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  1. 7 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    TP spam only to eject upon arrival? Who does that? That's one good way for a club to earn a spot on the boycott list.

    could have been maybe they didn't like the avatar the other person had like how some clubs are anti-furry/mythical animals.

    could have been a club that still thinks that it would still help on visitor count and doesn't realize they have to be there for a set time for it to count as actual traffic.


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  2. I have to agree with maitimo on this, use a system developed for you or one you create on your own. don't use actual lindens. this will keep away those who will just log in and stand around waiting for their pay. there are some rp/battle systems that implement things like this, but they would not be really suitable for family rp sims.

  3. 6 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    Well, no, actually. This is not "the issue."

    I have nowhere suggested that jerks shouldn't have the right to be jerks. They do. Nor have I at any point suggested that I have the right -- the "entitlement" -- to stop them from being jerks. It is you who insist that this is about rights and entitlements, not me.

    What I am suggesting is that people who are jerks don't need to choose to exercise their rights to be jerkish.

    A civilized, well-functioning society is not made up of individuals continually battling to assert their "right" to be this or that -- although rights are, of course, important. A really civil society, one that works well and that therefore is most conducive to people being happy together in a community, is one in which there is a fine and dynamic balance between individual rights and the good of others, and of the community -- between our own rights, and our responsibility to others. It is one in which choosing not to do something that is my "right," but that will be disruptive, uncomfortable, or obnoxious to someone else is an expression of my understanding that my happiness is inextricably connected to that of other people around me. And it is, of course, also an expression of my respect for other human beings.

    Here's the thing. This vision you evoke so frequently of a world where everyone is in conflict, and obnoxiously asserting their rights in defiance of everyone else, is totally, completely, and utterly alien to me. I don't live in a world like that, in RL, or in SL. Because, you see, I choose to hang out with people who are caring, and supportive, and generous, kind, and considerate of others. My friends, without exception, and beginning with Maddy and the three lovely women I live with here, all care about me, and other people. That's actually a basic qualification of being my friend in the first place. 

    I'm not interested in socializing or associating with jerks, so . . . I don't.

    Why do you?

    Even so called friends can be jerks at time and you shouldn't trust them so much that they wont be when the time is right for them to do so.

    Even your best friends can and will betray you at some point when you least expect it and it suits them. But of course you will probably be one that just takes it on the chin and forgives them for it and makes nothing about it. Or you will oblivious too it until someone ever points it out and even then you still probably will discount what ever is said.

    I don't choose to be around jerks, it just happens. When I can I keep away from them, but it doesn't stop me from realizing they are there and how they will act when they want.

    My views may be alien to you, but they are none the less real and do happen more often then you realize or wish to think or believe. Most people are not nearly as considerate as you wish to think all the time. Just because you have a few around you that currently act or play as if they are, doesn't mean they are all the time.

    people wear masks even friends, they will act one way around you and another to strangers. so even the most well behaved friend may be a total jerk to other people.


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  4. To the OP I could see it happening maybe if the sell goes through and the new owners decide they want more money out of SL then what they would currently be getting. But I can also see it not happening because it would drive away thousands of users that will not under any circumstance ever pay for premium; even with the stipend and the free house/land it doesnt make it worth paying for it.

    plus if it became a subscription based system it would slow down new users joining by a large percentage. Not a lot of people are willing to pay for a subscription without first being able to test it out to see if its worth it.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Da5id Weatherwax said:

    Apart from reasonable use of "applause", audible gesture spam in the Boiling Point when there's a DJ or other performer on the stream - and "audible gestures" includes "intimate sound effects" from body parts even though its an adult club - will result in I or one of my minions on the security team politely asking you to mute them. Same applies to overuse of text gestures disrupting chat in the club.

    If the polite request has no effect we ask impolitely. After that, regardo boot.

    But you see not every staff member in every club of venue does the same thing. So this is the you and your place rule thing. Which is completely fine and within your rights to do.

    The problem is not a lot of clubs have staff members or owners that think or feel the same way about gestures.

    What this topic really is about secretly is one persons dislike of gestures and wanting everything to be dull and boring because they don't like any distractions in what they are doing. They want to be at a club and think its has to be quiet except for the music or the dj. That is not how a club works..

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  6. 4 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    There's this thing that we humans have developed over thousands of years called "having consideration for others."

    It's gone out of fashion recently in certain parts of the world, but it's one of the reasons most of us manage to get along without banning, muting, ignoring, shooting, nuking, etc.

    See, here is the issue. You think your entitled to people caring about how you feel. You are not. No one has to care how anyone else feels about anything as long as it is not breaking the rules of the sim or the tos. It doesn't matter if one person or even several get upset or annoyed, they have the choice and power to do something about it, put the person offending them on ignore. If they don't its their own fault for not using the tools that were given to them. Tough if they don't like the idea of having to do so or don't want to because they want to be lazy and just expect the other person to care about how they feel instead because they are entitlement minded children. Life doesnt work that way. Its evolved beyond that level of manipulation by others.

    No one here has any special rights or entitlements or privileges as to how anyone else has to act around them ever. Yet a lot of people in world and on the forums want to think they do.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

    Yes yes, blah blah. You can have my talking dick when you pry it from my cold, dead, whatever. It's my right to be sexually in-your-face and publicly annoying yada yada yada.

    Much depends, obviously, on context. There are places where this sort of thing is appropriate. Boring and stupid, still, but appropriate.

