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  1. Okay never mind I got a new question now, I paid now with paypal with the count of it, trouble is, when I paid and going to choose a new house for me, after I choosed my house and clicked next, it says I need premium, thing is I paid for the quarter and says I need to upgrade my account
  2. I verified my mail in PayPal, but still it asks me for adding a card
  3. I charged my PayPal with some money for paying the premium, after I'm going to upgrade my account, paypal says that I need to add a card to doing the operation, thing is that i have money in the count of PayPal, what can I do? Also yes I'm 18 years old so it's not a trouble with it.
  4. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my account to a Premium, when I connected my account PayPal in second life and going to upgrade it, PayPal asked me for a credit card while I have money in the count of PayPal, can somebody help me?
  5. Alright, going to make a new support ticket for being clear and with much info as possible, but I have a question, what I need to use for the "Issue type" and the second after choosing the first issue type?
  6. I paid this once and 6 times about the one month premium, and yes, when i try to get a linden house says i'm not premium
  7. Well, I paid with paypal with debit card inside PayPal, the payment of all 7 attempts went fine and they picked my money from my debit through PayPal, I'll leave you an email got from PayPal while paying. It says "Dear Boh Che so, you sent a payment of 22,50$ to Linden Research, Inc."
  8. The trouble is, I tried to call the number of the support, it says that doesn't exist, think that I'm from Italy so it's a tiny trouble, anyways I have the informations and stuff about the money taken from me, plus I paid with paypal, so should work but didn't
  9. Well yes, my money got taken from my debit card, so i wonder why they got my money but didn't get me Premium
  10. I wasn't talking about the stipends, I'm sorry if I wrote bad, anyways, I was talking about upgrading my basic account to a Premium, I tired 7 attempts for being premium, i paid 6 times for one month of premium, then 1 time for the quarter, when I go to choose the home and I click next after choosing one, the web says I need premium
  11. Hello, I wanted to say that i paid 7 times for being premium (1 quarter and 6 one month) and since passed 2 days (meaning for the one month, paid again for quarted today but still nothing), I don't know what to do anymore, I also sent a support ticket to second life staff, got closed by them, i also tried to call them, didn't answer and plus i sent an email to support@secondlife.com and no answer, can someone help me please?
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