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  1. Is it a hat? Or Is it a bunny? The answer is: yes!
  2. This is the closest I have: (Wasn't able to find my Pre-Linden-Days Account that was on the Teen Grid at the time )
  3. All from your own PC (No VR Required!) ♩ When? - TOMORROW - July 12th, 11AM - 2:30pm PT 『 Be there when we celebrate 8 incredible years of Monstercat with one of our biggest parties yet: an epic virtual bash open to anyone, anywhere in the world! Let loose in zero gravity with hundreds of fellow fans, catch amazing sets from legendary Monstercat artists, start quests to unlock hidden prizes, and shop exclusive Monstercat anniversary merch - all in a larger-than-life virtual world. You won't want to miss a single beat. 』 ♩ Want to WIN? >>>Join Sansar/get your ticket USING THE LINK BELOW and automatically enter yourself to be eligible to win any of the many following prizes: Free ticket upgrade to a limited VIP section Exclusive Physical Monstercat Anniversary Merch sent to your doorstep Exclusive digital Monstercat merchandise. ♩ JOIN US & ENTER HERE: ♩ and ♩ Join us on the Official Sansar Discord ♩
  4. Want to help save the oceans without having to leave the comfort of your PC? Come join us for World Oceans Day inside of Sansar! All you need to do is: Meet us in Sansar on June 8, from 12 to 5 PM PT. Pick out a free baby shark avatar for yourself. Join other baby sharks on a virtual beach, where we'll be picking up trash, creating a trash sculpture, playing games, and having fun! For every shark that joins the event, we'll donate $5 to EarthEcho. If the trash sculpture gets completed before the event ends, we'll donate an additional $5K - up to $10K in total! Best of all: The Roddenberry Foundation has agreed to match our donation with $5K of their own! It's a fun, interactive, easy way to make a difference for World Oceans Day. We can't wait to see you there! (For any questions, feel free to ask on + Join the Sansar Official Discord)
  5. Ready to travel back in time to the days of The Great Gatsby? Desire to dance in the pale moonlight? Gala De La Lune is happening TODAY Join your favorite DJs, Users, and Lindens alike for some tasty tunes for your ear canals. All you need is a computer to attend. (VR is encouraged, but not required.) Join us for free and see you tonight. For any questions you may have - join our official discord. 🎹 It don't mean a thang, if it ain't got that electroswing... 🎹
  6. It's a dance party with hundreds of your closest pals, and all you need is a PC to experience it! Join comedian, musician, and voiceover extraordinaire REGGIE WATTS for a TOTALLY FREE virtual concert in Sansar - Today- THURSDAY, April 25th, at 5 PM PST If you haven’t been in Sansar for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to check out some of Sansars amazing new features that just keep coming! And if you’re curious about Sansar and want to learn more- We’re excited to announce that we have recently opened the Sansar Official Discord to the public! So without further ado... Click me for your free front seat pass to the Reggie Watts show and we will see you there!
  7. Hey Love Zhaoying! Yes, Sansar will still be free to download and try the normal way. Additionally, I believe you will still be able to use the standalone client without having to go through Steam! Hope that helps answer your question!
  8. Hey Quinn! I know this is a little bit of an old thread but maybe this could be of use for you or anyone browsing this thread a few months later. You actually are able to change your email address associated with your account. All you need to do is send in a request right here and we can definitely try to help you out! I'm more than happy to help.
  9. In SL - A certain well known Sim, (Bella Goth) from one of my the first game I fell in love with - The Sims. (I definitely think that the SL Version looks a LOT better ) In Sansar, we went as a few well known figures - Thing 1 and Thing 2 Had a TON of fun at the SL Events yesterday!
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