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  1. Found everything I could ever wish for in a man, but before him, my one and only requirement, besides physical appearance, has always been the capacity to understand and relate to my spiritual self. I deeply respect all beliefs and walks of life, but if one was simply not interested, blind or otherwise incompatible with my spiritual side, he wouldn't have made it past the first fxck even with the most perfect body. Same goes for friends. I'd rather be alone than perceived as crazy or having to hide my beliefs. ^^ ~weird goof is gonna be weird :3
  2. Simeone finally made a pharaoh centaur. thank you!
  3. Neither lol. check this out: https://photomosh.com
  4. Heya, fellow metalhead. Try Club Zero, The Burn, perdition's gate, The Machine, Club End of Days, VAXX NATION, Dark/Hive, No Salvation, The V V I T C H H O U S E, Club Cemeterium, The Warehouse. There's not much metal in SL, but there's enough. Join their groups and check notices to know when events are happening and the clubs get crowded. If you're lazy, like me, keep those regions on your tracker and when you notice there's people in, go check them out :3 \m/
  5. Logged out and back in and it's all gooood ❤️ thankies I wanted SO badly and for SO long to get rid of "resident" lol and now i get to have a free home for a whole month whether i like it or not blah. i won't be using it. i like riding sl homeless. anyone wants a home? take mine. lol allll yourss
  6. Just bought it and it should be Eruka Nova now. lol I mean I see it on my end in the viewer. How long does it take for it to change here on forums as well?
  7. hope this isn't gonna be considered out of place here :p really proud of how it came out anyways ^^
  8. hope this isn't gonna be considered out of place here :p really proud of how it came out anyways ^^
  9. omgg I wish I knew about this meeting; I have that exact same dress from Osmia but on purple :3
  10. My old Catwa Jade w/ Amara Beauty skin and self made shape ^^ Duck lips because I love them lol but she looks old enough to me :3
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