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  1. 2 hours ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    In the real world, companies that cater to our leisure times, are staffed predominantly during those times. So although the golf club has groundskeeper personnel on during the off hours, the customer support staff that interface directly with visitors, are mostly on during the evenings and weekends to address any problems coming up when people are taking advantage of those leisure times. That is the nature of such a business normally.

    From that perspective it strikes me that there should be Lindens available during peak concurrency times, not so much during the off hours. That doesn't really seem to be the case.

    its because unlike other companies LL actually tries to be nice and let its employees have the holidays off even if others think that is unfair or wrong because their company doesn't.

    no two companies in the same field of business have to behave the same ever. even if their customer base want to think or believe or claim different.

    they are allowed to allow their employees off for the holidays regardless of what sort of service they provide.

    even places like some nursing homes often cut down to a skeleton crew on the holidays. and many factories completely shut down even their customer support lines.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Lyssa Greymoon said:

    Looks like a credible source. 



    12 minutes ago, Lyssa Greymoon said:

    Looks like a credible source. 


    totally legit.. i would believe that.. because I have no reason not too unless there is a the smell of drugs coming out of it. or I see the drugs being moved out of it. until then its completely legit and believable.

  3. 6 hours ago, Mollymews said:

    could make a Food HUD

    when is dinner time then it Takes Controls and suppresses your movement until you have some food. Food which is in the HUD (temp attach maybe). Like have to have a pie for dinner

    you can skip dinner if you want, but then your energy is low and when you walk then is only at half-speed, skip another dinner then 1/4 speed and so on. Til you have to eat your dinner

    and for each dinner you skip then have to eat all the pies you skipped all at once. And then you have to have a nap

    like if you skip 4 dinners and your friend teleport you and then can hardly move, and they go: lol what!!! and go: wait!! I have to nom 4 pies ok to keep up with you! buuut you can drag me round if I turn on the Follow in my Food HUD

    and they will go: lol you egg! And you go: ooh! that a good idea, 1 egg salad = 4 pies. Nom nom nom!!


    there are some rp and combat huds that do that. they impose rlv restrictions and even make you faint or fall down if your energy level or stamina goes to low. or make you crawl or walk very slowly until you sleep or eat to regain energy.

    the nanite controllers impose power limitations on the robots if the battery gets too low. it will prevent movement.. talk.. seeing.. and even tp until you are recharged by someone or your battery is replaced.

    doll keys have the same effect.. if you let the key rundown you cant move or talk until its wound back up. 

    any of that could be applied to the use of food to make it have more of a impact on someone's sl.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       I'm not a fan of those adverts, to me it doesn't make much sense to show off what a product looks like when rendered in a different program than the one the customers will be using it. Most of the time it's not a huge deal, as long as they provide a proper demo. It feels weird to raise one's customers' expectations though, and then they'll try a demo - many without even having ALM on - and it looks completely flat in comparison. Or perhaps worse yet, you try the demo on, with ALM on, and quickly realize that the materials are way off for SL, and that since clothes rarely are modifiable these days, you got no way to fix it yourself.

       It's not necessarily a sign of a 'bad' creator though, some of my favourite creators do use these adverts, and whilst their products obviously won't look quite like that in-world, they'll still be at the top of the line. At which point it only strikes me as even more curious that they wouldn't just show how good their stuff actually looks.

    its called misleading advertising to draw in the foolish and stupid, those what will believe what they see is what they get and wont waste time trying on a demo to make sure first.

    Its a common tactic even with well known advertisers. 

    gota catch em all.. aka get as many sales as possible by any means possible.

  5. 2 hours ago, foneco Zuzu said:

    In the end the Cubans will laugh like ship when they will be the single survivors on the American continent.


    eh it will be any islander that is cut of from 90% of the world because getting to and from their location requires extreme means of travel.

    people really should pay attention to some of the zombie movies out there.. like World War Z.. yes people are not becoming zombies, but the effect is the same in many ways.

    Oh and the funny thing is.. there is a cure already.. its just not easily retrieved or massed produced. its in the blood serum of those that have already had covid and nearly died and survived.

  6. 2 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Generally mutations are all over the map, being random and all. But remember "natural selection": the weak ones will die off, assuming some kind of population pressure such as availability of susceptible viral hosts. That's the thing about resistance to agents such as antibiotics, pesticides, etc: the pressure is from an agent that directly works on the population itself, so only the "strong" mutations survive, if strength is defined as resistance to the agent. It's certainly possible for that resistance to coincide with less lethal or less contagious "weaknesses" (and that actually happens more often than by chance) but it's pretty random.

