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  1. Since I've switched to Catwa Jade, which is a really really really pretentious head that will look awkward with most skins, I've transitioned over to Amara Beauty, sacrificing a bit of details for the body parts. Amara also recently upgraded their skins for Legacy, so yay for me. ^^ However, before Jade, I had Genus Classic, Catwa Catya and Akeruka Valerie and my go to stores were Revoul, Mila and League. For extra realism, on my Maitreya body I used to add the Skin pores and blemished from Izzie's which was pretty much the icing on the cake; made any skin look so much more "alive". Also one store I've always eyecandied hardcore but never managed to get to look properly with my heads is Studio Exposure. Very yummy skins, if you manage to get them to look right. ^^
  2. United Colors has some cute stuffs, Noble Creations too .. hmm what else .. Una, Zenith also Enfant Terrible, Bauhaus Movement or Azuchi
  3. ErukaVonD

    Witchy things

    I like this new awesomesauce store: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146643257@N07/
  4. feelings of appreciation increased On a side note, that's exactly what made me post it. Too much tension going around ^^
  5. blushes excessively Thank ya. I mean, it's just pixels, buy it or leave it lol. "what if their servers die?" lol, well you enjoyed it while it lasted, now go get distracted by more cutesy pixels
  6. Since this thread is still active, gonna leave here my opinion of it this far: So, as a super happy Legacy user so far I can confirm a few things. Deformers are bs, almost none of my Maitreya clothes fit. And I'm talking clothes from big stores, not no names. Don't bother with deformers, it just won't work. So I have waited until big stores started supporting it, 5k is nowhere near a big deal for me, so I kept it in my inventory because the perfectionist in me couldn't stand not having clothes fit perfectly. Now that there's a ton of clothes for it, I'm literally addicted, lol. For me, this body out of all the bodies was the only one that was able to give me the body shape I desired. And since I normally wear chokers on absolutely any outfit by choice, I didn't even bother with skins. I tinted the default Legacy skin to somewhat match my Amara Beauty skin and it works fine for me. I did however buy the Revoul skins and noes, do not buy skins for this body as they apply on Layer 2, which means on top of the Materials layer and... I'm not willing to sacrifice that just to get rid of the neck seam, more than happy to wear chokers. This body has the best physics I have ever seen - that's a massive advantage for me. Now that SlackGirl updated her nails, the extremely long stiletto addict in me (lol) is super happy with the hands too. Yes, there are cracks in the body (super visible if you have a 4k screen), but it's not like I'm going to zoom in on my body for the entirety of my SL experience, so I nevermind it for now. Support was extra friendly for me and they got back to me in like not even 10 mins after I've spammed them with my tons of questions and they idk vibed with me. 10/10 to CSR from me Bottom line - if you don't care about the cracks and neck seams and the fact that it one day might just be obsolete, go with it. It's a nice experience. For me, this body and the TMP can die any day, I'll just switch back to any other body, no issue. (again, this is only my experience, everybody has different views.) I'd give it a 3/5 rating but still wear it daily until it fades into nothingness. lol
  7. I vent straight to the person causing my anger. We either fix it together or they block me. lol If it's not a person that angered me, I still address it headfirst. I'm a heart over mind kind of person so I change moods very easily, which can be good for both parties. I don't hold onto anger and I do believe people are not naturally evil and that purrrty much anything can be fixed. shrugs I also do the chocolate and fastfood overdose. 'cuz heck, tasty things make my brain collaborate with me better. lol
  8. This is a very interesting topic. As a sex worker, forced to have 1(one) pick of the club as agreed job requirement, I almost always get hit on with sexual requests. The funny thing is that my profile in its entirety states nothing else remotely connected to sexytime and I mostly walk around in baggy clothes or RP outfits without any sexy parts revealed. Yet, some people are so shallow they see me quietly meditating in a corner or riding my horse or gardening and they believe I'm up for funky time by default just because of my job which pays for my mesh and other things. ^^ I wish there were more hangouts/cafes/gardens/lounges and what have you without tags such as BDSM, sex, daddy etc. Some are here for soul food, ya know. :3
  9. sighs I said I wouldn't, but I did. And this is my result with it so far. The ring is free ❤️ https://www.flickr.com/photos/darklingsl/48093791763/in/dateposted/ And the only nails I've found this far: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11152509@N02/48051811457/in/dateposted/ Extra bits of info: materials on the body look best if you crank up the bumps of the skin. The feet are resizable with sliders and the best physics for it seem to be Belleza ones (tested 9+ physics packs). Also, several Slink Physique belly piercings that I own work just right. ❤️ xo
  10. I have swept the grid again last night and sadly there's nothing in Second Norway or I was unable to find it. I am suffering from never finding Rp that I'm interested in, such as viking rp, ancient egypt/gods, pirate, shamanistic, mayan, I'd even do some mermaid Rp which I do miss dearly. lol Thank gods for Cyberpunk, still being alive. Thank you so much for them comments tho ❤️ xo
  11. I literally found only one sim, which is ironically called VIKINGS, but other than that looks like there isn't much on the grid or I don't know where to look. ^^ I'll drop by Second Norway and see what it has in store for me. Thank ya.
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