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  1. The Endless Moon Haus Art Gallery and Sky Lodge act as parts of Industry Events entertainment and scenic sim, providing a safe space for all artists and cultural beliefs to intertwine and share experiences and common practices. Stop by for a cup of sunshine

    Below you will find a couple of (barely retouched) photos to offer a general idea of what you can find on sim


    Sky Lodge



    Yoga and Guided meditation center (affiliated with Nox Obscura - pagan hangout)


    Art Gallery


                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -                               
        ҉  VISIT US:                        

    Sky Lodge: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High Winds/216/28/58

    Art Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High Winds/82/201/31

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  2. 4 hours ago, Foggypebble Muircastle said:

    You have tipped DJs 5k (that’s 20$) for playing your favorite bands?? I’m afraid I’ve never been as generous.

    Usually I try to tip what I think would be the same amount someone would tip at a real life venue.

    my music is close to nonexisten in sl. 😛 don't mind rarely being that generous once in a blue moon. just this week 3 of my favorite venues shut down due to lack of funds. soon i'll be running out of them if i don't get involved and support them

  3. Also, whoever plays Tool/puscifer/APC or does Maynard tributes, that I've sadly never heard in SL until very recently, I'll be dropping 10k on your head without hesitation. I'm very particular about my music, but when I hear it, I do support the DJ and the venue hardcore.

  4. For me it's mostly like L100 - I'm just being polite; L250 - quality set, I want to encourage you; L500 - great tuneage AND nice personality; 1k - you really impressed me! I'll come back in the future as well; 3k - you're a music god and I must really like the venue a lot too; 5k - you played Placebo or Massive Attack more than two tracks in a row. xD

  5. 1 hour ago, RowanMinx said:

    Still wondering if the OP is just looking for an SL male friend or what?  Just because you're asian, (or black or green or purple) in RL has no bearing on your SL if SL is all you're looking for.  You can be and look however you please.  And in my experience, anyone who bases a friendship solely on avatar appearance is pretty shallow and probably best avoided.  

    i think we click with who we click with. some are aware of certain patterns and stick to them because they figured out what works for them. i noted she didn't say "beautiful men" or "attractive males" etc she just wanted that firm masculine energy in her life and that's something i can relate with also. i deeply admire and respect sisterhoods in SL or everywhere else, it's just not for me. my best friends (of mixed races) RL and SL turned out to be men. it's just all about what works for us and who we click with.

  6. 2 hours ago, Nick0678 said:

    Are we still talking about SL?

    .. because if we do there's actually nothing to fight for, most people don't know each other, only a very small percentage gets to have an RL date (so actually get to know the other person a bit)  and a big part of that percentage is already married with someone in RL.

    SL, RL, to me it's not much of a difference. I cross my relationships over anyways. I get involved very very rarely into something (i've only had 5 long term genuine relationships off of here) but when I do, I'm absolutely all in. I can be fiercely loyal. I suppose its a pisces thing. we're dreamers to the bone 😛 but even if you don't mix sl/rl, do you best, be your brightest, don't settle for half-assed bs. i keep hearing "it's a virtual world not a virtuous world" not in my lane, baby, not in my lane. rant over lmao. even if the OP is not looking for a relationship, friendships require just the same amount of nurturing if not more. basically what i'm trying to say is be as dedicated to others as you'd wanted them to be to you.

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  7. 21 hours ago, Zeotetra said:

    There is no perfect man or perfect woman or perfect box

    Let me explain at first you think its perfect in time the crinkles appear the layers appear and then you realize even the box is not as sexy as it once was.
    BUTT it is still a box and you remember all those memories and you know even with those imperfections that box is your box!


    “To love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be.

    The people they're too exhausted to be any longer.
    The people they don't recognize inside themselves anymore.
    The people they grew out of, the people they never ended up growing into.
    We so badly want the people we love to get their spark back when it burns out; to become speedily found when they are lost.

    But it is not our job to hold anyone accountable to the people they used to be.
    It is our job to travel with them between each version and to honor what emerges along the way.
    Sometimes it will be an even more luminescent flame.
    Sometimes it will be a flicker that disappears and temporarily floods the room with a perfect and necessary darkness."

    ~ Heidi Priebe


    fight for it damnit. do the right thing. people give up on people way too easily.

    also, @rose9991sl i hear you girl, go out, be bold and brozone those dudes you like! best of luck to you honestly, i fully support you.

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  8. Hey there's a new head right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0FZFfksDHA&t=157s

    Full review and I believe it might be what you're looking for ^^ for a more natural combo I'd pair it with the new Petite (gosh I hope I'm spelling that right) add-on from Maitreya and I can help make a custom shape for you if you want. Not sure the head is popular enough yet to have hit the market. Skins can be a bit of a hassle. I used to love Mudskin and Pink Fuel for a more natural look but lately I've been wearing full time Glam Affair - if the head is BoM you should be able to find plenty of skins within that range for it. ^^


    Don't know much about rentals, but the new Boulder region that has just opened has a pretty natural-looking landscape and you might find what you're looking for there. Haven't looked at the prices myself but it's displayed in editor's picks right now so it should be fairly easy to find. Other than that I kept hearing about a small house being available at IASWAS - also a cute little region with waterfalls and a bit of a country-side look to it. If I'm not mistaken rent was somewhere under 1k/week. Hope this was helpful enough ❤️



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  9. 4 hours ago, Bagnu said:

     I am a very dirty and kinky girl, in SL but yet I have friends who aren't even sexual. How does that happen?  

    I've been an escort for many years in SL and other platforms while also doing my thing in the spare time that I got. Then I found someone who was worth investing time, energy and dedication into and for the last couple of years or so I've dropped all adult activities. On my own terms. So that is how you get friends that aren't sexual lol - they fall in love. hard.

    On another note I'm that one person who never reaches out except to him or my sister so I never send out invites and if I do accept them, I let that person know it beforehand - that if they want to talk, I'll never ghost them, we'll sit down and chitchat but they'll otherwise never hear ding dings from me. It can get lonely, but I'd rather be lonesome than stuck in awkward conversations, no offense.

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