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  1. 1.72m tall myself (my rl height) As for those wondering how they got so tall years back sl changed the way they measured that and not many seemed to notice so they became amazons overnight. Content creators (houses, furniture, etc) also never noticed and kept on making it at the same size. Had one content creator get really nasty about it once before when they started picking on my height 😛
  2. Yes Lyssa that's exactly where I got this idea from, and for every other app it works perfectly. It's only SL that has an issue with it.
  3. I'll try that later Lyssa. Thank you. Sorry Lillith, but you're wrong about that. I've watched my in game settings report my nvidia properly as well as see its usage on task manager showing the use and activity of both gpu's. Also before you try to say I don't know what I'm talking about I have more than 25 years experience as a pc tech. Just not had this particular problem before.
  4. I'm using a pc with dual gpu's (similar to a laptop) one low power intel hd 530, and 1 high power nvidia 2060 super. I'm telling windows to use the high power card like I do for all my games, but for some reason second life won't do it. It just crashes out without doing anything (firestorm brings up crash report). Before anyone says it yes I know I can plug my monitor into the nvidia card and use it that way, but I prefer to keep it as it is for power saving options when not gaming. Second life (and firestorm) are the ONLY app that won't switch cards. Any suggestions on getting this working? T
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