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  1. yeah, it is possible to check on someone being online or not via groups. But the person isn't in any of my groups list (since all of my group access members to see member list), and second thing I got shocked was that the person messages me right after I login. As if he was on sl 24/7 to check on me online or not. Sadly i don't have home in sl yet, but that person could be using the script?
  2. Hi, I am sort of getting stalked by someone I used to know.. (of course blocked for now) But I felt weird since the person started messaging me when did I login or not and what did I do whenever I login the viewer. Its personal thing so I wont talk detail here. When did this happen many times I tested not logging in second life for a month. And there was no notification sent to my email that person sent me message. After I logged in he sent me message right away. Of course that person was not in my friend list anymore. I am not in any groups except for private group. How did that pe
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