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  1. Wendy was kicked out of oc by the original oc developers for trying to turn oc into a closed source collar system. Which is not what oc was ever meant to be. She wanted to make it a for profit system towards the scripts. Making them all no mod. And it is not arguably the biggest base or group of users of collars. And most people when saying oc mean oc and not peanut. Only those uneducated assume peanut is oc.. There are many collar developers different from oc or peanut. Neither is the best out there. Everything a peanut collar can be made to do so can an oc
  2. Not if the roster is not set to public by the group's admins. Some groups also hide the members list in the group to protect against that very behavior.
  3. Fits with what's going on in the world right now.
  4. Simple answer.. no. Complex reason.. it's pointless because most of the people of the world don't come here; so what protests or support is shown on the forums or in world is meaningless. It's just being done to try and make a few feel good for not going out and actually participating..in the real world.
  5. Your opinion is just that.. an opinion.. neither more or less right or relevant of my own.
  6. The overly hopefull optimistic forgiver..this was already understood about you. Don't change..if you can. But not all things are possible. One person's protection is another's abuse or harm. Two sides of the same coin.
  7. Anyone can learn if they just throw off the false belief that humans are caring by nature. Most are not. Look at the riots happening now. This is just human nature showing itself. No matter how good some claim to be push them far enough and they will show the monster that lurks just under their skin. Scratch any hero deep enough and you will find a monster inside.
  8. I know human nature it doesn't take any special understanding to do so.
  9. I don't think that at all. I just don't go through life believing the lies that people are good inherently. Most people are not.
  10. Because you will only get hurt in the end. Remove the rose colored glasses.. you wish to see humans in to high of regards to what they really can be like.
  11. With the number of slaves and subs out there willing to hop collars for just about any reason. This is not really that great of an accomplishment to brag about. Sl slaves/subs are a dime a dozen.
  12. Arcadia is 'not' open collar or affiliated with OC in any way. It is owned by a private collar developer VD. There is a new collar/relay/hud being developed by ~silenced~ on the mp called Whim. It's for transformation roleplay. Or there is always the old icontrol collar and cuffs. If into kidnapping. There is always Sin Tracker. There is always RR and MD or Mars collars. There is always the old 'chain of command' scrjpts. If more into pet play and speech control search for apashia on the mp.
  13. Very few people are actually just text suggestive. Most require more than one form of trance induction such as text and visual. Some require visual and audio. Some require all three in order to trance. Most of the hypnosis in sl is just rp. But some of it is real. And can be used for abuse if the wrong person is trusted.
  14. Integrity... pfft.. another label for following the rules because of fear. People only do things to get something back out of it or because they fear the consequences of failure to do so. Humans are animals at heart and if pushed enough will show their true nature. Humans are not a noble race like some want to think or believe or claim. What am I.. an animal that doesn't try to hide behind lies of being a civilized creature to try and fool myself or others like most other humans do. I am not ashamed of what I am like so many others seem to be.
  15. Scared of what? Covid? Not at all. Why should I be. Scared of death? Not at all. Why should I be. Scared of life? A little bit. Scared of the unknown? A little bit. Scared of much else? A few things but not many.
  16. Humans only follow the rules or laws of society because of fear of punishment. If you think it is because of something higher you are sadly mistaken. It is fear that government and society uses to control the masses. You sadly want to think it is something more righteous when it is not. Just because someone wrote some x-stages of anything does not make it true or valid. That is just their opinion on the subject and their attempt to label and control by making everyone think they are correct and anyone else is wrong if they disagree. Same way the bible and religion works. Fear
  17. its all relative and and all perspective based and none are absolute except in the mind of the beholder. which neither makes it wrong or correct for everyone is entitled to have an opinion or view that disagree's with someone else, which does not make theirs correct or the others wrong except within their own mindset. and logic and rational thinking is often wrong. it was once believed that man could not fly or ever would, or that the earth was flat, or that man cannot survive in outerspace or make it to the moon, yet all have been done.
  18. it could be a scale issue as well. maybe the picture is out of scale compared to what the forum allows, to big one direction or the other. some forums do limit the x/y scale and anything above is rejected. its not always just about the file size aka Mb, but the picture dimensions too.
  19. there are no absolutes and at the end of the day no ones opinion is more valid or less valid than anyone else. you shouldn't really care what others think or feel about what you say or think or feel or believe; you shouldn't really seek validation from others. for then they have the power to control your perspective of the world. never a good thing.
  20. depends upon sexual preference. babe. hun. babygirl. and a lot of so called male terms have been are and used by women too. there is not really any term that is male or female only in use.
  21. there is always someone seeking to control someone in some form or another. there will never be true 100% equality in this world as long as there are different genders and opinions and views and ethics and morals and standards.
  22. some real life women use that term too. its not just a male term.
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