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  1. They never reply I am getting fed up with these mesh bodies they glitch all the time. I think I am just going to just wear the shape from now on. My goal was to make beautiful clothing for Mesh bodies, I may have to stick to SL avatars.
  2. I had the Maitreya body re delivered and the HUD still wont work? Look at picture and give your opinion of what is wrong, please. Thank you
  3. I think I may have figured it out. I just need to get more informed on weight painting than I can bring my clothing line for Lara Maitreya. Thank You
  4. This is frustrating... every time I try to upload a piece of clothing made in Marvelous designer 8, then rigged in Blender 2.79 it seems to mirror the skirt on a different axis? Please help Thank you
  5. I had it redelivered and applied the new head and the box is gone, thank goodness. I would like to thank all that helped, thank you all...
  6. Yes it disappears when I take the head off. Will try and get redelivery. Thank you
  7. I see nothing that could have that box I am wearing. When I take the head off the box disappears
  8. I have this little box that seems attached to my Ana LAQ head, how do I get rid of it?Little white box on my left See the box? If close enough it says LAQ on it. Please help on getting it off my head.
  9. thank you for all your help I finally fix the problem. I have one final problem. I noticed there is a little box with the LAQ name still attached to my head how do I get rid of that?How do I get rid of this box?From rear the little white box on my left
  10. New remeshing option comes to Marvelous Designer 8. This new feature allows you to quad re-mesh 3D garment by one click. Just bought the software on sale foe $240, the sale is on until Feb 18
  11. Maybe this visual will help. I try to touch it so it opens for me but the box on the right comes up. It won't do anything else. I "add it" and it comes up as per pic. I'm I suppose to wear it? Attach it to a body part? Frustrating
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