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  1. I actually bought a new system skin from 7 Deadly Skins the day I made this thread and wouldn't you know it, the head and body appliers do create a visible seam and noticeable color difference. I wish I would've waited to see this comment, would've saved me the hassle of a refund. I also tried adjusting my wind light settings to what the staff member recommended (CalWL, or something similar) which didn't help... I wonder If I should try buying another system skin elsewhere or just bite the bullet and go with a new head? I've had my same head for years now and would be pretty sad to see it go... It's frustrating because I've wasted money on two skins now, I don't even know if I should buy a facelight at this point. I might just try the choker idea Little Me recommended. I do also appreciate everyone's recommendations for shops so far!
  2. That's too bad that the skin I already purchased isn't suitable. I've just tried tinting the body skin using my Slink HUD but can't find anything that comes close to matching the head and neck skin. Any idea where I can find a skin package that will make my standard head and mesh body the same color?
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to applying skins and am looking for a bit of help. I recently bought a skin called "Baddies- Skin Body Appliers" to work with my Slink Hourglass mesh body. I am still using the original second life head as I quite like how it looks. I do not own a mesh head. The skin applier says it is compatible with the Slink body but the skin only applies from the neck downwards. How can I get the skin to apply to my entire body, including my original head so that my entire avatar is the same color? I have searched for answers to this seemingly simple question but have had no luck. Pictures are included for clarity. Any help is much appreciated!
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