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  1. Hii, I've seen this hair in SL's latest video and I'm on a quest to find it <3
  2. By the way :3 new gacha from The Forge, just released last night
  3. Didn't mean to start a massive chain of reactions :3 It's okay you guys ❤️ I didn't mind my post moved.
  4. Just a few days ago I was going through this exact same scenario with a flexi hair I had purchased, but I trashed it thinking it was poorly made. No other things in my whole inventory were "disappearing" but that specific hair. Now I have to re-buy because noo redelivery. Joy.
  5. I do and you've just saved a lazy person's day. ❤️ I am soo not leaving my house erratically sim-hopping again. Thank you. ❤️
  6. These are truly gorgeous. There's a certain "balance" to the design that makes it hard for me to take my eyes off of them. :3
  7. Heya. -hope this is the right place to post my request- Would there be such a thing or a scanner that allows you to see traffic on other regions, not on the sim you are on? I'm only asking because I want to know when certain RP sims have people in so I don't hop around endlessly when they're empty. ^^ P.S.: I'm super lazy and like to stay on my home sim and brush my virtual Ragdoll until some RP sim picks up ^^
  8. The cat in my picture is my spirit animal. :3 mrow
  9. Guyss ❤️ you're my heroes. xx
  10. Oh hii. :3 I'm the one that was asking about the arm. ❤️ Sorry if I goofed around. I've seen numerous posts here about people looking for stuff so .. I naturally thought it had to be avatar-related? But if I made a boo boo xcuse me :3
  11. OMG. I cannot believe the smoothness of movement in those articulations ❤️ I'll certainly be rampaging their store.
  12. Heya. Flood me with all the cyber limbs/prosthetics/augmentations, please. ^^ I currently own Eliavah's Brute arm and Omnis's Black Widow but I'm looking to buy more.
  13. Heya. I'm looking for more brands that make new flexi hairs with a smooth look like }.PS.{ , HAJ. or fabrixsquare. Thanks xx
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