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  1. I tried to follow some online guides but I'm not having much luck You see when I make a new Gesture and Rename it to anything I want. 1. When I click Add ---> Animation or Add Sound---> I run into problems. With Sounds the Sounds to Play drop down box is None. No sounds to choose and with Animations there are plenty to choose but some animations I own don't show up in the drop down list? Do they need to be in specific folders? Using Firestorm latest release. Thanks. Nvm maybe it's the permissions? They were Copy, Modify but I guess I need transfer.
  2. If one chooses to have a Lindin Home? Where do they end up? What is the name of Region or location etc? I'm not to much of a noon. I know they will go to mainland right? I'm just curious. This is not for me I already known Land in Adult. But I have a friend who would likely want a Lindin Home. Since I'm helping him he asked where it would be located. I have no idea. Thanks. Even if there is more than one location list any possible Region names etc if you can.
  3. Anyone know were I can buy or how to make a script that will open a menu. And allow the user to select a SURL to teleport too? And you can add custom locations maybe at least 9 locations if possible. Thank you.
  4. Thanks I really appreciate this both of you! I was looking for the exact same thing!
  5. Okay the title may not explain the situation well enough. Lets say you have plants or trees on your property. And the bigger plants cover the smaller ones. If I try to click on the smaller plants I instead ALWAYS click the larger ones. Up to now I have been having to select the larger PIRM (Tree etc) than move it out of the way. To get access to the other object/PIRM. I have full Parcel rights I am owner. Is there any tool or menu that can show like all my items on a list and let me choose with one to go into edit mode. Even if I can't directly click on that PIRM due to the fact it's cover
  6. Interesting those are neat ideas. It turns out the security orb I use DID exactly what I was suggesting on it's own. lol So the feature I was so wondering about not only exists. But I tested my orb. That means that both my parcels in the same region now have one of these and it's working the way I like.
  7. Within 24 hours of me posting my original message here. My limit went up to 300USD. I did submit a ticket but the reply was no we can't increase your limit. I only wanted 150 USD. But the person said that it went up to 300 USD and that was automatic. lol So I now have more than I will ever need. Unless I win the lottery... If I win 24+ million dollars I'm going to own 1-3 Private Regions. And I will need a higher limit! lol But.... I don't see that happening. Thanks for everyone who helped. The moral of the story is it never hurts to ask Lindin Labs for help. They often won't raise your l
  8. Neat... Do you know of any products that have these features on the Market etc?
  9. Thanks pretty much what I have already done. Still good to know. And no you misunderstood one thing and that is my fault. What I meant is I was saying I wonder if there is a security system that can modify or add people to the parcel Not allowed list etc. And I thought to myself the only way such a script would probably work even if it was allowed is the owner of the Security Orb would probably also have to match the owner of parcel. But even still I don't think it's possible to script that.
  10. 1.I have two probably simple questions. 1st what is the max height you can exist on a Region. Private Region to be exact. Not build height. Height in general. 2. Is there any sort of script or object that can edit your Parcel Always Allowed or Always Banned list? Thanks. Like if the object is placed by owner of parcel. I assume not but it never hurts to ask. I know all about security orbs and how they work etc. And they have there own scan, range, eject and ban. But I'm just wondering. Thanks.
  11. Thanks I may request a spending limit increase. All my alts are like 7+ years old. But I think they predated the current system so they are starting off with $100 a month limit. Which I normally don't use $100 a month. But I'm coming back for the first time so I am. lol I will probably submit a credit limit increase ticket. I won't use my alts as I agree it could be seen as a potential scam etc.
  12. Say you ran out of monthly Lindin. Instead of waiting a month for it to reset. Could you add the same CC to an ALT and buy more Lindin? Is this against Terms of Service. Many reasons I won't likely do this even if it is not against TOS. However I searched hard for the answer. And could not find it. I feel like Lindin would see this like it's some sort of scammer with my card. lol And they impose the limit for a reason. But you would think they would openly state don't use an ALT to bypass the limit. This is against TOS. And maybe they do. I just can't find it. Thanks. P.S I'm not tr
  13. Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel? This setting obviously makes it so avatars on this parcel cannot be seen from any other parcel right? Does this setting also make all other avatars off of the parcel invisible from within the parcel? That's what I am noticing. If I'm inside this parcel and turn this feature on. Suddenly all the dots on the map turn into another shape. And even avatars 5 feet away from the parcel disappear? Is this intended? Thanks. If it is intended I like the feature. But it's strange how it works. So it works both ways basically.
  14. "News today... Florida man arrested while naked shopping at walmart!" "I swear cop I'm just lagging a little! Server Lag!"
  15. Thanks actually very helpful. Thanks. I imagine on Private Estate the Owner can also limit the length of Always Banned lines if they really wanted. So I should test it out with one of my friends if I want to be sure what they set it to. Thanks. But I know Ban lines are not allowed here. But the Always Banned Lines are allowed if they work the way you describe. Thanks.
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