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  1. Whoa. This was brave. Last time I dared speak to anybody of my belief system I ended up believing there's no hope for it in SL. lol I'm Asatru with a pinch of Duat and a lot of everything in between. If something is ancient - I'll take it. What resonates with us in this shell has more or less something to do with shells we've shed before. My music is weird. I'd say metal but I find myself hooked on Massive Attack and placebo these days. Too bad there's no clubs, that I know of, with my kind of music. *shurgs*
  2. Yes all are aftermarket because I wanted to create sort of like my own style. Bought animesh add ons for both WH and Hano. Rezzed them on the ground, edited them. Maybe I'm missing something. Will have to retinker with them. However, IMO WH is the sim cross champ, for now.
  3. I've been looking for organised rides on the Grid all week. This is going to be awesomesauce. xo
  4. I mean if this is indeed genuine, that's some serious badassery right there. I'd totally ghost away without saying a word.
  5. I'm totally obsessing over horsiiis ❤️
  6. While I was wearing the Catya/Maitreya combo, my go to was Sadie by League + Izzie's Pore and Blemishes applier. Never found anything more realistic than that IMO.
  7. Hellos, Thanks for all those detailed comments above. omg ❤️ I bought a Teegle as well, namely Hanoverian, and I have noticed that they are indeed a tad smaller than WH. However, the materials of certain third party skin (coat) textures are off the charts in certain windlights. So that's a plus. For my WH I was able to change the saddle and stuff altogether (edit mode) but when trying to change the mane and tail on Hano, the new "attachments" would collide with the body during certain movements - kinda like flexi prims did. The saddle on WH is however never peeking through the body no matter the position of the horse. The Teegle's new mane and tail also completely broke during sim crossings and having to edit them every time is certainly a bit of a nuisance. Maybe I'm missing something but for now I'm sticking with my Warmblood and omg - if you look closely at it, it is breathing If anybody is into small deets like that. Modded saddle for WH ^
  8. Hello, Yesterday I finally purchased my first Animesh horse, a Warmblood from Water Horse after a week or more worth of researching all the animesh options available at this time. I know there are two other stores out there that sell animesh horses but with not so many customization options. I wish to purchase a Teegle as well but I am unsure of the differences/similarities between the two. And without further introductions, this' my Stallion boy.
  9. Messaged you. I love what you managed to do with absolutely zero L's. In my noob days I wasn't able to even come close to that. Message me backs because I want to take you from a "Zero Linden" avi to a paid one ❤️ xo
  10. Hii, I've seen this hair in SL's latest video and I'm on a quest to find it <3
  11. By the way :3 new gacha from The Forge, just released last night
  12. Didn't mean to start a massive chain of reactions :3 It's okay you guys ❤️ I didn't mind my post moved.
  13. Just a few days ago I was going through this exact same scenario with a flexi hair I had purchased, but I trashed it thinking it was poorly made. No other things in my whole inventory were "disappearing" but that specific hair. Now I have to re-buy because noo redelivery. Joy.
  14. I do and you've just saved a lazy person's day. ❤️ I am soo not leaving my house erratically sim-hopping again. Thank you. ❤️
  15. These are truly gorgeous. There's a certain "balance" to the design that makes it hard for me to take my eyes off of them. :3
  16. Heya. -hope this is the right place to post my request- Would there be such a thing or a scanner that allows you to see traffic on other regions, not on the sim you are on? I'm only asking because I want to know when certain RP sims have people in so I don't hop around endlessly when they're empty. ^^ P.S.: I'm super lazy and like to stay on my home sim and brush my virtual Ragdoll until some RP sim picks up ^^
  17. The cat in my picture is my spirit animal. :3 mrow
  18. Guyss ❤️ you're my heroes. xx
  19. Oh hii. :3 I'm the one that was asking about the arm. ❤️ Sorry if I goofed around. I've seen numerous posts here about people looking for stuff so .. I naturally thought it had to be avatar-related? But if I made a boo boo xcuse me :3
  20. OMG. I cannot believe the smoothness of movement in those articulations ❤️ I'll certainly be rampaging their store.
  21. Heya. Flood me with all the cyber limbs/prosthetics/augmentations, please. ^^ I currently own Eliavah's Brute arm and Omnis's Black Widow but I'm looking to buy more.
  22. Heya. I'm looking for more brands that make new flexi hairs with a smooth look like }.PS.{ , HAJ. or fabrixsquare. Thanks xx
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