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  1. because they can and chose too because they don't care if others don't like it, because they did after they were done with it.
  2. usually its been photoshopped to make it look more realistic to try and entice you to buy it. It normally wont look that good on a normal pc. It would require running on ultra to even come close to the looks in the add.
  3. my least favorite.. pretty much all of them. I dont really care for holiday music at all.
  4. no attitude at all, just simple truth. not all companies do or have to require their employees to work the holidays even if they provide a 24/7 service. just because secondlife itself and the forums does not shut down, doesn't mean they have to have a full support staff available on the holidays. because a normal person will wait until the next day instead of panic or complain like an entitlement minded child.
  5. no, not all can or will wait, they want instant slexual gratification the moment they start the rp, it better be in sight or it ruins the immersion to some.
  6. to some that is the same as playing a game. there is no difference to gamers. table top, pc, console its all a game to them. so they will call it a game regardless what kind of platform its on or what others want it to be called. if you can play games on it or in it its gaming platform to a gamer.
  7. its still a game to some people.. yes you can level up.. yes you can get loot.. yes it has a plot and story line and a goal in some cases. just depends upon the rp, or the combat hud you are using. if you can play games on it or in it, it a gaming platform. so yes even facebook could be considered more than a social media platform. for there are some that go on facebook and only place the facebook games and do nothing else.
  8. Just because x y or z happened doesn't make you any more special or important than anyone else. It's simply your ticket came up in the que and they finally looked at it. That's all.. nothing else.
  9. you can demand all you want and threaten to leave all you want but that does not mean they are going to care now or ever, because you are not nearly as important to them as you like to think. go ahead and leave, I doubt they will say anything about but the customary we are sorry to see you go.. which is sent to everyone that leaves. no they do not have to balance anything out because you or anyone else says so ever. they will never loose enough customers because new ones join all the time. so the fear of loosing you is nothing to them. full time 24/7/365 support is not part of the product and never was even if you want to think it is or should be. they never said you will have 24/7/365 support at the very moment you want it ever..
  10. not incorrect in any way at all. You are not nearly as important as you like to think you are. You have no special rights or entitlements or anything about how the company has to act in what ever manner you like or want. the fact you cannot understand this, means you lack full grounding in reality and like to live in a fantasy world of your own making at times. where you think you are special or important and deserve to be treated in special ways.. your not. anyone that pays full price for a half done product has no right to complain about their own stupidity ever. as said before the customer is not always right and never was or will be. no matter how many arrogant or delusional people want to constantly profess this to be true. its not and never was.. so take a reality check.. your not in control over the company and how it has to make you happy at all. you are a number to them nothing more. they done owe you anything but what you agreed to, nothing more.
  11. your not entitled to any discount just because they are not there 24/7/365 just because you think they should be. no it puts it on you and your complaining that the company wont act or behave how you think they should, when they don't ever have to no matter what you think is right or fair or not. just because you work in a 365/24/7 company that does not give holidays is your own choice. Other companies do not ever have to be how your company is, no matter what sort of service they provide. if your dumb enough to buy an item at full price when its not finished that is your fault and no one elses. wait for the reviews, dont just jump the gun and buy just because you want it nowz and cant wait a few extra days or weeks until the reviews come out about it. people who do that have no right to complain at all for their own stupid mistake of buying early or not doing proper research before buying something not finished.
  12. You refuse or fail to understand that no one has to care how their actions affect your play at all. They don't have to care if you think their items are too complex and it is causing any visual lag for you in the slightest. Your not entitled to anything from them ever. You have no rights over how they use their land or items ever even if it affects you at all. your only choice is dont go there or deal with it. some of you people are so self absorbed at times that you think others have to care what you like or don't. well here is a clue.. that's not how it works. doesn't matter if you think it makes them rude or selfish or uncaring, they more than likely don't care what you think or feel about them and never will. so complaining about it is pointless for its not going to magically change anything. the people you complain about, the creators or neighbors probably don't even read the forums, so they are not even going to see it or care in the slightest they made your fun or enjoyment less by what they did. tough if you don't think its right or fair either. deal with it.. or find another place to live that suits your desires. 'omg my neighbors are rude or uncaring; but im going to stay here and just whine about it in hopes they will change their ways' seriously....
