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  1. In its initial form you could not speak with anyone else that was not in local. no im's no notecards.. nothing. it was like having your chat blocked by rlv.
  2. set up a group for the club and invite people to it, then message them in group when ever an event is going on its the basic way most clubs promote themselves and then let word of mouth help too. if you get too spammy with invited or messages or commercials it might actually drive away possible patrons who dont like such things though.
  3. What a bunch of ugly mugs.. no wonder people dont stay long after seeing those as their choices to start off with..
  4. There is an option in fs that allows you to show muted text.. its kind of silly to have really.. since if your going to mute someone why would you want to see their muted text...
  5. peeve.. life.. because its like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you are going to get until you bite..
  6. like the others have said unless its scripted to cause harm, then i would not worry so much about it. unless you know the other person and they didnt want the items passed around. and some times accounts that are banned may be only temp banned for a set time and the person may be back and then they can deal with it themselves if they feel something was done wrong by the other person sharing the items.
  7. Many collars dont require you to modify them for that purpose, they have a follow feature. It acts like being leashed but without the leash particles being shown. You can adjust the follow distance on them to be very close to simulate walking close to each other. but the other will always follow just a little bit. If set too short, the follower will bounce off the other person when they start and stop moving though. thing about using a collar, its you can get them for free from opencollar instead of having to buy one from some other place.
  8. neither, it just depends upon the song really and the music that goes with the song. I can enjoy either gender as the singer of a song if they can sing it well.
  9. run out of stuff to do? me? never... I can always just come here to the forums and be brat if I get bored with everything else. So I always have something to do.
  10. Eh, don't worry about it so much. Some will either get it or they wont. Those that don't and get too offended are not really worth your time and energy. Just move on and forget about it and them if it happens. If they are not willing to speak up or let you apologize or not willing to try and understand where you are coming from they are not worth the time or effort or energy to be around.
  11. Totally agree with what you said. its a two way street where communication and trust and willingness to learn and explore is important.
  12. If someone has been banned or suspended you will get an email from them saying when it happened, why it happened and for how long it is. If you dont see it; check your spam mail folder to see if it was sent there.
  13. peeve... the human race.. it just stinks.. yall should wash off more often.. you ever wonder why the knight can never sneak up on a dragon, we can smell you for miles around..
  14. still nothing really.. still just taking one day at a time..
  15. I dont believe in traditional weddings either. They are just a money pit and more for the families to enjoy and not really smart in todays age.
  16. You could always just download the image to your computer at that point and then upload it here, then if you didnt want to keep the image anymore just delete it from your computer. The problem may lie in the fact if the image size is too big for the forums, the forums has a limit on how big the file can be in Kb. if its too big it wont let it upload here, which is why hot linking is often done to share from other places.
  17. maybe not but it is still sort of stupid to do. what if the relationship ends or fails for some reason. you have a permanent mark on you at that point, that is harder to remove then a tattoo in many cases. yes some pets are branded by their owners and some other slaves but still silly to do.
  18. So much this, it works so much better then just copying the address at the top of the page, which often is just a link to the site where it is stored at and not the actual image which confuses the forum software.
  19. LOL.. goreans... the 'cult of idiots' is more apt what to call them. RL goreans are some really creepy people, and sl is not much better. Some even go as far as letting themselves be branded in rl to show who their owner/Master is.
  20. right but that requires you to have and use and know how to use such plugins, which not a lot of people do.
  21. If you had an android you could. for you can use lumiya on android phones, its old and not been updated for two years but still works and has limited graphics and even rlv support.
  22. Even if you think they are not hiding any groups from you. You can always go through all your groups and look for their name in them. They cannot hide it from you unless the group creator has the user list hidden by default. Plus you will always show up as online in any group you are in. Something I wish they would remove. If set to show up as offline it should be for everything groups included. this would then break a lot of those online tracker devices.
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