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  1. he rented for most of them expensive big parcels. was funny times, but more funny was when some of them found out they are not only one, and man dissapeared
  2. I wonder what if SL will back to what it had in 2003-2005 for example))
  3. People,wo are annoyed by "No Payment Info on file". But they don"t want to give me thair credit card (kidding).
  4. I don t saw any Sugar Daddy,who had just one woman and had serious relationships with her. Long time ago i had a friend, who had around 20 avatars and so many women ,and all of them thought thay are only one,hehe
  5. 2 Hours ago land was finally cleaned and set on sale and i got my objects back. And as i planned ,i choose another parcel.
  6. No, i will choose another parcel later i think.For right now land still have security and no one can enter exept white list residents in the land settings.
  7. thank you for your support Cindy. Land owner is very often online, and was online even on Christmas.But i understand that this land is not the only one and landowner can be very busy. I was only a bit confused
  8. Hello.at first please forgive my not very good english. I have a question:I lived with my old friend at his land( he rented land), and he passed away because of tragic accident.I contacted land owner and told her that my friend will not be online anymore and she said she will clean the land after rent is over. And for now land is 2 days overdue,land still not on sale again and i m able to TP in. So i thought land became on sale again right after previous rent is over or how?
  9. комп 2007 года,работает нормально,Озу 2гб
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