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  1. Is there a way to turn a normal sized avatar into a petite avatar? I have a normal sized avatar with a mesh body that i like that adjusts with the shape sliders. I want a petite avatar version of my current avatar, but my mesh body doesn't come in petite and i don't really like any of the petite avatars available. Is there a way to shrink down my shape further or some other way to achieve a petite avatar from an existing avatar?
  2. Are you sure that's the only option? if the flight feather is open source would modifying it work? It seems like lots for something that seems like it should be simple.
  3. What you're describing at the end there is essentially what the raycaster does. It is pretty much a vehicle. You rez the object with the script and sit on it. It being a "vehicle" creates lots of limitations though, which is why I am asking for a script for an avatar attachment instead.
  4. I'm looking for a script, not a device or hud. I want to make the object myself and have it be an attachment to the avatar. It also needs to work automatically instead of being turned off and on like that device and not require special buttons for up and down. Essentially, when the avatar walks towards the wall they should just start walking up the wall when they reach it instead of being stopped by it. The raycasting script is great and does just that, but it requires the object it is placed in to be rezzed and sat on and doesn't function when attached to the avatar like I need it to.
  5. I know there are raycasting scripts for walking on walls and ceilings that are placed in an object and you have to sit on the object for it to work. As is it won't work if you attach the object to your avatar. Is there a way to change the raycasting script so it works as an avatar attachment automatically when attached? Or a different script for walking on walls that can be place in a object, attached to the avatar, and automatically functions upon attachment?
  6. I can't wear any of the avatars in the library. I chose Illiana as my starter but I wanted to try on Kara. I drag the folder onto my avatar and all I get is the shape and nothing else. The same with Morgan and Leah. What's the issue and how do I fix it?
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