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  1. A good friend of mind is really struggling to get clothing to fit his classic male avatar. I was wondering if someone had a slider body guide or number for each of the different size clothing for shirts and pants? or could send me to a place that does. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Hello! First post here. I recently (yesterday) bought the Tonic Curvy Mesh body. I have a pretty good understanding on everything but how the clothing layers work. Right now my bra and panties seem to be able to be seem through my clothing. I think I am missing a step. I read everything that came with the body and it seems as if this is something I should already know how to do. Sadly being new to all of this it is not. I hope someone could either explain it to me, or point in the right direction :( 

    Thanks to anyone that reads this and any all suggestions would be a great help, I am at a loss!


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