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  1. UPDATE: Problem is resolved, thank you everyone who gave helpful advice Davina
  2. Honestly your response has been the most helpful, Thank you
  3. okay smarty pants, then tell me what the problem is if I have done all troubleshooting and clean reinstall and still have problems when I never had problems before?
  4. The problem still remains that nothing is wrong with the firewall and no updates have been made. No Settings have been changed and all troubleshooting has been done.
  5. So it seems that a few of my friends and I were Hit Last night October 27th with voice communication problems. This was right after the first Grid Crash. Has anyone else had any problems with hearing Voice since then and were you able to resolve? We have tried everything to no avail. All troubleshooting was done and came back clean. Clean reinstall was done and still nothing. The only time I had any difference was using a different computer. Please don't say it is the computer because that is highly unlikely to be the case with as many reported voice problems as I have seen today, plus the troubleshooting didn't work either. ***Serious Responses only NO TROLLS*** Thank you, Davina
  6. No way!? I am obviously logged in but I am still experiencing the log in problem every so often when i get booted. My voice problem didn't start until the grid problem started.
  7. Is anyone else having Voice problems (hearing voice) once the log in problem started?
  8. Both my boyfriend and I are having voice problems, which i never have on this computer. Then when i switched to my personal computer it worked fine i definitely think this has something to do with the current Grid problems we are having. Boyfriend even did a clean install just in case, so we are fairly certain it is all connected. but i guess we wont know for sure until they fix the grid problem.
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