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  1. i have a hp 750- 624 desktop with 16 gb of ddr 4 ram , 1 tb drive also a 120 ssd drive , with windows 10 64 bit os , Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 on bord with a i7 - 7700 4 core will this work with sl or shold i get a better vedio card and if so what one . i am hard wired 100 mbps
  2. i have a hp 750-624 desktop what will be the best vedio card to put in it to work with sl ?
  3. will some one with hp 750-624 with the Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 on bord 16 gb of ram windows 10 64 bit work with sl i am hard wire in with 100 mb speed cable
  4. yes Ma'am even what SL tec had me to do and steel not working
  5. can i get help i haveing the same problem as the others here i did get a reply form sl and did what they ask by updateing drivers and did a clean install and its steel doing it any ideal what to do now
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