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  1. ChibiDragon007 I've been stripping/Escorting on SL for like 2 and a half years. I usually do really well (At times). However, you do need to put precise time in. Make sure your character looks good, you can emote well, and you tend to get more attention if you use a microphone. If you decide to do cam shows (I do not but some do) you can make a ton more but that takes a bit more bravery than I have. lol. So anyway, a good place to start freelance dancing in my opinion is Escort Oasis. All freelance dancing, if you do escort just take them to somewhere else to "do your business". But you can meet a lot of good escort customers there, and if they really want you, they will pay up. Haha. There is a downside to Escort Oasis however. There are sometimes so many people there that the sim can lag a bit. So on days where the lag is really bad, Ill try to do some dancing but it can sometimes be too much to even function as a dancer lol. So there are some tips for you to get ya started. Hope that helps you out. Just look for freelance dancing places for now to get some money built up so you can get the good mesh and clothes and stuff you need to look good, then try for a job at an upscale club, which will voice verify most times (in case youre a guy posing as a woman, it has happened lol). Good luck to you. Msg me anytime for help or advice. See ya! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/escort%20oasis/107/60/31?
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