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  1. Yes, Garnet, you're right, I should keep a vigil on that.
  2. Yes, ChinRey, that's what I wanted, Snow-Land, and I followed your instructions using the big map, though I didn't see any dollar signs, the yellow parcels were many as you said there would be. The first parcel I dropped in on, was around 7300L for a 1024. It looked good despite the high price, two ski lifts that I tested(lots of fun), a lake to moor my yachts, an ice skating pond, and everything in walking distance. All was good till someone else bought it out from under me. So, moving on, I looked at many others, rejecting them until I found a 1024 for 3000L, so I bought it, put one winter house on the ground, and a Christmas house at 4,080m altitude. Thanks for the great idea. I'm now ready for Christmas! It is snowing like crazy, lol.
  3. It is absurd when a 1024 is selling for over 40,000L and that is not being general at all. And why ask them to do something at a time when they can't? Indeed, there are no auctions to offer anything to anyone. But your idea to ask for a direct sale is a valid suggestion, so I thank you for having raised that possibility.
  4. Second Life Status: "Investigating - We will be undergoing maintenance to our Auctions - Second Life website on Wednesday, August 22nd" That is 74 days from 08/22/18 till today 11/04/18 and running. What a situation. This is terrible! SL residents have been at the mercy of scrupulous SL Realtors, who scavenge for below market value land sales, then jack-up prices 5, maybe 10 times(speculation) their "Fair Value", hoping to monopolize the abandoned land sales market the best they can. In real life, Realtors have no hope of doing such a thing due to market demands from natural competition. The only leverage we have against them here is the LL auctioning of their abandoned lands, where SL residents can better compete toe-to-toe against the SL Realtors, who may fold when residents keep them for stealing land sales below market value. I know it's near impossible to make any amount of money here in SL due to profit margins, considering the artificial conversion rates among L$ and RL currencies. But in this virtual world, we need regulations installed in this area of SL commerce, giving SL residents a fighting chance.
  5. This has been working like a charm, though the best deal so far has been a 1024 sqm 3000L A rated, mostly flat and high parcel, that could be perfect for terraforming. omgawd, on second thought, NO!... The A's are sick. The best so far was another A-rated where 500 m away was a BDSM place in which 3 gals were blindfolded and hung by their necks, flailing about until gone limp as though they were dead.. NO thanks, I don't want that stuff happening around me. Still upset. smh I will stick with M because both G and A are extremes from what I'm looking for.
  6. Both of you guys are so awesome for helping me out. God bless you both. With your inputs, you have put me way ahead of what I was thinking would be a nightmare of a project.
  7. I opened my Account, went to "Buy Land", then "Auctions", but nothing is listed or can be searched for. I just upgraded to premium, is there a waiting period before I'm able to view the Auction listings?
  8. Thanks for your excellent Idea, and general thought. I shall act on it immediately.
  9. There are two types of properties I'm interested in; water parcels and parcels in snowbound regions. First and foremost would be water parcels. I understand thoroughly the purchasing of mainland parcels and fees. I also know that residents buy water parcels, but this is where I'm stumped. How does one search for water parcels that are for sale, and how far off the shore might they be found? Secondly, I'm interested in purchasing a parcel in a snowy region. A close friend of mine with much experience told me that he once owned a parcel in a snowbound region, though because of purchasing it randomly, he had no recollection how he found it. How does one search for a snowbound region with parcels for sale?
  10. (B) you must have used your payment method to make at least one PURCHASE of $L before you can do a "process credit" transaction to transfer money out of SL to your PayPal account Concerning (A), My sincerest apologies. My statement was more introspective, with no malice intended. Indeed, you've been highly valued. Many thanks... Concerning (B), There is no method of payment. This is a matter for my financier.
  11. lol, I love being called a noob. Newbies are fun, excited and imaginative, and is why I intend to be forever noob There are no points given for being old here in SL rofl
  12. eww, I don't want to sue anyone, just would like to chat. So, you don't know?
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