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  1. It would be better to do something out of sl then try it in sl. like as suggested a gofundme page.
  2. Its F-Bison... now I wonder who will get the reference..and where from..
  3. but your spending too much for that, where there was that cheaper version that did just as good... and your spending too little for that for you know price denotes value and quality.
  4. Oh I'm very well aware of this. They really don't care at all who they might loose. They never did or ever will.
  5. I tried it.. don't really care for it.. so won't be using it. So any creators that only deal in bom will never see me as a customer.
  6. I vm different os's for what ever I need or want. mac..android, linux..windows..
  7. are you running two instances of the same viewer or two separately installed viewers. it can matter because it may be using the same cache file location for both, and each viewer may be constantly trying to update the cache changing it. causing minor glitches each time it re-reads from the cache.
  8. brain erection= good rp, that is enticing enough to make you want to stay for more.. not "oh baby yes!!!!!" repeated over and over.
  9. There is such a thing as 'too much of a good thing'. when you get to that level and stay there for extended periods of time, it can cause burnout and you will either willingly or forcibly end up taking a break from it. Its why its a good idea to have multiple hobbies or activities to be involved with. so when burn out sets in from one, you can switch to another. Here in sl that can be accomplished with having alts. you got your worker alt, your explorer alt, your bdsm alt, your vanilla chill alt.
  10. I would not mind a re-draw of my first question. since I know things can change on the other side the results may not always stay the same.
  11. dont hold your breath or quit you day job.. is all i will say on this.
  12. they may have been out for other reasons themselves too that required them to be out.
  13. they were just doing what you yourself was doing.. ignoring the lockdown... so they are no more at fault for being there either. picking up your car or not you were still ignoring the lockdown too. its funny when people complain about what others were doing when they were doing it themselves too.
  14. lesson learned, give them the money next time and let them buy it for themselves. yes it might supposed to have been a gift or surprise. but it still works either way.
  15. I don't fear clowns. not even when IT came out. I think some people fear them because of the outlandish makeup. Its so different, so shocking to them that it makes them question the person wearing such bright colors. People don't like shock and change and being surprised as much as some people might want to believe they do.
  16. what is my relationship with death? I know her quite well. we have met several times and talked and then decided it was not my time yet. have I ever written a will.. No. I have no need one of one, what I have is of little value or importance that what ever is done with it when I finally die makes no difference to me.
  17. There are new fools everyday in sl, so there is always a chance that someone who is spammed in such a manner will actually go to their store and possible buy something. Plus there is always the chance that the person receiving it might not care about it sooo much and would just delete it if they dont plan on going or keep it for a possible idea later in time. It is a form of marketing that does work in many ways. just like pressure sales, and time limited discounts, and one day at x% off sales. these kinds of things target those kinds of people that can be influenced by the fear of do it now or loose out and pay more later. And to some its not spam, its just like getting adds in a newspaper.. you read them or dont.. you buy or dont. you dont make a fuss about it, because its not worth it.
  18. 8 years old.. my parents tried the ole put the box under the tree then claim its empty and just a place holder until santa fills it lie. It was a couple days before christmas, I woke early one morning before everyone else and secretly unwrapped and then rewrapped one when I had found out it was full. I then acted all surprises xmas day about what the gift was so they didnt know.
  19. Necro Posting.. its the new thing. Everyone should give it a try.
  20. arguing for any reason is pointless. you cant change the mind of someone who is unwilling to changer their mind in their first place. debates are pointless, most people are not swayed one way or another unless they were undecided in the first place. if they already had an opinion no amount of discussion is going to change it. its why certain states always vote certain ways, because the people already have their mind made up on who/what they prefer over what anyone else ever says.
  21. It may have been pointed out once before but learn to use the forum search feature. You might find a topic similar to what you are thinking about asking that you can just necro post in instead. You will get a lot of love from the forumites for doing so.
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