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  1. Thank you to everyone for their helpful responses. I have learned that proper vocabulary is important! (And I don't mean that in anything other than honest appreciation for your help.) So I have my region, and it is an estate and can be separated into parcels, if I'm reading this right. ? Yes, this would be my first sim. Elle, I will definitely take it slow, and play with things first. Your points about building and who can/should be allowed are very good ones. Thank you Ethan for your additional suggestions about landing point and security. Callum, could you please expand on your Option 3? I don't follow why keeping the region in my name would be an issue for cleanup and control. And I'm off to read more in the knowledge base, now that I have a better understanding. Thank you all again. ?
  2. I'm considering purchasing my own sim. Building, etc. is not a problem, lots of experience with that! But in terms of having a secure sim, what do you recommend? I would be the owner and responsible for payment. It would primarily be a home for a group, and the group members should be able to build and interact with the items on the sim. I'm not renting out parcels, at least not now. Maybe in the future. I don't want to leave myself open for a problem down the road. I read about deeding the property to the group, but I'm not sure exactly what that does or why I should. So please, weigh in. And thank you!
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