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  1. YES he kept asking me to buy him this playstion thing and kept asking me to buy him a Lamborghini because my father is rich
  2. which post maybe I could change it?
  3. Well I changed the color now no one can say you can't read it and no excuses!
  4. your telling me you can't read that?
  5. oof I don't know just last night I got this message from this weird guy and he said he found me off forums and he just kept saying he wished I wasn't so young all i'm saying is that i'm looking for friends not weird creeps wanting sex
  6. lol because I get a lot of messages from creeps i'm just trying to keep away from older Avi's sorry
  7. READ IT ANYWAYS!😡 Heh heh
  8. YAY sounds good to me just IM me!! I'll be on on a bit!
  9. HIYA FRIENDS🌈 ~Hello my name is Amber Elysia Fay! annnnnnnd I am soooooooooo lonely I Roleplay as a 15 year old teenage girl and i'm from JAPAN!~ Hobbies~ I lovvvvee to shop but I'm always broke because of it Lolzies~ I also luv luv luv Roleplay weather its family roleplay or School Luvvv it~ I LUV Kawaii <cute> things I am obsessed with being and buying cut things!!!!!~ PERAONALITY~ I am always super excited to meet new people and I can be shy at times!. I am also very clumsy......soooo don't give me fragile things even if you glued it to my hands I will always find a way to brake it hehe silly me...~ I'm also looking for a single parent Hopefully that's not to much to ask for hehe Time to switch up the colors! Lolzies~ Silly me, I left out some important information! Please don't message me for sex I love candy so have some on you at all times hehe I can text and voice chat! I am also looking for rp parent Requirements~ Mom or Dad not both Must live on family roleplay sim <or not> must roleplay You must love shopping <JK> and you Must love me!! Is that to much to ask? I'm also looking for a bestie! <teen> Requirements~ Must be teen must love shopping must have family <or not> Must rp at a school with me of course <We'll talk about that later> PS. GIRL POWER PM ME: Elysiaiscute ~Your super Kawaii Kitten~
  10. My name is Amber and i'm from Japan but my English is pretty darn good. I roleplay as a 14 year old teen and I need friends i' lonely and need friends to hangout with and talk to I have a family and I am super fun to be around I hope I want a few friends or just one really good one [BFF] Boy or girl I'M DYING [elysiaiscute] ~StayKawaii~
  11. HEyooo i'm already in the sim! you can IM me or i'll IM you inworld
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