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  1. thank you! Yeah, on Firestorm, it's Word - Parcel Details. So, that took me some time to figure out:) I appreciate y'all responding though. Especially with the live chat. Have bookmarked it for future reference x.
  2. Thanks:) I appreciate your help, Alwin.
  3. Interesting. There's nothing in my transaction history that lists them taking or my receiving lindens, yet, I have an email confirmation saying I'm a premium member. I'm listed here as a premium member and I was given a house. I looked into live chat and only found something scheduled for yesterday. It's possible I'm just overlooking it and missing the link.
  4. Thank you:) Will do. October 20th to be exact.
  5. I signed up for premium a few weeks back. They gave me the free home that's been decorated and I read about getting 300L weekly which I haven't received yet. The main issue I'm having is the error message I get when I click the link to edit my home. I need to give permission for scripts to run but that is not an option when I click on my land. Any ideas:) Oh, and it shows I'm a premium member in this account and also lets me rezz objects. https://gyazo.com/f58fffd9dde1da1f819d56a40f545a94
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