    Thing is, we have a bunch of vaccines coming and I doubt they all mimic the same spike proteins (or whatever), so even if the virus mutates to resist immunity conferred by one vaccine, all won't be lost.

    thats an overly optimistic and unrealistic approach to things. for it could also mutate to an life ending, world ending virus and nothing will stop it until its run its course and there is not enough people left to continue to transmit it between each other.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    Counter to that I ran across this article/study by a former VP of Pfizer who is of the opinion that the virus is at about its end point:


    I have no idea which opinion is the correct one but I do hope it is this one Drakon, no offence intended.

    none taken. being a little hopeful is not bad. but being unrealistically optimistic or hopeful like some get at times is. some people here and else where are not realistically grounded enough and panic at the slightest things that go wrong.

    the point to my post was do not just believe what you see or hear in the media about any cure and the end to covid, for it might not happen so easily or so quickly. covid could or could not stick around for another year or even longer. It wont be over until its over and we don't really know when that is and don't really have any control over when that is even if we want to think we do.

    it could simply fade away in a few months after finally mutating to nothing but the common cold. it could mutate in to a super virus and kill off half the population of the planet no matter what is tried to prevent it.

    people want bad things to go away as quick as possible... sometimes you have to ride out the storm until the end and there is no quick or simple way to avoid it like some want to think or believe there is or can be or should be.

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  8. Covid is not going anywhere anytime soon. It will more than likely be around even in late 2021 and even possibly into 2022. pandemic level viral infections usually don't go away in just a year because they mutate and change and often become more virulent and resistant to any vaccines made to combat them. Until herd immunity is high enough to fight off any changes or mutations its not going away soon at all. And currently herd immunity is very low.

    For those who do not understand or like this possible outcome.. go and find and play the game Plague Inc. its on android. It will teach you a lot about how bacterial or viral infections mutate and grow and can become world ending.

    In fact when I first found the game I created two infectious diseases that completely decimated the world population in less than 3 years because of how much they mutated and changed. mutating from just air to food and then to water and even causing skin legions that when popped released even more contagion. I named them Furry and BDSM respectively.. even when the world governments shut down flights, closed borders, stopped all shipping, stopped all travel it still was transmitted.. by animal and bird and insect. even when they began to make a vaccine it mutated and became resistant and overcome the immunity.

    Buckle up everyone the covid ride is far from over or even being close to being done.

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using them if all you want is a simple body and simple outfits and don't plan on spending a lot of money on useless outfits and trivial accessories that you probably wont wear all that often.

    To many people put too much emphasis on mesh or bom or having fully decked out bodies and heads and outfits and just waste a lot of money by doing so to feed their vanity and pride ego and insecurity issues about how they look or how others will see them or think about them.

    Using one can be cheap an a simple easy upgrade from the standard chosen bodies at account creation. They are just as fine to use and wear for any activity then any other body.

    You can drive or fly or sail or walk or run in them just as easy as any other body. You don't have to care or worry what others think if you look fashionable or cool or hip or fit in the crowd. Its about you being you and doing what you like and want, not what some fashionista says you need to do to fit in or be accepted. Their opinion should not really matter. Its your secondlife, your account, you choice. Not anyone elses.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

    Well isn't that special. Hope your home crashes for a week. Nice try trolling me. You get a life!

    You tell me to get a life but obviously you can't read because I have a very busy life and premium is alot of money to pay out just for nothing. 

    I am a front line worker, been working all through this Covid thing and all I ask is when I have a bit of downtown from a busy life that it works and I can go to my own home in SL and issues that prevent that can be fixed in a reasonable time. You? Just a keyboard warrior Mr Tough Guy.

    it would not bother me if the home i go to in sl crashes for a day a week or a month, I have other places I can go to and enjoy my time in world.

    it doesn't matter how busy your life is. you are not important or as special or as entitled as you might want to think you are because your so busy.

    If you have only one hobby and it gets interrupted because of technical problems that is your own fault. as i said before dont put all your eggs in one basket, if you do its your own fault if something goes wrong.

    paying for premium does not entitle you to instant service or support the moment you want it. You are no more important than anyone else. tough if you cant understand that fact. 

    thats the problem with people now days.. "oh I pay so im super special and important, make me happy all at times I say so or else its not fair." where here is a hint life is not always fair nor will it be just because you say so.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Conifer Dada said:

    I watched the video and my first thought was 'Sansar without sunshine". 

    I wonder if some people will get trapped in the miserable apartment game, addicted to the hope that interesting new features will come along one day!

    Yep some people will. Because they are hopelessly and foolishly optimistic about things getting better. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Ziggy Starsmith said:

    Some residents work shift work and demanding schedules including every holiday (like myself) and we have the one or two days off to enjoy as much of Second Life and their sim/home with friend. When this situation happens it can absolutely destroy your short window of leisure hours. There should be Lindens available at all times to deal with issues. We pay for this and we should get some service. Just because the only time I can log in and play may be 3 am does not mean I have to suffer because it is a holiday or off hours!

    Actually no they don't have to be here just to make you happy.

    Just because you are premium doesn't really make you special or important beyond what they decide.

    Tough if you have limited time. They don't have to cater to your wishes ever. You are not in control and never will be. 

    You don't get to have everything be how you want just because you think or demand it.

    No one owes you anything really.

