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  1. oh I am in a SL/RL thing. I'm still up to meet everybody and anybody. I'm not looking to date or hump them. lol Just having fun and maybe getting high ^^ I was talking generally. SL, RL, dating sites, anything else out there. Doesn't really matter all that much to me. People are beautiful inside out, regardless where you meet them.
  2. Yepppp. I'm known to not care about plane tickets that much. lol I'm the exact opposite of what seems to be the majority here (if I am not wrong ofc). Can't keep things in SL only and I don't want to. If there's no will to at least meet as friends irl and have some drinks and pics and laughs, I let people go. *unless they are in an extraordinary impossible situation and are extremely beautiful individuals inside out.
  3. MILA, Amara Beauty, ITGirls. 😆 my absolute favorite trio.
  4. I've been looking for white feathery Genus lashes eveeerywhere so I can make them dark red. Thank you lol
  5. Of course fancy nails do matter <33 Check out Ascendant, Conviction or Lueur. Looove their claws. Empire nails are also outstanding, Nail Plug has also been making some amaaazing skins for the Empire nails as well as Bento Nails of their own. Real Evil also has a few nice gacha nails but they are a bit too short for me 😛 Mug has witchy nails of sorts. Last but not least Formanails has some elegant/wedding/formal event type of nails. They're cutesy. There are others too. There's such a little lovely world of fancy nails out there :3
  6. not wrong at all 😜 man deserves all the credit. he's a very private person though so i try not to give away too much. but he does deserve all the admiration in the world xo
  7. This may sound a little selfish or a little lame but the person that impacted my Slife the most is ... me. I decided to sign up years ago, in search for wonders of the beautiful human mind. I decided to not give up on the massive learning curve and then mesh and bento when I returned from my over 2yrs long hiatus. I decided to get married and take that hiatus. I fked up my marriages. I decided to return. I decided to be at a specific venue, at a specific time despite boredom and lag. I decided to be there 5 more minutes than intended. There it was me that discovered the most perfect avi that I decided not to give up on despite everybody telling me it cannot exist. Someone once said: 5 minutes of insane courage. 5 minutes is all it takes and I promise you something good will come out of it. I decided to message that beautiful avi and I decided to let him into my RL. I decided to fall in love with him harder than ever before. I decided to let my mental illness speak for me at one point and lost him. I decided not to move on. I decided not to delete this account. I managed to get him back. I managed to keep him as close to me as humanly possible. I gave him my whole damn heart. I decided to take massive RL risks for him. I won. I got the best man on this earth in my life 24/7. ~sooo even though it may sound like I'm not giving anybody any credit, all i'm trying to say is that ultimately the most important person in our lives is in fact us. took me a lot to realise this thingie. :3
  8. I mostly look up anything I need on Flickr, add it to my wishlists there, go to said events, area search > title of the item > right click > buy > bye lol i mostly buy from the mainstream creators of sl, no use in demoing anything from them. stuff like blueberry will never disappoint. i just grab fatpacks and go. lol also sometimes i go to events on my animesh horse, some would think because i want to be fancy, but it's actually much easier to run around lol. and also because i want to be fancy :3 *mew* p.s. to my shame i never sort anything in my inventory. i just use the vendor pics and upload them to my cts visual wardrobe. i also have a stupid good memory and just remember titles by heart. also, more or less known inventory hack. always keep your Recent tab on a custom setting where you input the start date like 9999 days and it automatically sorts your items from the latest, most recent one (at the top) to the first one you ever bought (at the bottom) also if you right click folders (properties) it will show you the date of purchase sooo that's how you sort the items by date foreverrr. lol p.s. II also to my shame yet again i have no patience with collecting gifts or hunt items the way they should be. i just tp in, area search > title of gift box > cam out reaally far > wait like 30 sec for all items to show > ctrl+a > touch > collect them as they spam me rushing in > tp out and unbox in peace. lol
  9. SL relationships are full time relationships to me. period I didn't look for one specifically when I joined but I have had the opportunity of meeting the right man for me at the right time. We share everything, absolutely every single thing outside and inside SL. We talk daily and we make it work even though we are on almost opposite timezones. There's a certain comfort and security knowing you can share so much and that the other person is not playing any games with you. I've had several relationships from either SL or other virtual worlds taken to RL and even meetings in person and all went okay so far. As far as availability goes, I am exclusive to my man in both worlds and I take our bond extremely seriously. That's a personal choice. My feelings are just as real in any worlds.
  10. lol it's alright and nah, never met my dad 😛 it was just me and mom and yus we didn't use our radiators that much
  11. I mean, yeah some context is needed, but as a sl/rl hybrid myself i can appreciate the people that in a world of perfect avis decide to show their real selves. Hope you you find the right partner/partners for you. ^^ meeeeeep
  12. I would also add that much like gaming online in general (not saying it's a game) it lets you actually interact with other people rather than your local squad. As a half russian, half egyptian living in eastern europe, i cannot relate with these people so i'd rather meet randoms online and then meet them somehow irl too and i have and they have been the strongest bonds i've ever made my entire life (not only in sl).
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