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  1. Thank you. OMG, I'm embarrassed to say that I've sorted it out, and these emails were NOT sent by someone in Second life! The timing thew me off. Nothing to see here. LOL. Sheesh. All is fine! ~whew~
  2. Thank you but yes I'm sure. I wasn't offline but standing next to him when he complained he couldn't send me something ingame, a photo I presumed. He suggested he could send it by email. I had no desire for that and didn't respond back. Several few minutes later in a "freindly" conversation he complained that I wasn't taking his email. I thought nothing of it since I hadn't given out my email address and never would. Today I see the two messages in my email inbox and the sender is shown as dsktop and the second is from dkstop2. Also my dashboard settings have always been to recei
  3. A player i just met ingame and who is not on my friends list sent me two unsolicited, unexpected emails right away, each with attachments in them. I deleted them later when i realized it. How are our private email addresses revealed to strangers in game? I already had security settings in dashboard and login pages of my account set as secure as I could. Maybe I missed something? I have it set to receive NO notices or communications from SL or anybody. Is it really possible for me to anyone to go into SL and start harvesting other people's account email addresses? Thanks for help!
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