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  1. 1 really helped take the sting out of it being the answer n made me laugh, thank you!
  2. I was on another account trying to find my place in sl a few yrs back and it just didn’t seem to really click in most places. I tried BL for a couple of years and none of them really felt like family(except one n im kicking myself for never finding it again.) When i was active most were like oh wait who are you again? Or Id say something i didnt know was stupid, then got auto blocked. Then I tried bdsm n that was the loneliest road to nowhere ive ever had in a game in my life. I honestly think you, “gotta know someone,” or its not going to go well. The only one place I loved is gone now(so i feel a little helpless..) I did like exploring sims, but after a while you miss conversations..well.. i did at least. I have read some sad folks messages in this form n i gotta say it is hard to approach someone, but it maybe the only direct way to gain friends..doesn’t really help im shy. I would like to join a family in the future..just hard to do it emotionally. Rejection isn’t really easy. My partner outside of SL has asked me why do you continue to go on there? I told them because of one word hope, hope that i will fit in somewhere n that maybe even if one person to want to spend time with me and be happy to see me again if I ever took a few days off, would be worth everything. I would like to maybe get into photography if I knew howxD I wish I could find my second life..whatever it maybe.
  3. Thank you for your help! that would mean I can go to Moderate as long as not sexy stuff, well or switch into an adult, hehe:P
  4. I'm rping as a teen = I am sorry I should have said that. That is what I meant by teen, I'm actually in my 20's rl.
  5. Recently, I had someone offer to help me with my avatar and then for whatever reason they vanished. I never understand why people do that. Just vanish never to tell ya why. It kind of sucks when you just assume they're away for a few days..but than you look for activeness and you find out they were never inactive to begin with, they just want you to leave. Rejection really never gets any easier on this site. It's something you have to learn fast here and accept even if your not ready to. I know from experience..
  6. Can teens also go to Moderate sims as long as there is no adult content/and or age restriction?
  7. Are there any teen friendly beaches, clubs, places at all?
  8. Tweenster shape, not sure what to edit to change how it looks so the shape doesn't show in the shoulders? I have this happen to another shirt that I own, not just a demo.
  9. I am happy to see the users above have good families^^ I had an old account on sl for families and let me tell ya, its no easy. I tried hard in adoption agencies. I had a few that moved on. I think the two hardest things there are rejection and divorce. Its hard seeing two parents split, sadly it happens tho and it breaks up so much sometimes that you dont have a family at all afterwords. Rejection is hard to. I remember one time i was interviewed by a family and i thought it went well and they seemed happy. Next day they automatically stopped talking to me with no answer. I found out threw pictures on their profile they found others, how cold is that? Couldn’t even tell me no or they chose others in im.
  10. So i should just use a tweenster or smb body and not slink?
  11. I am very new to this scene. How does one go about buying land to put a house on it? What is the difference between a lease, renting, buying land, etc?(I know it probably has to do with the owner and their rules/I understand.) Where can I look for places to rent/lease a place to put a house on it? Do I have to be premium account to do all this?
  12. I have been looking at teen avatars and I liked one skin that went with smb avatars for teens I thought it said? "There's also ALL ages packs which inclue a growing up timeline of skins & shapes in that tone from toddleedoo ages 2 / 5yr - smb ages 8 / 12 / 15 yr - slink ages 18 yr sold seperate in packs." Link--> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meshmerized-Max-03-TEEN/9376518 Sorry in advance, the description is a little confusing to a new user like me..well at least me. If it is for a teen skin age 15, how do I buy the rest of the avatar?
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