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  1. OH MY GOD!!!! I forgotten to enable the experience in the script 😩 ..... now it's working fine... Thank you very much for your help 🙏
  2. everything was working fine in the previous code and I changed as you advised, but still not working. I have tested in every aspect as possible to me, the problem is in llRequestExperiencePermissions(kAgent, ""); this is not asking any permission and not working further, as the Experience created by me so I thought there might problem in it, so I tested that using collision event TP and that working absolutely fine, but not here... and I tested from another account after removing the experience, still not working not asking the permission of experience..... I checked the generated data is perfect when it calling llRequestExperiencePermissions but still that not actually asking any permission !!!! Strange
  3. I was trying to create a teleport system using menu button and the code given in this topic with some modification but I Failed, here is my code can anyone help me to find out where is my mistake ? Note card Club=<32,96,2500> Store=<32,96,1000> Ground=<32,96,34> Deep=<32,96,1> LSL Script string gCard = "destinations"; string dText = "Touch to Teleport"; vector gTarget; list gLstMnu; list gDlabels; list location; list address; integer gCount; integer gDChan; integer gDLisn; integer gLine; integer lMenu; integer nMenu; integer iTouched; key gQuery; key kAgent; list uDlgBtnLst( integer vIntPag ){ integer vIdxBeg = 10 * (~-vIntPag); //-- 10 * (vIntPag - 1), enclose "~-X" in parens to avoid LSL bug integer vIdxMax = -~(~([] != gLstMnu) / 10); //-- (llGetListLength( gLstMnu ) - 1) / 10 + 1 lMenu = (vIntPag + (-(vIntPag > 1) | vIdxMax - vIntPag)); nMenu = (-~((vIntPag < vIdxMax) * vIntPag)); list vLstRtn = llListInsertList(llList2List(gLstMnu, vIdxBeg, vIdxBeg + 9),["Back"],-1)+["Next"]; return llList2List(vLstRtn, -3, -1) + llList2List(vLstRtn, -6, -4) + llList2List(vLstRtn, -9, -7) + llList2List(vLstRtn, -12, -10); } default{ on_rez(integer start_param){llResetScript();} changed(integer change){ if(change & CHANGED_OWNER){llResetScript();} if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY){llResetScript();} //restart if the notecard was modified } state_entry(){ iTouched = FALSE; llSetText(dText, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0); if (llGetInventoryKey(gCard) == NULL_KEY){llOwnerSay("destinations notecard missing");} else{ gQuery =llGetNotecardLine(gCard,gLine); gCount = 1; } } dataserver(key qID, string data){ if (qID == gQuery){ if (data != EOF){ integer idx = llSubStringIndex(data,"="); if (~idx){ location += [llStringTrim(llGetSubString(data,0,idx-1),STRING_TRIM)]; //location names from NC address += [llStringTrim(llGetSubString(data,idx+1,-1),STRING_TRIM)]; //address from NC gDlabels += [(string)gCount + ". " +llStringTrim(llGetSubString(data,0,idx-1),STRING_TRIM) + " \n"]; //Dialog text gLstMnu += [(string)gCount]; // Button labels ++gCount; } gQuery = llGetNotecardLine(gCard,++gLine); } } } touch_start(integer total_number){ if(!iTouched){ // no one can touch it again while it's trying to teleport you if (llDetectedType(0) & AGENT){ //though how on earth you can touch things without being an agent is a bit of puzzle kAgent = llDetectedKey(0); llSetText(llGetDisplayName(kAgent) + " is using the teleporter please wait...", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0); llSetTimerEvent(10.0);//need to turn on the timer here in case the toucher changes his mind and wanders off. If this happens, the object becomes touchable again. iTouched = TRUE; gDChan = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llDetectedKey(0),0,6)); gDLisn = llListen(gDChan,"","",""); string temp = ""; integer i; for (i=0;i<10;++i){temp += llList2String(gDlabels,i);} llDialog(kAgent,"Choose a destination \n"+ temp, uDlgBtnLst(1) ,gDChan); } } } listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string msg){ if((msg == "Back") | (msg == "Next")){ llSetTimerEvent(10.0); gDLisn = llListen(gDChan,"","",""); integer menu; string temp = ""; if(msg == "Back"){menu = lMenu;} else if(msg == "Next"){menu = nMenu;} integer i; for (i=(10*(menu-1));i<(10*menu);++i){temp += llList2String(gDlabels,i);} llDialog( id, "Choose a destination \n"+ temp, uDlgBtnLst(menu), gDChan ); }else{ integer Choice = (integer) msg -1; gTarget = (vector)llList2String(address,Choice); llRequestExperiencePermissions(kAgent, ""); } } experience_permissions(key agent){ if(agent == kAgent){ llTeleportAgent(kAgent, "", gTarget, ZERO_VECTOR); llSetTimerEvent(2.0); } } timer(){ iTouched =FALSE; gTarget = ZERO_VECTOR; llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(gDLisn); llSetText(dText, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0); llWhisper(0,"Timeout. Please close the dialog box on your screen."); } }
  4. so which is the best way to add glitter effect with low lag, as I am strongly against to create unwanted lagging issue, should I use particle effect ?
  5. raj441977

    Outfit Enhancement

    I have seen a little glitter effect on few clothing, and I am sure that is not Texture animation. I am inserting an url on supporting my query, Is this particle effect or something else (may be i don't know) ? Sorry for my less knowledge 😐 https://gyazo.com/51ed0a65284224da708b5ff72a56e113
  6. ah, I got that, thanks...... I think I got the answer, probably this is what I wanted for... thank you very much
  7. Sorry, I was not able to focus on my needs, actually I am not asking for LSL scripting or the touch detection matters or color generating, My need is the UI "Drag-able Slider", not the the code of it's interactions..... I tried lots, searched lots, but not able to build the drag-able content in SL (Just like Range Slider in HTML)
  8. I searched a lot, was trying to create HUD with drag-able UI controls to adjust color, glossiness, environment etc (other creators are already using). is there any clue ?
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