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  1. Found everything I could ever wish for in a man, but before him, my one and only requirement, besides physical appearance, has always been the capacity to understand and relate to my spiritual self. I deeply respect all beliefs and walks of life, but if one was simply not interested, blind or otherwise incompatible with my spiritual side, he wouldn't have made it past the first fxck even with the most perfect body. Same goes for friends. I'd rather be alone than perceived as crazy or having to hide my beliefs. ^^ ~weird goof is gonna be weird :3
  2. Simeone finally made a pharaoh centaur. thank you!
  3. Neither lol. check this out: https://photomosh.com
  4. Heya, fellow metalhead. Try Club Zero, The Burn, perdition's gate, The Machine, Club End of Days, VAXX NATION, Dark/Hive, No Salvation, The V V I T C H H O U S E, Club Cemeterium, The Warehouse. There's not much metal in SL, but there's enough. Join their groups and check notices to know when events are happening and the clubs get crowded. If you're lazy, like me, keep those regions on your tracker and when you notice there's people in, go check them out :3 \m/
  5. Logged out and back in and it's all gooood ❤️ thankies I wanted SO badly and for SO long to get rid of "resident" lol and now i get to have a free home for a whole month whether i like it or not blah. i won't be using it. i like riding sl homeless. anyone wants a home? take mine. lol allll yourss
  6. Just bought it and it should be Eruka Nova now. lol I mean I see it on my end in the viewer. How long does it take for it to change here on forums as well?
  7. hope this isn't gonna be considered out of place here :p really proud of how it came out anyways ^^
  8. hope this isn't gonna be considered out of place here :p really proud of how it came out anyways ^^
  9. omgg I wish I knew about this meeting; I have that exact same dress from Osmia but on purple :3
  10. My old Catwa Jade w/ Amara Beauty skin and self made shape ^^ Duck lips because I love them lol but she looks old enough to me :3
  11. I meant generally inworld you find all sorts of rich people (most often after midnight SLT) spending money on random stuff or to be told random stuff i dunno
  12. So NOT true! lol in my relationship I spoil the man and I do so wholeheartedly. Deal with it :p
  13. 5k for an hour though.. i mean, 30 mins would be 3k or around that. or it used to be lol i am soo out of the loop
  14. preach sister! findom is even better than other adult jobs. just go to findom sims wearing flashy stuff and get paid for just existing, quite literally. the key is to have pre made emotes so you don't even have to type unless you gotta adjust your lines a bit here and there. work smart not hard. ^^ there will always be people willing to pay for anything so why not reap the benefits of that (consent is also always important, don't risk anything for cash or Ls)
  15. Okay so this isn't my kink and i am by no means a dominant lmao but my biggest hit was 200k about 2 years ago maybe while findomming Random guy walks into loseria, begs me to teamview (well ayndesk) into his pc and buy whatever i want lol 200k was the biggest amount i could think of on the spot...looking back at it now i should have inserted more lol he boasted about being some banker of sorts and that he got into a fight with his rl wife and wanted to be ruined. wham bam. he tped out few minutes after that and i never saw him again lol he totally made my week.. hell whole month.. other than that i regularly made like 10k 20k a day if the right subs would come by. i had specific pre made scripts for everything (even vore). i was all about the money. because some subs just want to be lied to and get their rocks off. some even have the means to afford it. if i felt that a sub was into the whole experience for long term real bond with a dominant, i'd do the kind thing and let them go. it's all about people looking for experiences they crave and people looking not to upload so often in exchange for well written scrips to give to their one time subs. *shurgs* i've been off market for a long time now, mainly because i have no time to just sit around and wait for money, i'd rather just upload and focus on my guy and enjoy my sl time. i however, do occasionally peek into the world of findom for quickie tips. but it's slow these days. so my advice to the op, if you're not some rich guy looking for sweet lies, don't pay your dominant a thing, true bonds need no funding imo
  16. I've honestly tried these matching services a long time ago just for the laughs, because I knew the type of man sl/rl that I like is so darn rare that they wouldn't be able to match me with anybody - and they haven't. But it was all in all a fun experience. Met my perfect guy by mistake after years of more or less actively searching. So just like others said before me - go out there and explore, you never know what you might find or who you accidentally bump into. And never ever lower your expectations, no matter how insanely high they may seem, I can almost promise you there is someone else out there that meets your criteria to a fault. :3 *mew* Best of luck to the op if they're still looking. ❤️
  17. I'm on GMT+2 lol but my work allows me to be awake at night and active when the grid is more lively. But I hear you ^^ INFP-T here 😛 I enjoy watching from the shadows.
  18. In before the thread lock. lol I used to really really hate aesthetic mesh men and turn them down fairly quickly .... until I found the right one lol It's very true that 99% still look gross and plainly identical, but oh that 1% ... don't throw stones at me, just speaking my mind.
  19. yus kittyy, that is me for sur. :3 i dunno. i generally like perfectly round perky breasts lol but if you want to go for a more "natural" look you can search through that store i linked you what looks good on your however, i cannot say since it is all down to your body, skin, shape and it's in all honesty a matter of trial and error. if i remember correctly there should be demoes in world ^^
  20. I liked that bumblebee analogy^^ I'll be giving some weird advice though - can't find people that share the same interests with you? Convert them! lol ~quite literally. I couldn't find anything regarding herbology, candle making, the duat, pottery, theater plays, pressed flower books binding, aquascaping or hoola hoops. lol So I got people interested into "my stuff" and befriended them. :3 Interests aren't naturally born, they are shared, learned, discovered. Can't find your way? become the way, let others find you. mews
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