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  1. I have a Lelutka head, and a maitreya body and I guess, the 'Addams clothes' you're talking about, but I am missing a 'payment info' on my profile. I'm not anyone's alt, I'm my main avi, and I don't have any payment info. I have never done escorting, or engaged in any of the stripping business; A while back I started Flickr and realized that I enjoyed taking pictures and editing them, and at some point, there were people who started asking me to take pictures of them in exchange for lindens, and that's how I earned my lindens in-game 😛 I also enjoyed decorating our friends' homes with a f
  2. I don't think it'll be very easy to call from countries other than the US.
  3. Alright, so yesterday I was online, with this very account; I was helping someone getting a new mesh avi, but they didn't quite seem to be able to unpack, even. I offered to log in through her account, while she could watch on my account, to be fair. We exchanged passwords, but it ended up badly, with my getting my account stolen. Lesson learnt, so no need to teach me any more lessons, just.. is there any way I can get it back? I tried using the 'I forgot my password' Option, but she changed the email linked to the account, I think. Surprisingly though, these forums are still logged in with my
  4. [Interior Designer for Hire] Hey everybody. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. My partner and I have decided to post here after a long time, as we are willing to help with whoever needs help with their new houses, or just want a makeover. Please send a notecard to VĪĈƚØRĪÂ (siavegiri294) or Wild Kera (keraartist) if you are interested. We are willing to negotiate at reasonable prices, so feel free to talk to us anytime. I was hoping to post a few more pics of our work, but it seems like I can't only post one. Please IM us for more, as we are willing to share more exam
  5. @babystawbaries Man, you're not even 2 weeks old... No offense, but I doubt you'd be very experienced.
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