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  1. @LittleMe Jewell, I know. If I can't sell all my 3 lands (1 has actually already been sold) I'll just abandon them before the next billing date (2019-12-12.) But just to be on the safe side I'll do it on 2019-12-05. So if I own no more lands and remove all the deeded ones from the group there won't be any biling, right? Premium is on 2019-12-13 and Tier is on 2019-12-12. But I'll make sure to lower my Tier to 0 again first and, then, cancel my premium membership before 2019-12-05.
  2. So I just need to insert the amount I want to remove (1024) in the "Your Contribution:" box and save it, then those 1024 will be removed?
  3. How do I remove the deeded land from the group? I had a total of 2253 sqm deeded to my own group and I divided it into 3 pieces: 2x1024 and 192sqm and put all three for sale. One has already been sold but I can't remove the 1024sqm sold from my group's deeded land: Total land in use: 1216 sqm Land available: 1037 sqm Total Contribution: 2253 sqm Your Contribution: (2048 max) And in the the list of my parcels it only shows 2: 192sqm and 1024 sqm because the other 1024 sqm has been bought already and the money is already in the group balance. So how do I remove those 1024 sold already so I can downgrade my tier? https://gyazo.com/5b6c5d60b1179be137d3b3fc5ae10c55
  4. My premium membership is a quarterly one. The next billing will be on 2019-12-12. So, if I downgrade it to a basic membersbip on 2019-12-05 I won't be charged in the 12th, right?
  5. That's true. But I also thought you could see if they were online on SL website too but you can't, at least not anymore. Now the only way is through online trackers or groups.
  6. I think I got it. I don't mind waiting, I just wan to do things right and not have my Tier upgraded by mistake. I just did a test-run trying to buy a piece of land and it does warn me if my tier is going up or not before I confirm the purchase. Thank you a lot @LittleMe Jewell and @Qie Niangao.
  7. That's what's making me confused. For example, if I sell all my lands (1024, 512, 139) will it still show that I have a total of 1689sqm to buy? I mean doesn't the 10% bonus only apply to the land you bought/donated to the group? If I sell it all I won't have those 139sqm anymore available, just the 1536 to buy (1024+512,) right? I'm afraid to sell it all and buy a 1689 land and just for a second the system doesn't compute the 10% bonus (139sqm) right away and sees it as above my current tier which will increase automatically even if it was just for a second.
  8. Hi, guys. It's me again. As mentioned in my previous posts, my current status are: Current Fees Estimated Fees Square meters owned:  0 0 Square meters donated 1536 1536 Premium Bonus in Square Meters 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 512 512 Available Square Meters: 0 0 Monthly Cost:* USD 4.00 USD 4.00 I've already "bought for group" the extra 153m² which gave me a little more prims. So currenty I have one 1024m², one 512m², and one 153m² pieces of land. But I would like to join them all (1689m².) Tha being said, my questions are: 1. I only have those extra 153m² because I donated all of my 3 my lands to my Group (just me and my alt.) So if I were to sell my 1536m² land, do I lose those 153m²? 2. If I buy a 1536+153= 1689m² land using the "Buy for Group" option it will automatically add those extra 153m² and will not upgrade my tier to the next level? Or do I have to do it separately again by buying the 1536m² first and only then the extra 153m²?
  9. I'm also having the same issue since yesterday. My face tattoo, eyebrows, and hairbase look fuzzy. The only thing I did was to change Firestorm to Fullscreen. I changed it back to window mode and it's still fuzzy. It only fix the problem if I reboot my system but it only works 1 time. I mean, after rebooting the pc I run Firestorm again Fullscreen or not and it's all normal again. But if I log out and log in later again my face is all fuzzy again and I have to reboot again. Funny thing is that it's only the face tattoo, eyebrows, and hairbase. I even tried a fresh copy of my Catwa head and applying everything again but it won't even apply anything to the head. Any suggestions is appreciated.
  10. Thank you so much, Qie. I opened a ticked and wrote exactly what you just said. And in about 4 days they replied with a link to a piece of land for me to buy and the best part is that they carved it out right next to the one where my house is which made my land larger and a bonus of 49 more prims. But lucky me I read the screen before I bought it because it said it would up my tier to 7USD so I remembered you said I had to buy it using the "Buy For Group" button in order to maintain my current 4USD tier. And that did it. Thank you again, Qie.
  11. Thank you a lot, Qie. I'm going to do that!
  12. Thank you, Qie! I just did it and now it shows: Current Fees Estimated Fees Square meters owned:  0 0 Square meters donated 1536 1536 Premium Bonus in Square Meters 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 512 512 Available Square Meters: 0 0 Monthly Cost:* USD 4.00 USD 4.00 Oh, now it shows "Land Available: 153m²" in the "Land" tab of the Group's info window. Just to see if I got it right. I need to use the "Buy for Group" button instead of buying as an individual and then deeding it to the group, right? This way my tier won't go to the next level, right? I just find a piece of land for sale and click to buy it and choose "Buy for Group?"
  13. Hi, everyone I'm a a new player and a premium member and I own a 1024m² land (mainland.) In order to get more prims I upped my tier for an additional 512m² land ($4USD per month.) I had to abandon my previous land so I could find both lands on the same sim (that's a requirement, right? I don't want the space, just the prims.) So I bought both (1024m² and 512m²) on the same sim (they're not side by side) and deeded them both to a group I created (I had to add a friend since you can't have a solo group, lol.) Now I have more prims just like I wanted and this is what is showing in my acc: Allowed holdings: 1,536.00 square meters Current holdings: 0.00 square meters Available for purchase: 139.00 square meters Peak square meter usage: 1,536.00 square meters Total monthly cost: USD 4.00 Land Use Fees: Current Fees Estimated Fees Square meters owned: 0 0 Square meters donated 1397 1397 Premium Bonus in Square Meters 1024 1024 Paid Tier Level: 512 512 Available Square Meters: 139 139 Monthly Cost:* USD 4.00 USD 4.00 1) I supposed those extra 139m² are the 10% group bonus, right? Should I buy another land up to 139m² will it up my tier to the next one ($7USD per month - 1024m²) or nothing will change? 2) In order to get the prims from this new land it will have to be in the same sim as the others, right? 3) Since I donated both lands why the square meters donated shows 1397 and not 1024+512=1536? Did I do something wrong? Or am I reading/understanding this all wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.
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