    But wearing your chatty hoo-hoo to a moderate rated club in which the majority of visitors are likely to care far more about the music than about your sexual predilections? That's just obnoxious.

    Maybe so, but they don't have care about it unless the sim/club owner or a staff member request them not too or puts it in the rules not to. What any other person there thinks or feels or likes or doesn't is irrelevant really.

    No one really has to care what anyone else likes or doesn't here or in world ever. People need to stop thinking that others have to or should or need to and instead just uses the tools provided to remove that annoyance and then continue on. If they don't and then complain or get annoyed its their own fault, not the fault of the other person at all.

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  8. oh my oh my.. such drama in this thread its so thick you can cut it with a butter knife.. its hilarious what some people will argue over at times and what others will get offended by. Just proves that no one here is superior or better or more enlightened or mature or adult than anyone else no matter how much they might want to think or claim they are.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

    PA is different IMO, you have to umm... "manipulate" it to get the best effect :D

    EDIT: PA can be muted by the owner, you can do that from the HUD

    but then it its not the same. part of the lure of pa is the local experience and having it respond to what someone is doing and others hearing or seeing it.

    but yes it has a sleep mode and a silent mode even has a user notification option. but a lot of other things do not have those sort of options.

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  10. 1 minute ago, RowanMinx said:

    They really should include that option.  Always seems sort of noonish to have your privates chatting in public.  Not sure why they need to chat at all as my RL one has never said a word.

    Its sometimes about the humiliation or the excitement for some people. just like slappers and spankers and moaners. it so other people get to know what you are doing or is being done to you by someone else. some people are exhibitionists and some people like to watch.

  11. 1 minute ago, RowanMinx said:

    Same goes for talking genitalia.  😄  Too lazy to emote so I'll just click your hooha countless times and annoy everyone around since you haven't figured out how to set it to private.  Sorry, but I include that as gesture spam.


    LOL.. then you would not like my PA stuff.. :P

    Not all things can be set private. some of those kinds of things do not have a private setting or im only setting. So there is nothing they can do about it.

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  12. The real issue is not about not knowing how to use mesh, that is easily learnable. The biggest issue is not knowing what to do afterwards, there is no direction or reason. A lot of people come here thinking its a game of sorts and has a direction a purpose a meaning a quest to complete and when they find out it doesn't they just leave.

    They need welcome people that are willing to set and talk with and show people around, help you learn more about how to tp, and places to go and things to see and do. 

    Using mesh is not the biggest issue by far.

    My first time here I got stuck in a sim and didn't know how to leave it. It got boring being the only person in it, so I logged out and didn't come back for several months before deciding to give it another chance. By then I had watched a few videos on youtube how to get around and do things. So it made it easier to find other places to travel too.

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  13. 1 hour ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I tend to see more of it coming from the audience than the DJ, though sometimes other staff people are also to blame.

    Often the audience does over do it as well. Mostly its the host/hostess that I see at times. which is why I usually dont tip them when they do. I usually end up muting whoever is in the club doing it. easier then letting them drive me away and ruining my enjoyment of the music at the moment.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Sorciaa said:

    Odd, cause it makes me want to do the opposite and mute the sound. A little hard to enjoy the music when its always drowned out by annoying noise, but thats me. I guess someone must like it

    yep, they basically are shooting themselves in the foot doing it, but they think its the cool thing to do because so many other clubs do the same thing. So they think it is the normal or correct way to run a club.

    If at a club, I usually mute the host/hostess and often the dj, and just listen to the music because of it.

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  15. Don't take anything personal, don't internalize what anyone says about you or how they might reply to what you say or post. Everyone here has varied and differing opinions that might not mesh up well with each other and may lead to major disagreements.

    Remember sl is meant to be a fun place, so don't let someone elses problems ruin your fun while here or in world.

    learn to ignore what you dont like and learn to use the block feature to remove those who you have problems with from your viewing.

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  16. 7 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    Creators failing to understand that not all facial expressions are created equal when putting them into furniture.  At least state which heads the bento animations are meant for so people won't end up with impossibru faces for wearing the wrong head.

    I can agree with this one. Its really funny and yet not when you sit on a piece of furniture and suddenly you face gets all screwed up because of the animations the furniture has.

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  17. 4 hours ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

    It wasn't a case of 'suddenly' not wanting to talk about something.  I didn't want to talk about anything but the actual topic.  Perhaps my brain works differently from some but my intention was simple.  Believe that or not it is the truth.  I am quite straightforward really, and I try to be precise.  That makes my focus perhaps a little narrow sometimes and I'm surprised at what happens.

    If it helps, and it might not, I tried that 16 personalities test, the result of which was that I am apparently a Logician type.  Test-worthiness aside, when I'm in my own world of thoughts it's less likely that I can predict what others will do, even were I to consider it.  The only games I'm inclined to play with people are puzzles and the like.

    Was all that worth saying?  I don't know.  On past forum form I expect it will be misinterpreted or doubted as well.

    Its because of how you come across at times. you act at times that you have the say in what is allowed or not here. that if you dont like it, it shouldnt be here instead of just not reading it or just ignoring it like everyone else would do.

    that test is not accurate and should not be taken as an absolute as to what you are. according to that test im a turbulent mediator.. had I taken that test when I was in my 20's it would have been different, and it will change in years to come too. Those tests are by no means truly accurate to what a person is. your personality can and does change over the years.

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