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  1. Hey Takeshi Hykova, I sent you a IM yesterday I never got an response from you still. Sincerely, KG
  2. I did check this place out its just a group they aren't a RP group.
  3. When you say 2 Sims you mean they are going to be in different regions? or different Branches to join
  4. When I messaged you in world you said the position was closed.
  5. Hi My name is King45Gamer I am in need for a full-time job. Past Experience Include Security SL Mermaid Retreat, Krissy Club Dancer SL Merimaid Retreat. Customer Service Rep/ Sales Rep RL I am now looking for an Office Job as a Sales or Customer service Rep or Management Team in Sl.
  6. Do you accept transfers as well? I used to work for a mil on SL
  7. Send me a PM in world for info I am interested. We need an USDF
  8. Still Looking wow I am surprised everyone just ignored this
  9. Hi so I am seeking a job which could paid or unpaid which rp as doctor for a Hospital. Please Add inworld King45Gamer thank you.
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