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  1. Wow just recently today/yesterday the shop owner finally got back to my message. So it took all this time. They were really sorry! And offered free stuff from there store as well as delivered the item I never got. I declined the free items. Could have used them but did not really need them. But ultimately I don't take free things that often. Mistakes and problems happen. I worked customer service before. So I have been on the other side of the fence. I will let you know I had given up hope. I assumed my 2500L purchase was gone. Now I did buy another item from another shop that basically m
  2. Nope I just checked the records on main website. Money went in and no returns from that owner or any returns at all. It was also 2500L so it would be hard for me to miss. I'm not that rich. Never buy without getting to seeing a demo great advice but not all products have Demos. This one did not. But to be fair I bought the same item a long time ago for another character. Exact same item. So I felt I did not need to see a Demo. Never had a Demo back in the day either. I already knew it would work for my avatar. I'm done for now. Before I posted all this I did not know t
  3. I updated my last message. It looks like the owner was last online Oct/31. OR could it just be an automated bot now? lol Now if they are ethical they should manually deliver my product or refund me. Because it should be 100% possible for them to confirm my purchase and or know that there shop has outdated Vendors. I will give the benefit of the dought that they are not aware of this somehow? When did Hippo go down? Stange they would not take down the vendors themselves? Anyhow should I report this to LL? Would they remove the shops vendors if they confirm it's Hippo and null and void? The owne
  4. I will post the name of the Vender Creator if you want. I will take a moment to get it. But the vender itself does not look like those two above venders. It's Andy.enfield remove this name if it's not allowed here etc. Or let me know and I will remove myself. There profile is blank. I know nothing about them. I don't think they are directly related to the owner of the product. Likely they made the vender etc. I don't want to post the name of the shop or owner directly. Even if I was allowed too. Which I don't know if I am or not. Because while two weeks is a little long. I personally feel
  5. Face/Head Shape. Classic Avatar... Not Mesh. I don't know how to tell if it's Hippo etc? The shop or vender things when I click edit option. Nothing related to hippo in the name etc. But those are just be renamed. Even under Contents none of the scripts see to have any names that I can use to figure out what powers the vender? So unless there is another way to figure out I can't tell. I think I did. But I don't know who I should contact in said group? I already sent contact to owners. Should I like try a group wide chat if there is such a thing enabled for this group? But otherwis
  6. No it's a hair style. Oops no it was a face. They sell hair too.
  7. This is very similar to this thread. I'm not going to provide names of person, store etc. At least not unless I am advised too. The products are NOT on the market. Only in world. They have other products on the actual market and they still work. It's about 2500 Lindin Value. One purchase was 2500 or so Lindin. It failed to deliver. No in shop re-delivery. I never had this happen before in all the years of playing. By now I no longer really care about the item I bought as I have bought other stuff to use instead. But I would still want it for principal reasons or a refund whatever is fin
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