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  1. 3 minutes ago, FairreLilette said:

    Starts singing "another one bites the dust"....

    PEEVE:  Arguing for arguing sake.

    arguing for any reason is pointless. you cant change the mind of someone who is unwilling to changer their mind in their first place. debates are pointless, most people are not swayed one way or another unless they were undecided in the first place. if they already had an opinion no amount of discussion is going to change it.

    its why certain states always vote certain ways, because the people already have their mind made up on who/what they prefer over what anyone else ever says.

  2. It may have been pointed out once before but learn to use the forum search feature. You might find a topic similar to what you are thinking about asking that you can just necro post in instead. You will get a lot of love from the forumites for doing so.

  3. 11 hours ago, Maryanne Solo said:

    I don't think you could in its initial implementation. I could be wrong.
    > I < never got sent there ofc. 😇😁

    In its initial form you could not speak with anyone else that was not in local. no im's no notecards.. nothing. it was like having your chat blocked by rlv. :P

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  4. set up a group for the club and invite people to it, then message them in group when ever an event is going on its the basic way most clubs promote themselves and then let word of mouth help too. if you get too spammy with invited or messages or commercials it might actually drive away possible patrons who dont like such things though.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Chaser Zaks said:

    The choice on the sign up page was removed in favor of the "Choose an Avatar" floater that appears when first launching the viewer. I believe this change was made to better allow people to preview the avatar choices in-world. You will probably not see this floater if you are making a alternative account, as the "First launch" flag is set to False.

    The current sign-up implementation appears to give people a random avatar from the pool of avatars where the gender of the random avatar matches the Resident's choice upon sign up.

    This is the current pool of avatars as of October 2020:


    What a bunch of ugly mugs.. no wonder people dont stay long after seeing those as their choices to start off with..

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  6. like the others have said unless its scripted to cause harm, then i would not worry so much about it. unless you know the other person and they didnt want the items passed around. and some times accounts that are banned may be only temp banned for a set time and the person may be back and then they can deal with it themselves if they feel something was done wrong by the other person sharing the items.

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  7. 21 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Another solution is a modification of the BDSM "collar and leash".  In this modification, there is no visible collar or leash, but the same technique is used to get one person to follow another closely.

    Many collars dont require you to modify them for that purpose, they have a follow feature. It acts like being leashed but without the leash particles being shown. You can adjust the follow distance on them to be very close to simulate walking close to each other. but the other will always follow just a little bit. If set too short, the follower will bounce off the other person when they start and stop moving though.

    thing about using a collar, its you can get them for free from opencollar instead of having to buy one from some other place.

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  8. Eh, don't worry about it so much. Some will either get it or they wont. Those that don't and get too offended are not really worth your time and energy. Just move on and forget about it and them if it happens. If they are not willing to speak up or let you apologize or not willing to try and understand where you are coming from they are not worth the time or effort or energy to be around.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Orwar said:

       And yet people do it. From observing mankind for some while now, I've come to deduce that we are a fairly silly species.

       Some people also bring themselves to financial ruin to buy dense carbon in hopes of getting to marry someone. And if that didn't break their budget, the wedding ceremony certainly might. And then they still figure they should go bump elsewhere and end up losing half of what they own and having to pay alimonies that may well inhibit their ability to achieve financial stability again - especially as they may have to get a new home and vehicle to be able to even get to work.

       I bet some people who've had that happen to them would love to trade place with someone who has 'MINE - X.Y.Z.' burnt onto their buttock.

    I dont believe in traditional weddings either. They are just a money pit and more for the families to enjoy and not really smart in todays age.

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  10. You could always just download the image to your computer at that point and then upload it here, then if you didnt want to keep the image anymore just delete it from your computer.

    The problem may lie in the fact if the image size is too big for the forums, the forums has a limit on how big the file can be in Kb. if its too big it wont let it upload here, which is why hot linking is often done to share from other places.

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  11. Just now, Orwar said:

       Branding isn't unique to Goreans though ..

    maybe not but it is still sort of stupid to do. what if the relationship ends or fails for some reason. you have a permanent mark on you at that point, that is harder to remove then a tattoo in many cases.

    yes some pets are branded by their owners and some other slaves but still silly to do.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       When sharing pictures via URLs I prefer to right-click the image and press 'Copy Image Address' as that assures me to get the full URL in one go and that I share the picture rather than a hyperlink to the site the picture is displayed on. 



       ... Okay that may have been lazy of me - but hey, I just now noticed the bullets appearing!

    So much this, it works so much better then just copying the address at the top of the page, which often is just a link to the site where it is stored at and not the actual image which confuses the forum software.

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