    Get yourself more than one hobby or leisure activity.. then it won't be so destructive if something goes wrong.

    Never put all your eggs in one basket.

  13. 1 hour ago, animats said:

    Someone in Russia made a game that's intended to be boring - "It's Winter"

    It’s nighttime and you find yourself in a small, dark flat in a nondescript suburb in Russia. You look out of the window and see the courtyard covered in snow, illuminated by street lamps and the cold neon glare of store fronts. You turn on the light switch and look around your apartment.

    You can make eggs on toast, turn on the radio, take a bath, and take out the trash. You leave the flat and go for a walk around the deserted courtyard. The corner shop and beauty salon are both closed and the playground is eerily empty. In fact, there are no people to be seen wherever you go. “Nothing awaits you: there is no chance to get out, no room for adventures, nor a breathtaking plot. All you have to do is experience the precisely detailed, pixelated mundanity of the world around you."

    Somehow that feels all too familiar.

    There are several games out there that have sl flavoring.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    Meh I read a few articles in the past couple days that admitted that the medical authorities are not really sure how the virus is transferring in about 50% of the community as contact tracing has been running them into dead ends in an increasing amount of cases. A lot of the lockdown stuff is them grasping at straws and its starting to be admitted.

    Honestly it is my own opinion that some are being overly melodramatic about it. I am an essential worker who covers a 500 square kilometer area daily, have a very large extended family as well as a good network of friends and acquaintances where I would hear of anyone dying or even being hospitalized for covid or any other reason and yet, nothing, zilch, nada, null. Thank God. Other then "the sky is falling and the world is going to end" media sites, I wouldn't even know there was a problem. So I don't see the need to get too freaked out about it.

    for the most part there is no reason at all to be getting so freaked out like so many are doing. you will or will not catch it, and nothing.. will make it go either way. even being in a full hazmat suit will not 100% protect or prevent you from catching it at some point. Even living in a heppa filtered hospital clean house with hermetic sealing doors and windows and a clean room style entrance and exit will not stop you from possibly getting it. there is no perfect protection or 99% or even 90% effective protection. people are foolish for thinking there is or can be.

    one simple tiny mistake and boom its got you, no matter what you did beforehand. or you might never get it or even if you do it might be nothing more than a simple flu for you, that your over in a few days to a week.

    people are panicking way too much because of media and government..

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  15. 1 minute ago, Gatogateau said:

    That's the problem. This is not true. The stupid, by being stupid, have let loose so much virus everyone is at risk.

    My friend's relatives, the ones that got and one died of COVID, that you laughed about... did everything right and were NOT stupid people. It took one lapse with an infected delivery person.

    The stupid are killing us all.

    they must not have done everything right.. or else they would not have got covid. they made a mistake even if just a small one and it cost them.

    never assume anyone else is doing everything right.. even delivery people. you get food or anything delivered.. don't answer the door until they leave, clean everything the moment you bring it inside. then clean yourself after doing so. gown up and mask up if needed.. fail any possible precautions you have no one but yourself to blame at that point.

    covid... the great balancer.. it cares not who you are or what you think of yourself or others. no one is safe or above its risk of catching it.

    and toward that delivery person they may not have been aware they had it. you can be exposed and contagious and have little to no symptoms showing at all. not everyone shows the same symptoms upon catching it in the beginning. Not everyone gets the same symptons even after having it for several days or weeks. peoples bodies are different in how it responds to virus attacks.

    blame it on the company they worked for for not requiring weekly tests of workers to make sure none have caught it and just do not know yet.

  16. 17 minutes ago, Luna Bliss said:

    Thank you, Drakon, for entering the thread with your cheery Holiday message   :)

    your very welcome. its the truth. humans like to think they are so superior to everything and then something comes along and proves they are not on top of the world like they want to claim or think all the time. and of course humans then go into fits over it because they cant stand to be proven not as great as they want to think all the time.

    having freedoms curtailed is a humbling experience that not many can handle. having to suddenly think and worry what you do on a more visceral level day to day is something most humans don't like doing.

    humanity has become to complacent in its place on the world. only fitting that things get shaken up sometimes to make everyone realize just how lucky they are to be living. that they are not as entitled to things as they might want to think. that life itself can be taken from them at a moments notice because of their arrogance and ignorance of things around them.

    that all their little toys and funs and freedoms can come crashing down and be taken away by the smallest of things in the world. that they should be more grateful for the little things in life instead of worrying so much about what someone else has or does or what they dont have or what others think about them online or offline so much.

    covid.. the great humbler of humanity.

  17. 2 hours ago, Sassy Kenin said:

    this is more true then ever..and yes they should be much more considerate of residents not in the USA because they are just as important if not more in some regards to the well being of having a diverse community.


    its an american based company do you really think they are going to care too much of what other countries do or dont do? as long as people pay tier, as long as they make profit, they dont really care if anyone gets in a frenzy because they had a little bit of problems for a day or two. they will get to the problem when it suits them and not before.


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