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  1. Hello @Rolig Loon, thanks for such a prompt reply. I totally understand I should arrive at the TP location; the problem is that that does not happen all the time - hence the question. In general, we use stores' (or other regions) landmarks to teleport and as often as not, I arrive at groundlevel regardless of the LM - my love uses it at the same time and she always arrives at the correct spot. While I use coordinates to move around on her land (usually when we're decorating) I've never done so teleporting from region to region - so it's a bit odd, then. Thanks.
  2. Hello folks - first post on this forum. I've been in SL a couple of years now; my love and I just adore it. We love to shop and regularly bounce around to Fifty Linden Fridays and other events. One thing however is mildly annoying and I thought I ought to ask about it here - meaning she reminded me that I should, of course. ;) The issue is that often when I teleport, regardless of the landing point's location I land on a region's ground level. In a store such as Jian or D-lab (two of our favourites) where the mainstore is in the sky, I wind up under water. It even happens when I TP t
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