  13. a gentlemen's club is just a classy strip club. and all strip clubs are sex clubs at the end of the day. for that is the entire reason for them existing. if you were a furry or didnt mind furries I could have listed a few clubs where most of the people there are chil and just there to enjoy the music of have a good time and respect each others limits.
  14. sounds like your 'Master' is nothing but a collector.. a big turn off for many subs or slaves here. Not a lot like to be just a trophy sub.. there has to me more than just that to entice people to want to consider it.
  15. search the mp, you can find lots of collars and cuffs and ballgags and blindfolds and other rlv scripted items. just depends on the body you use if they will fit or not.
  16. the cloud keeps changing my avatar and my clothes on my avatar everytime I log in. my collars settings are being reset by the cloud all the time.. my personal sky and water colors have been changed by the cloud. my rlv is not working right because of the cloud. the cloud is making the world a stinky place.
  17. off topic is off topic.. period. You want to complain about when things go off topic then it applies to everything and everyone in that topic. side banter is still off topic. its by the graciousness of the mods that its allowed to go as far as it does. they don't even have to allow that if they wanted to be strict as they could be about staying on topic. So be grateful they do allow side banter at times instead of complaining about it, thinking that it has to only go how you want all the time. my post count means nothing to me.. sad if you think it does. peeve/rant threads are pointless and a waste of space, they do nothing to improve anything but let sad people stroke their ego about what they dont like and think others have to care about it or be nice or agree with them in the thread or else they are just a bully or troll.. pathetic. everyone including me is allowed to express their feelings here even if it is in disagreeance with others. I dont have to agree and I dont have to shut up if I dont agree.
  18. just because some are working does not mean anything at all. does not mean your complaints are any more important than anyone else ever. you were gotten to when they had the time to do so. not because you were important or special or entitled as a customer.
  19. pressured doesn't mean they will change. some creators do not care and wont ever, same as some users. Not everyone here cares how their actions impact on others even if told about it or asked why they do it. they may be the few but they exist and always will. to some people this is all about them and they don't care if others are having the same level of fun or enjoyment. and no amount of complaining or explaining to them will change them either. and that is what my point is about. Not everyone cares or will or has to because someone else thinks they should. and nothing said or done will change it. even boycotting their store wont change it, for others will still go and buy because of the eye candy.
  20. no, you were expecting me to say they have it because its normal and expected to be there as part of the service.. I fully understood your attempt at manipulation.
  21. easily done, because that is what they carry, not because they have to carry them all the time. for there have been times I have been to the store and it had neither eggs or bread that day. did I whine and complain like a entitlement minded brat? NO. I simply waited and came back another day when they did. same goes for this. You dont get to have everything the very moment you want all the time no matter if you think you do or should. You are not nearly as important or special as you might want to think. grammar nazi's are hilarious when they get bent out of shape because you didnt add in one silly what ever..
  22. just because it is open 24/7 does not mean they have to keep support staff on hand 24/7. not all companies do this or ever will, no matter how unfair or unjust or wrong or improper business performance, you might think it to be. the customer is NOT always right and never was. Try and go to a bmw store and order a cheeseburger you will be laughed out of the store. Try and go to a fast food store and demand that they offer you a new car, you will be told to leave. Go to a grocery story that doesn't carry or sell a particular item you want and demand that they do, you will be told its not going happen. go to a retail store that doesn't carry xyz item you want and demand that they get it, they will laugh you out of the store. try and go to a car sales place and demand a new car for a used car price. its not going to happen.. why.. because the customer is NOT always right no matter how much they might want to think they are. Only arrogant egotistically delusional people think that the customer is always right or always in control. You are nobody special and never was or ever will be. You are a number and that is it. tough if you dont like that.
  23. they know, the just dont care how it might affect your performance on your possible potato of a machine. they more than likely made it on a higher end pc that could handle it with little to no problems. so went for as complex and detailed as they could for the better eye candy effect. not every creator or avatar wearer cares about arc or complexity and never will either. i have seen avatars with complexities near 1,000,000 before and when told, they didnt care at all. It looks good on their screen and that is all that matters, not if others can see it too.
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