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  1. When you roleplay as a teen it is frickin hard to find the right family but after your settled in your new home with your new family you start to realize 'I don't have any friends' you roll your eyes and just shop or do whatever you don't talk to people other than your family no offense to my family (they're awesome btw) but it gets boring. SO PLS PLS PLS IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS A TEEN AVI AND YOU FEEL THE SAME LONELINESS AS ME THE MSG ME INWORLD elysiaiscute
  2. Yeah it's absolutely disgusting, I met this guy from one of my previous posts and he wanted me to be his wife?? Like WTF. Then he actually wanted me to buy him a fricking pizza with a PS4 gift card
  3. YES he kept asking me to buy him this playstion thing and kept asking me to buy him a Lamborghini because my father is rich
  4. which post maybe I could change it?
  5. Well I changed the color now no one can say you can't read it and no excuses!
  6. your telling me you can't read that?
  7. oof I don't know just last night I got this message from this weird guy and he said he found me off forums and he just kept saying he wished I wasn't so young all i'm saying is that i'm looking for friends not weird creeps wanting sex
  8. lol because I get a lot of messages from creeps i'm just trying to keep away from older Avi's sorry
  9. READ IT ANYWAYS!😡 Heh heh
  10. YAY sounds good to me just IM me!! I'll be on on a bit!
  11. HIYA FRIENDS🌈 ~Hello my name is Amber Elysia Fay! annnnnnnd I am soooooooooo lonely I Roleplay as a 15 year old teenage girl and i'm from JAPAN!~ Hobbies~ I lovvvvee to shop but I'm always broke because of it Lolzies~ I also luv luv luv Roleplay weather its family roleplay or School Luvvv it~ I LUV Kawaii <cute> things I am obsessed with being and buying cut things!!!!!~ PERAONALITY~ I am always super excited to meet new people and I can be shy at times!. I am also very clumsy......soooo don't give me fragile things even if you glued it to my hands I will alw
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