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  1. Hello 🙂 Have done a script with some settings driven via a configuration NC. One of the setting is a color who should be typed as a vector in the NC. Through the process of processing datas (value) read in the NC, I've added a condition to check if the typed color vector is correctly typed if((vector)value) //keep this data; else //it's not a vector, put a default forced value just in case the typed setting would be wrongly typed. Surprisingly <0, 0, 0> -corresponding to black color vector- and even correctly typed is treated as FALSE as a conditional in if((vector)value) as it is equivalent to ZERO_VECTOR, which is also the result of anything else wrongly typed in this case. Do you have any clue to overpass this? Have a nice day!
  2. Hello :-) After several times I made doubt myself on this probable bug/thing, here are my observations: I noticed on some times, even if I save my modifications in a script (and it's been correctly compiled), close the editing window, then re-open this script, the previous modifications are discarded and the code is back to a [random]previous version. I've no precise regular factors to tell when this would happen as it happens randomly, even if I have some suppositions/clues of what could bypass a normal save: I use to work/save the script on some laggy sim; my script is in HUD-worn object; in my script I have a changed(integer iC) iC & CHANGED_INVENTORY; it appears to happen more often between 10:00AM SLT 11:00PM SLT (which I figure out is time during SL is more crowded/laggy). Any advice or idea about this? Have a nice day!
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