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  1. I found bug reason : It's about RLV collar I wear. I found how to deactivate RLV to remove it. Without, there is no trouble to move. Do you know how can I fix it?
  2. Hello and thanks for this idea. I had to recreate LSL bridge to activate this option. It only make avat jump, becoming "crazy" in place. I tried to activate this mode to the teleporter what started this bug. But it change nothing. Edit : I just tried with SL viewer. Exactly same bug about moves. I will do support ticket.
  3. KrystalCerinia

    Move bug

    Hello, I have bug about moves : I can't run. I can't jump more than some inch up and when I fall it's very very slowly. It started after I visited a sim, used teleporter in and when I landed, avatar was moving by it's own like if I hit up key without stop. I tp to another place and this forced move didn't happen out to this specific teleporter in this sim. But now I stuck about running, jumping and falling. I'm using firestorm viewer. I tp a lot of time, tried to force mode "always run". I reset settings, back up, delete firestorm viewer, clean and reinstall. But I'm still stuck to move. It's like forced move is still on, in a way, and blocking others. Can somebody help please?
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