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  1. I have an anime avatar, but I know a girl that went for a more realistic Asian avatar at one point. She used the Yang Mi skin and shape from KG Boutique. It's available on the marketplace and the shop even sells some hair meant to go with it.
  2. This may be a weird and extremely specific question, but I'm looking for the jellyfish that used to be available at one of the starter islands where new residents first arrive. I had to skip the starting islands due to serious lag caused by the high traffic so I never got to poke around everything that was there, but a friend of mine found a ton of stuff there before she teleported to my location. She doesn't really log into SL anymore so I can't ask her to send the item to me if it has transfer permissions. One of the items she got was a small jellyfish in a sort of yellow color that moved ar
  3. That's actually perfect. It's moving randomly and smoothly. Thank you.
  4. I've been playing around with that script and it's almost working the way I want it but there's one thing I still can't figure out. Right now the object is sort of snapping into a new place really abruptly and I'd like to make the movement more smooth. This is what my script currently looks like. default { on_rez (integer startup) { if (!llGetAttached() ) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llTargetOmega(<1.0,0.0,0.0>,0.5,0.5); } } attach (key id) { if (id) { llSetTimerEvent(PI); llTa
  5. I don't think the child prim suggestion would achieve what I'm trying to achieve. The script has to be in the root prim. There's already a child prim, which needs to look like it's moving randomly around the avatar. The timer might work. Can you give an example of what that should look like?
  6. That's at making it rotate continuously at least, but it's only rotating in one direction. I need it rotating randomly, with random direction changes and twitches.
  7. This issue is that no matter what I try I can't get the object to rotate continuously while attached to the avatar without it causing problems for the avatar. I've tried a few different codes. Two of the ones I tried the object wanted to push the avatar around. The rest simply wouldn't rotate while attached. The one you gave merely rotated the object once instead of continuously rotating in random directions.
  8. I've been trying to figure out a random rotation script for an avatar attachment but everything I try causes problems for the avatar or simply won't rotate while attached. The script needs to go into the root prim and continue to rotate randomly with random direction changes and twitches while attached to the avatar so the child prims will appear to be moving around the avatar.
  9. Your avatar looks lovely! My first thought is definitely "fairy", not "child". From what I can tell what makes a "child avatar" has a lot to do with proportions and facial features, like the difference between rl kids and rl adults. Children you'll typically see with rounder faces, little to no makeup, stockier proportions, and small or no breasts depending on the age range they're going for. The wings are a pretty obvious sign that she's a fairy and if they're prim that're probably decently visible from a distance. When I see pointy ears or wings on a small avatar my immediate thought is eith
  10. You may find family in the place you least expect and it doesn't have to be an rp family at all. My friends are like family to me, but we all know one another rl too so I can't really speak from my own experience about finding purely sl family. I can share with you an experience that was shared with me though. I knew a woman in sl that had an sl brother whom she had never even met rl. They started off as friends, but grew closer as they talked and got to know one another and spent time together. Eventually it reached a point where they loved each other like they would any blood sibling, thinki
  11. I know. SL as a whole probably isn't the best place for him considering that everybody you would ever be talking to is a real person, not an NPC. It's also one of the most freeform place to create and build next to garry's mod and being the creative sort I doubt I could convince him to leave. I've known him since elementary and he always leaves the socializing up to me or one of our other friends while he works on the creative or technical side. Another friend in our group that has some experience in marketing sells the things he makes for him.
  12. He was shoved into a corner of the second floor of the house but aside from that there's no telling exactly what was done. He was afk, so all we know is that the person entered the house, at some point decided to shove his avatar as far as they could given the fact the walls are solid, and left at some point. One of the concerns that were raised by another friend in our friend group was "what if the person did something unsavoury?" It's something she's witnessed a few times around sl and something I've seen once in a g rated sandbox, which we've reported each time, where an avatar is clearly a
  13. It's not unrealistic to expect common courtesy from others. I don't expect anything of anybody else that I don't expect of myself. Unless someone is breaking the the law it's just rude to invade the space where someone else is working or tough they stuff without permission and regardless of the situation it's rude to run into them. There are several reasons. The most important is that I'm very close to my friends and I care about them very deeply. They're like family. So when they're upset or worried I can't help but be upset or worried right along with them. When somebody hurts someb
  14. It bothers me because he's my friend and I feel bad when my friends feel bad. And I know how I would feel if it happened to me. There's such a thing as common courtesy even in public places. Whether it's rl or sl you should still be conscious of other people and what they're working on. If people are building a stage in a public park for a play in the evening you're not just going to go walk all over it or shove them while they're taking a short break. For some reason people seem to think that just because the world is virtual then it's ok to do that sort of thing. And yet they still get
  15. A friend of mine was telling me about something irritating that happened to him earlier and I kinda need to vent because I'm pretty upset about it too. My friend was working on a house in the usual sandbox he frequents, building the interior stuff, and he got an important phone call from a newer coworker needing help with something at the workplace so he had to step away to take the call. Apparently when he got back he discovered that one of the other people at the sandbox had decided to poke around inside his house because his scripted door says something whenever someone interacts with it. T
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