise its not fair.
  22. people do lie all the time to join services like this. so because of that LL does have to be careful on what they allow to be seen. the forums are not blocked from public view without an account. you can be logged out and still see what is being posted here.
  23. Your windows were washed, but the washer who was new to the job left a very annoying spot right in the center or each one of them. I wish I had a vase to put myself in. (yes I like roses)
  24. It doesnt really matter what you or anyone else in this thread thinks or likes or doesnt about it. LL does not have to change or cater its way of business to keep everyone happy. That is a failing business practice. They have to stand their ground on some things even if some think its trivial and should be changed. As long as any state or country has laws against nudity in public they have to adhere to it or be possibly sued and yes it can happen. And short of taking LL to court because you feel their view of what is nudity or not is unfair they dont have to change their rules ever.
  25. It really doesnt, maybe i just decided to use that to be snarky like she likes to be towards me. I can give what I get just as well as anyone else here. If you think that means im a man or anything else, you really have no clue. there are a lot of women that use that term too.
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